27 Replies to “Taekwondo 540 kick tutorial”

  1. I had been watching teaching of 540 several times afterI understood how to do it by watching this. Thanks many times.

  2. Pra que ficar puxando a perna da calça o tempo todo pra cima?
    Pra evitar pisar nela?
    Então porque não usar uma calça menor?
    Essa puxada na perna da calça entrega quando estiver em combata quando o oponente vai chutar.

  3. I love the way this guy teach.. he is a good teachah. With good understanding for beginners. Im ptetty sure 😳he can explaim 10x times better in korean.

  4. lmao ballet dancer , a move like this is too risky in a street fight, the balance can easily be broken and a lot of power is lost doing so much spins , i did 7 years of taekwondo and the only good things that you get out of it is especially the stretching, some strenght and speed(especially in legs) but sadly only a few really usefull techniques, like low kicks,mid kicks, spin kicks or sparta kicks i guess , everything else is high risk high reward

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