Taekwondo beat Shaolin Kung Fu

Taekwondo beat Shaolin Kung Fu

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  1. Shaolin Temple is no longer what it used to be. It's all commercialized now. Everything is about money. Even their training has changed. A real Shaolin monk will not participate in this kind entertainment. Nor will they perform in front of a crowd and charge money for it.

  2. I do not know why the TK won .. but ok. but I know you must never forget that Shaolin is focused on the nervous system and Yi Long thus only drives to 50% percent, which relativizes the fight between him and Buakaw but both very good exception athletes

  3. Why is it that those Kung Fu and other Asian style guys do their traditional Kung Fu techniques on stage but when they get into the ring they end up doing western style kickboxing I can't figure that out

  4. That Fucking Shaolin has been lost many times. And other loses is far more embarassing than this. All recorded in youtube. I suggest him to become a farmer in china. More productive than doing many loses

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