Taekwondo – Behind The Scenes (Walk off the Earth)

Taekwondo – Behind The Scenes (Walk off the Earth)

so we are on the set of our video forum song Taekwondo and we're currently wearing our pajamas for the pajama Sima JAMA pajamas I've always said the gym check out the art department we want to introduce you to one of our co-stars the ninja will be stealth like upside down hanging off a contraption entering stealth like let's see how this works out and fingers crossed they don't drop me very different any of the other music videos just shot because we've learned how to dance johnny has learned how to fight like a ninja we had to do a lot of rehearsing for this video so that's Johnny's a parent we're about to shoot a high intensity ping-pong match that it's going to seem at first like yeah my two leads are coming up – what's up much like a live show behind the scenes this guys doing on work yeah we're about to bring a live cow in to the shot and as he might take a munch on the kale we'll see what happens we're on vignette number eight we have two more for the day it's been a long one I think we're gonna go like 16 or 17 hours today I threw my neck out in the ping-pong he's getting too old really Sarah whatever you do do not hit that button cuz it's the eject button you will you'll get shot out listen Oh Jack you okay so we're on the last shot of the day and we're all excited to be at the beach and it's been a good day we've gotten a lot of awesome yeah this morning we're starting off with the band performance I climb into our fight scene with the ninjas and the wirework and Johnny's gathered to feed them detectives love and then we go in and we've got 20 dancing ninjas to finish off actually no we have 20 dancing ninjas and then after that we've got the the Korean hearts council is coming to do a dance behind Johnny as he levitates into enlightenment I'm about to get on a harness and if you know me you know that I can't even step on a stepladder without freaking out but it's all for the people it's all for the video a shot I got your back feeling

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  1. Legend says Beard Guy actually directed this video, not the guy we see here, while also running the cameras, catering the food, doing hair and makeup, plus starring as Canuck Norris.

  2. Request: Please do "The Levee" by The Other Favorites. It's such an amazing song and I have a feeling you guys will make it even more amazing!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. loving it!!!

    just a small request… could you do a cover for Linkin Park? the song one more light, maybe?

    pretty please?

  4. Ahhh! Sarah I love your ukulele taekwando cover! You guys are the reason I got a ukulele and learned to play! Can you post the cords for your version?

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