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  1. Actually ours is

    Jr blue
    Sr blue
    Jr brown
    Sr brown
    Jr black
    Sr black
    The. 1st done to 12th done so yeah long way for me since im yellow belt

  2. Black Belt is also considered, to be that you have now reached the level of a Novice. You are not considered an Expert until you've reach 4th Degree Black Belt, and you are not a Master until you've reached 7th Degree, and Grand Master at 9th.

  3. Umm my taekwondo 🥋 belt system is white,yellow,orange,green,blue,purple,brown,red,red black,black, and master belt

  4. my belt orders go white, white yellow, yellow, white orange, orange, green, purple, white brown, brown, black brown, black

  5. No brown, orange or purple belts are featured in the video. My son just made level 3 Red Belt. In two months he will test for level 1 First Degree Black. His school is a 15 belt to black and test every 2 months. After level 1 First Degree Black testing changes. It takes years to reach 9th Degree Black. Which few people aspire to accomplish. The belts are as follows:

    Green level 1
    Green level 2
    Green level 3
    Blue level 1
    Blue level 2
    Blue level 3
    Brown level 1
    Brown level 2
    Brown level 3
    Red level 1
    Red level 2
    Red level 3
    Level 1 First Degree Black

  6. Where is orange,purple,brown,brown/black stripe,red/black stripe,green/brown stripe,blue with black stripe?

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