38 Replies to “Taekwondo Blackbelt vs Kyokushin Whitebelt”

  1. From the Openning Yel the Fat Guy Looked like Taekwondo style, and if i see the form of his kicks, those were Taekwondo Form Kicks

  2. What a shit ;/ Black karate vs white karate i dont like things like that. The best competitnions on martial arts when you what to mix is ufc bellator rizin not shit like fight example muay thai vs karate and other…

  3. The white belt probably didnt had expirience with kickers and didnt know not to keep a long distance in the fight

  4. the guy with the Blue Belt. I trained with him a couple of months, he is a Taekwondo Blackbelter and shifted to Kyokushin recently that's why he has only a blue belt on actual video, therefore that fight is both Kyokushin. Osu! Armand the best.

  5. ok 🙂 it was a blue belt and white , realy u dont see . Its so funny , everyone write omg black belt 😛

  6. Both guys from KK.
    Just a hack surprised
    Why black belt fighting white belt.
    Who gave such a permission
    Crippled inexperienced people.
    Stupid and arrogant.
    That fat ass could kill white belt.
    Then what?
    Excuse me..not my fault.
    Send this video in Osaka headquarter of Kiokushin kan..
    Some one must be disqualified.

  7. i'm a taekwondo blue belt
    i wanna see a white taekwondo and kyokoshin belt fight
    old times….when i used to be a punching bag during my white belt years

  8. The white belt only needs to make one adjustment to succeed. He needs to move in tight and get inside the striking range of the TKD kicks. This removes the target away from the TKD Guy who uses kicks 90% of the time.

  9. Hello…..defence? That guy shouldnt be sparring let alone fighting….Good for the husky fella throwing kicks like a boss.

  10. Stupid clip. If white belt in Kyokushin but white belt in kungfu or 2 years in kick boxing, you guys stupid will see a different scene.

  11. This is bullshit.
    The fight was unfair
    A size and weight advantage as well
    The white belt is a beginner.
    Probably with a couple lessons learnt
    WTF was the white belt’s Sensei thinking
    Tell you what I’m a white belt
    Let me have a go at the fat bastard
    Full contact elbows and knees
    I love a unfair challenge too

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