37 Replies to “Taekwondo Board Breaking Montage – Hanmadang 2013 – Factorten Martial Arts”

  1. only the blue 2 stripers anbd higher are good at it
    edit: all of these kicks dont have pack up or anything

  2. i'm in red belt now in my grading i broke my first board we break our first one in blue belt 3 stripes

  3. Why do these boards looks like they have already been broken, the boy in 5:50 who was kicking the boards did it so sloppy, the boards "broke" as if the kid was Flash or Silver in slow motion time. Boards that I broke were at least an inch thick. Some kids that were higher than me were against thin-ish cement blocks, most of them hurt their hand badly, a few fractured their wrist, I never got to know if the people go sued.

  4. It's great to build self esteem and inspire youngsters. But for teens and especially adults, the boards should not be so thin. https://youtu.be/k0KoY-pQMeU

  5. 2:35 the kicks that the black belt was doing where basic for her level. I broke boards thicker than hers, and I was doing the same kicks to break boards when I was a yellow belt.

  6. Pathetic, usage of thin boards, not enough power. These are all small details that prove CLICKBAIT!

  7. I do TaeKwonDo and stuff and this wasn’t really interesting.. It’s my opinion don’t hate me! It’s just that usually in TaeKwonDo or karate whatever you wanna call it they usually use thin boards so it’s extremely easy. Our yellow belts or green belt need to kick 3 times the size of the skinny boards they are using. Double black stripes? They use 2 of the 3 times of the skinny board thingy. Literally if you buy that practice board thingy the one that’s hard plastic and you slide it together it’s literally way better then the thin boards they are using. Again it’s my opinion.. don’t threaten me..

    Edit: And honestly idk of some of these people know what a keyup(dunno how to spell it but it’s pronounced (Key-up)) is. Keyup= Power Up. Aka some dragon ball crap. Yelling makes you stronger. When they yell and kick it’s giving them more power but they need to do it while they kick or punch. Some of them aren’t even keyuping and even if they where some of then where doing it before or after kicking or punching! When they are keyuping before or after or not at all the instructors tell them too you know. If you go to a tournament, the board breaking stage you can lose points by not keyuping.

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