Taekwondo Down Block Counterattack | Taekwondo Training

Taekwondo Down Block Counterattack | Taekwondo Training

I'm going to be showing you guys down block counter-attack technique so me and my partner is going to stand in a closed stance now closed stance is our stomach is facing the opposite direction so my partner's stomach is facing this way my stomach is facing that way now we just think called an open stance an open stance is where my opponent switches the leg and our both our stomach is facing the same direction but we're gonna first practice on the closed stance first so we're in a closed stance and again one of the basic attack my opponent into a stowaway rear leg round kick and if I now close test and I get hit by the back so if I demonstrate he checks and throws the violence kick bang if I stay still I'm just going to get hit so this is where down block applies down block looks like this first of all one okay if you throw with this leg I'm going to block down now I'm going to use a knife hand down block you can use the fist down block by prefer down block with a nice hand so this is one another my opponent throws his right leg I'm going to slide in a little bit block and full a counter punch bang right after you pull the punch for your rear leg bang flat house kick this way so one more time little faster speed hop back up this way now what if your opponent attacks your stomach area not the back so we're in an open stance so we're here and my opponent again uses his rear leg and attacks my stomach now this time we're not going to use the down block like this from the outside because again an error happens it throws a kick and block this way again wrong side I must use this hand the same side just inside so we throw the kick block and one hand punch for one more time ha ha ha and the front leg by half counter-attack with the roundhouse kick so one more time he's going to attack down block one punch oh yeah front leg roundhouse kick one more time little faster ah ah and that's how we counter down block technique

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  1. I don't really to counter it/add simple roundhouse kick, do I

    I can even add something more advance if I want to, right
    I'm asking bcos I trained Tea Kwon Do several years ago for 2 years, I pretty much know the basics,
    So about that question. Am I right or not

    BTW job with showing the spinning kicks and all that kinds of kicks they really do help. Ty for that

    Keep it up, ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I accidentally broke my buddy's elbow when he downblocked one of my kicks. I don't think I would ever use this for a kick defense. Is there any other application for a downblock?

  3. Die Video ist gut wenn du/sie wieder trening auf nimmt was fast 2 1/2 nix gemacht und wieder an fangen wie trening alle รœbungen machen will

  4. taekwondo is good but karate is bad karate doesnt have armor to hold those kick i call taekwondo a (friendly martial arts ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. No. Taekwondo is coming from South Korea – Karate is Japanese.
    I got the black belt in taekwondo and I would describe the "difference" by comparing them.

    Taekwondo is 70 % leg and Karate is 70 % arm.
    Many might not agree with this definition

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