37 Replies to “Taekwondo Footwork & Kicking Drills (using cones)”

  1. Ugh Im so anxious to get started in Taekwondo. This is getting posted about 1 month prior from when I start taking classes. I'm not flexible at all, but the second I saw the art, I instantly fell in love with it. I know there are people out there that say "Taekwondo would get destroyed by any "serious" art," or "TKD is a show not a fighting style." So I'm going to cross train with either BJJ, Muay Thai, or Hapkido. I want to get dedicated to it, but I'm nervous. Do you have any tips to give after you've grown up with Taekwondo? Kill me ugh lol

  2. Happy holidays Alex!
    I really appreciate your videos,they really help
    me especially before a tournament!!!They make me relax before a tournament…I love you so much!!!

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