46 Replies to “Taekwondo for Beginners”

  1. haha I'm a black belt in taekwondo and this was funny
    it's true, we don't use our hands to hit, just to block
    kicking is where it's at

  2. idk what fucked up vertion of tae kwon do you are doing U am a blackbelt in tae kwon do (traditional vertion) and you still use your arme

  3. hahahahaha. This dude has pissed of Taekwondo pactitioners, BJJ practitioners, Aikido practitioners and God knows whatelse. Every martial artist in the world must be wnating to kick his ass by now! hahahahahaha

  4. I have been training in Martial arts for 15 years and everything he said is true! I mean really it on the internet

  5. No there's commonly 9 dan and once in a generation, an elected 10th dan which currently is Jhoon Rhee I believe.

  6. Errr… that's not right. If midget are small it's more because their legs are proportionally smaller. So I doubt they would be effective when kicking. What sounds more genuine is that taekwondo is made by tall people to fight against midgets: that way they don't have to bend down to punch and don't need to stretch too much to kick the face. So it's impossible that it's been invented by Kim Jong Il.

  7. thumbs up this comment if u know what he was talking about when he said he could do the tatsu maki senpo kyaku HAHAHA!!

  8. OMG I cant stop watching your videos. and I wet myself everytime I read your comments. your the best man! lksdjlfdksjsjerhgshgsgs hahaha

  9. No martial art is as effective as an American with a jar of moonshine and a rife and pistol.! Sorry. Threre is a reason those countries suck. lol

  10. He said that taekwondo was founded by Kim Jong-il, and you still don't get that this video is comic.
    Courtesy is one of the Five Tenets, you know. Exercise it.

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