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  1. Closing the gap and blocking kicks with elbows are best technique but needs a good tyming 😊😊

  2. no Push kicks/front kicks , no leg kicks ? only head hunting ? not a very smart fighter. Yes, closing the distance for boxer will work , but one or two proper leg kicks or even front kicks , he wont come close.

  3. She could've used more low kicks since she had the advantage of taking a boxers legs away which is the most important necessity in boxers. He did great on using his advantage of pinning her against the wall so that she can't use her kicks.

  4. Why keep kicking to the one area he's guarding. Side-kick to mid-section is all you need when sparring against boxer.

  5. Very interesting video. Really enjoyed her TKD skill, and your overall sparring. Your channel is Top Notch man.

  6. Pretty much as expected. TKD makes some great contributions, but is shall we say a bit lacking as a fighting style…

  7. U couldve went just a little bit harder. I think u let her off too easy but ofc u shouldnt beat tf outta her just like she'd have a lil bit of trouble but still a fair fight wouldve been better

  8. I’m a TaeKwonDo and umm I’m very good at it I’m a black belt I’m 11yr old and a girl of course .-. So yeah idk

  9. The guy was using Muay Thai and kickboxing in the second round not boxing but it was a kickboxing round but still doesn’t say if one is better

  10. She is so attractive. Not trying to be weird, but I guess I am, but I'd be so turned on if she was beating the shit out of me. 🤣👌

  11. Not impressed. I was a boxer and sparred against a teakwando black belt. I knew i had to get close were my fist were in range and he could not land a good kick. Then he tried to front push kick me and grabbed his leg.

  12. Sorry dude you are a bad boxer and not a good strategist when you fight against somebody who kicks you should not led him space to kick you should always lower the distance then the kicks are useless and it's much harder to land good kicks

  13. I'm a bit disappointed that neither of them utilized the front or side kick at all. And only 1-2 spin kicks. The front and side kicks would have kept the boxer at legs distance and setup for other things. Not a lot of fake outside or parrys.

  14. Tkw is so stupid one punch in the face and thats it when you come close she can’t do nothing an upercut and she is dead

  15. Interesting if I remember rightly

    Bruce Lee never believed in high kicks and he was always taught to kick low

    Till he met Chuck Norris who teached him about high kicks

    Watching the first round of kicks only where she only went for chest height or head height kicks and was open up for a quick and easy takedown

    do you think Bruce Lee would have been watching this video thought that he was better off not doing high kicks

  16. I think in real life there's 50/50% chance of winning when you're a tkd and fighting a boxer if the boxer's hands are down and the tkd headkicked him/her it could do a K.O
    When you're a boxer fighting a tkd if you dodged the kicks and counter him/her with a strong jab/hook it could do a K.O

  17. Weaknesses of tkd too easy to exploit. Telegraphed kicks and very poor defense it's good only if you mix it with other arts

  18. Any kick fighter needs range to use their kicks, as a boxer just get close and load up on combinations, easy knock out, all martial arts are effective it’s how high your skill level is, you have to be really really good and really really fast to use kicks in a fight effectively which is why I train, Boxing first, grappling second and kicking third, I also use elbows and knees like the Muay Thai guys, you have to complete your own fighting style, and figure out what’s best for you

  19. You're defending yourself in a great way.Before watching the video,I thought you will be knocked out just by 1 or 2 kicks but you're doing great😵😱👍.

  20. taekwondo will get you killed. It doesn't use hand strikes let alone hand strike defense… it's very dangerous to be telling people that they can use this in a real fight because once they kick they will most likely get taken to the ground or slammed on the ground which the ground is not a safe place for them because they don't train that either…it is useless to try kicking in a street fight when you have shoes and pants on

  21. very nice paced sparring match …… slow enough to play with technique, fast enough to make each other move.

  22. Alex s way too slow and amateur. She s not doing enough footwork as well as enough sparing. I clearly can see Shane is holding up too much for example, one of the first thing u can clearly see from a competitive TKO Olympics s that they will always do chop and stick out their front legs to lure for points. She did just that out of her habit, Shane here knows first hand about these techniques but decided to give her a chance and play around. Otherwise, she would have a one shot knockout from a left hook. I have been counting her rhythm too. Too predictable

  23. I was impressed with her foot work. For such a wide stance she somehow moves around and switches legs gracefully.

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