hello my name is Simon sure and welcome to my hook kick tutorial the hook kick is a very powerful kick it's considered one of the sneakiest kicks in martial arts sometimes it's called the reverse round kick or reverse turning kick what we're doing today is not just your throw it out there hook kick or pick your leg up and snap it in there hook kick we're going to perform a full range of motion hook kick the difference is that the full range is a lot more powerful takes a lot more effort and keeps your body in the right position despite the poles of force that you're putting on your body start with your hand on the bar and your standing foot pivoted towards the wall pick up your kicking leg and pull it into your chest aim your heel at your target instead of starting with a straight leg we're gonna start with a fully chambered leg extend your leg out to the front diagonal a straight leg pulls through in line with the hip then the knee bends striking the target then the knee pulls back to the chest this last pullback is very important as it keeps you from going full facing and presenting your Center to your opponent stay on the bar and practice this kick in four counts several times now try it at speed with a snap at the end you'll really feel the power of this and the control given to you by the reach aim BER once you've got this kick down we're going to try to keep it high but level without flopping the knee or foot around put a target in front of your hip this will also force you to reach amber your leg before you put it down try it ten fifteen twenty a hundred times once you feel comfortable throwing your hook kick to a high target completely controlled try taking a cup with two or four balls and placing it on your foot putting a cup on your foot and performing the kick with a cup on your foot will force you to perform a level even balanced and controlled kick try for ten without dropping the balls now try it with water in the cup this will make it much more difficult and provide a real messy consequence if you mess up and you drop your heel prematurely a lot of times the hook kick is performed at different angles coming downwards or upwards into the target but a full range of motion hook kick should be even and balanced if you can do this everything else will come more easily to really focus on engaging the gluteal and hip muscles which are where the power and the hook kick comes from try performing the hook kick with a straight leg bring the leg in a circle keeping it all the way straight and really feel how your core and your hips engage this is very important for the hook kick now that you've got your hook kick down let's focus on the hands put only one hand on the bar and put the other one up by your face when you're throwing a hook kick or any kick you want your hands to be separate from the kick the hand should not serve as a counterbalance they should not move when you're throwing the kick hold your hands completely still now try it with only two fingers on the bar now one finger now try with your hand hovering just above the bar try throwing your kick away from the bar over the tee or the obstacle try throwing the hook kick away from the bar with the cup balanced on your foot once you can do all of these things will add the pivot started in an L stance your foot not pivoted put your weight on the ball of the foot rotate the heel as you chamber your leg finish the pivot as you extend your leg and pull through this will force your hip to go forwards your leg to pull back and the hook kick to be as powerful as possible let's focus on accuracy making our kick hit a target I hang a ping-pong ball from a kite string to the ceiling I adjust its height using a slipknot I line myself up and I practice the hook kick on the ping pong ball there are two types of hook kicks there's board breaking and sparring when you're sparring you want to be courteous you don't want to knock your opponent out so you point your foot and you hit them with your toes what you want to make a board or hit a pad or demonstrate the real power of the hook kick you use the back of the heel and flex the foot make sure you practice both ways throw your hook kick alternating which part of the foot you're striking with first they'll hook kick with a flexed foot then hook kick with a pointed foot then flexed then point it try the whole kick on a standing bag see how many times you can hit it without losing your balance don't forget to reach amber at the end of the kick string a rope across the floor at about belt height or a little bit higher stand right against the side of it and throw your hook kick over the rope take a small step and throw it again this will force you to perform the kick in a full range of motion and allow you to practice it at speed giving you a tripping consequence one method I like to use to help increase my speed power and focus is to hook kick a ball that's not hanging from the wall when striking a free ball make sure you still perform the kick in a full range of motion one of the great things about the hook kick is it – sneaky kick if you throw it in close then you can hit your knee on your opponent's block and the foot will still come around and strike the opponent I'll go away to practice this is to stand right against a wave master or kicking bag throw the kick so that your knee hits the edge of the pad and your foot comes around and strikes behind the pad one of the useful things about the hook kick is it allows you to hit the front of an opponent in an arcing motion from an open stance now try the technique with a step behind motion a turning motion a spinning motion a jumping motion a jump turn or a jump spin try throwing several hook kicks while spinning backwards in a circle we don't chamber your kick before and after then you won't be able to throw a combination kicks which one of the hallmarks of Taekwondo techniques you want to be able to throw a hook kick side kick a double quadruple or set couple hook kick a round kick side kick hook kick kick round kick none of which can you do without reach aim bring your foot thank you very much for watching my hook kick tutorial please don't forget to Like comment subscribe and share


  1. Hey there, Simon! Love your content. Just a curious question from me, if you don't mind. Do you differentiate between a Hook Kick and a Reverse Turning Kick in your school?

  2. i truly apreciate this tutorial….(comments from a ex karateka, ex kung fu practicant, now capoeiras)…. Taekwondotist are The Best in kicks….

  3. Second hook kick, is bitch slap hook kick as we call it in Wushu, which is standind 4 Kung FU … i did it a lot’s of time’s in Wing Chun. Nice vid mate, keep going. Martial Arts is beatuful …

  4. Love that kick, can doe in spinning Hook as well too, then we got 360(Tornado, Kick). Lovely kicks or why not 540 hook kick 👊👌.

  5. thank u Mr SIMON this video is really help full. I am a junior kick boxer so this tutorial is really help full to me.

  6. Thank you so much for the tutorial, they are very helpful and I'm learning a lot from it. May God bless you in all that you do

  7. Showed this to my daughter. She is struggling with this kick in her TKD class. Now I think she gets it! Thank you.

  8. More stretching video plzzz =D not that thoose are bad or you dont have i need more =D inspiration =D =D =D

  9. Thanks so much dude!! I've learned drill practices and ended up becoming more flexible , better pivot , side kick , and learned the hook kick. These videos are my TKD Bible T-T

  10. 💡💡!!!! Finally, I get the mechanics! Thank you, sensei. You perform and teach this kick beautifully. It is my nemesis.

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