Taekwondo (ITF) Champion vs. Kickboxing Champion | Lawrence Kenshin

Taekwondo (ITF) Champion vs. Kickboxing Champion | Lawrence Kenshin

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  1. TKD pros are usually trained for kicks, up close , this is what happens when they run into a pro boxers hands up close, they get Knocked out! We seen Joe Lewis champ take on Bong Yu when Yu tried to land a fancy kick , while Joe smashed his face with quick hands.

  2. Тхэквондо зрелищный вид спорта, но с полным контактом, как Кикбоксинг и Тайбоксинг он не эфективен и бойцы Тхевондо постоянно будут проигрывать этим видам спорта. Только, если в Тхэквондо ввести бокс, то тока тогда он станет очень эффективным с полным контактом.

  3. As a TKD Black Belt, I cant help but think that TKD is too easily dismissed. TKD doesn’t train exponents in close range fighting. But if you add that to the long range techniques, you’d have a more effective fighting style. It’s about being rounded, I think.

  4. I'm searching for the world famous vid of the TKD guy quadruple kicking the muay Thai guy in the face for the KO… Can't find it.. It was world famous

  5. find him a Muay Thai fighter a real, in the genus Buakaw, or Samkor Kiatmontep, or Saenchai….. I do not give him 5 minutes www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AIM6Rih0RI

  6. TKD is a great way to get into shape and have fun but a high level TKD is going to get killed against a intermediate Boxer or MT guy. TKD is just awful for self-defense. Its a stupid Martial arts

  7. ITF taekwondo doesn't teach good punching mechanism to K.O and opponent, as we know in physics there's law : F = m * a, where F = force of punch , m = mass of object, a= acceleration of object. it means for some boxer to produce a punch with huge amount of force, he need to use his body weight (mass) and speed (acceleration). unfortunetly itf taekwondo doesn't teach proper punching mechanism. e.g to produce a strong cross punch the fighter need to combine his body weight and speed asyncronously by his ankle rotation, hip rotation and shoulder. moreoever in term of defense they always put their hands down, it's dangerous for short range fight where an opponent with proper knowledge may target their jaw and ankle for K.O. But for all shortfalls, I recognize their kicks are very good

  8. TKD, whether ITF or WTF, is not a good martial art system if you're trying to train competent fighters. They are too sport oriented. If you want practical combat, go with a combination of Muay Thai and BJJ. All martial arts can train the mind and soul if done properly. But there are differences in their usefulness for training for an actual cross-discipline combat. All the blubbering about "It depends on the fighter" is only partly true. Sure, a TKD master will whup ass against an incompetent kickboxer and vice versa. But there is no denying that the basic orientation of each system. Just my 2 cents.

  9. TKD fighters should never go inside the ring with their full uniform . After the first round the uniform will weight "tons" specially it will get wet from the sweat and the body can not cool down.

  10. 21st century. MMA . WTF is literrally WTF?. No wonder there will be no more TKD in the Olympics.
    Boring and useless .

  11. El tdk es una bonita disciplina para observarla y deleitarse con los majestuosos movimientos de pataditas amariposadas, el Muay thai es todo un arte de matar con las patadas que rompen huesos y cráneos… no se puede comparar.

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