Taekwondo Kicking and Training Sampler | Master Woo | TaekwonWoo

Taekwondo Kicking and Training Sampler | Master Woo | TaekwonWoo

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  1. Sir how old are you? Is it safe to practice taekwon do at old age? I am 43 and I stopped 10 years ago….I had green belt

  2. Master Woo is great for his age. I can't imagine how well he trained through the years to maintain such a condition now. Much respect, sir. I wish I could be like that when I grow up but I highly doubt it.

  3. I love your technique Master Woo, it's so technical performed it's beautiful to watch. I not big fan of these guys with their tricking, bcz their technique is mostly very poor performed.

  4. I am a Teakwondo Green Belt 1 Degree I know how to do Tornado RoundHouse Kick,RoundHouse Kick,Front Kick,Side Kick,Hook Kick,Reverse Hook Kick,Jumping Back Kick,Back Kick,Axe Kick,Jumping Reverse Hook Kick,Cresent Kick and Double Round and Hook Spining 360 Kick and you know a 540 OMG!!!!!!! I can't even do IT!

  5. It is in Tkd roundhouse kick ( ap dollyo ) with the
    height let on the kick ( like in thai kick for more power ) ?

  6. Hello, I apperciate very much your video, chan you thell me whats the
    name of back kick an spinning hook kick with both legs open ( like
    helikopter kick ) in taekwondo wtf, please !

  7. Perfecta tecnica de las patadas de tijera, naryo chagui, twio mondolyo chagui, twui chagui y twio yop chagui y naryo chagui

  8. Master…Please tell me some tips to increase my height…I am 5.3 and here in INDIA many taekwondo players are taller than me…so I am at loss…I can jump high and perform air combos but its not always working…and also pls suggest some useful tips to increase my stamina…even my coach says that I've got the power and speed but only my stamina is a weak point…Thank-you in advance

  9. yeah!!!! i have been looking for something like this channel. i will finally leave my PC for the garage to start my training!!! (after watching the videos ofcoarse)

  10. Admiro muito as tecnicas de chutes do Taekwondo sem drsmerecer outras artes marciais é claro,bom video

  11. I always like your video . I always Love Taekwondo and your videos are amazing . I really wish to see your Beautiful Kicking Video again 😉

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