Taekwondo Kicks : Taekwondo Crescent Kicks

Taekwondo Kicks : Taekwondo Crescent Kicks

Now in this clip, we are going to be learning
how to do a crescent kick. There are two types of crescent kicks that we are going to go
over: one is an inside to outside crescent kick and an outside to inside crescent kick.
So, our first crescent kick is going to look like this: we are going to do inside to outside.
You are going to bring your knee in, swing all the way across in a big circle. Now, you
hear that snap in my pant leg; that means there is a lot of power behind if from here
and whip. Let's go ahead and break that down: so, from the inside to outside crescent kick,
pick your knee, you are going to kick in a front kick chamber. This time, do not pivot
your foot. In all the kicks we have done, we have pivoted our foot. This time, we are
not going to. We are going to keep our hips square and we are going to kick with the flat
part of the foot. We are going to turn over and kick with the side of our foot. From here,
you are going to go up in a big rainbow and bring it all the way down. Now as you do it,
kick in the front chamber like the front kick, but swing it around the side and try to whip
it with my hip. The other kick is going to be an outside to inside crescent kick. So
you are going to do the opposite now. From here, you are going to pick up your knee this
way, come across, kick and set it down. One more time, pick up your knee, cross and kick.
So, there are two kicks: inside to outside and then outside to inside. You can do both
of them; they complement each other. So, 1-2, and those are very powerful kicks. It is hard
to generate the power. It's going to take a lot of practice and you have to concentrate
on keeping your hips square and not turning them over like for a round kick.

36 Replies to “Taekwondo Kicks : Taekwondo Crescent Kicks”

  1. JRE dudes raiding ahaha, I forgot about this kick, probably a relic of the 80s, i mistaken it with an axe kick but then i remembered its the side that hits not the heel

  2. he has nice kicks, graceful. but using a belt over a t-shirt.. argh.. I immediately lose any respect for anyone who does that. its a typical mc dojo habit. total disregard for martial etiquette

  3. with the crescent kick can it be done with the ball of your foot, I seem to keep hurting a muscle in my groin.  

  4. Thank God I follow this guys video advice. I'm a former wrestler (also always been really good at kicking) but I never thought it would take so much technique and focus to really get where I'm at now. Thanks!

  5. Expert: Caleb Labarda
    Bio: Caleb Labarda is a 22 year old Taekwondo black belt. He has been studying martial arts since he was eight years old.
    Filmmaker: Caleb Labarda

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