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  1. i come from muay thai and am currently studying taekwondo it seems alot of these could have been prevented by simply keeping your hands up lol

  2. no entiendo como hay gente que dicen que hay patadas de karate o.o si hay dos clases de taekwondo el wtf y el ift investiguen primero

  3. 1. # song because the nights
        2. # oceans of memories also people didn't notice it says the name of the song right there haha

  4. No repitas tanto, es youtube puedes regresar y verlo cuantas veces quieras, es inecesario. Es un consejo, al fin, para algo esta la caja de comentarios.

  5. The guy at number 15 was a good sport, he tried to catch the guy as he fell and then immediately went to see if he was OK.

  6. I actually saw #2 in person. It was brutal. The guy who got knocked out was out cold until the ambulance came. It was one of the last fights of the day, but they stopped the whole tournament right there. Everybody thought he had broken his neck or was dead. Luckily, he only suffered a concussion. I was sitting up in the very top bleacher, and the kick sounded like a home run at a major league stadium. It echoed through the auditorium and shushed the whole place.

  7. me dio gane de seguis et taeckwonod maroc rabta la verdad ahora que lo venecsito cada mas et taeckwonod 2014

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