31 Replies to “Taekwondo Master – Steve Terada”

  1. I know a guy who can beat him. His name is NOT ME! ha ha 🙂
    Kick ass! This dude really knows his stuff!

  2. I started teekwando like 1 year ago… One person at school thought it was funny to mock me…… Later I ended up in the office

  3. LOL! I would literally PAY TO SEE THIS GUY MURDER A FUCKING CRIMINAL! XDDDD THAT WOULD BE THE MOST AWESOME SIGHT OF MY LIFE! XDDDD I would LOVE to see him literally rip out an evil man's heart out with his BARE HANDS! XDDDDDD

  4. To let all of you know this is taekwondo, but he's doing something called xma (extreme martial arts) this is when you make up your own form and choreograph it to music

  5. 저거 태권도 아니라고 시발
    저거는 그냥 아시아사람이 서양인들 앞에서 공연한거구만
    씨발 태권도 도복도 아니고 심지어 띠 도 안보이네

  6. i think that video is not Taekwondo video
    looks like just japan or asian dance performance
    The Taekwondo is not dance, Taekwondo is korea's martial arts
    are you clear? proud korea's 

    but Taekwondo is not pure t​radition martial arts
    Taek-kyun is 100% pure kroea t​radition martial arts

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