Taekwondo Nationals Week!

Taekwondo Nationals Week!

what's going on guys we are less than one week out from a you nationals super excited this video I'm just gonna kind of talk about a little bit how my trainings been going kind of go through what I'm doing as far as prepping this last week and then also let you guys know the upload schedule for this upcoming week as we are in Fort Lauderdale for Nationals so let's go and get the video started alright so the game plan for this week we're gonna be flying out this Wednesday on the 3rd gonna be just hanging out in Fort Lauderdale the whole day just kind of just basically just telling it the hotel making sure I'm eating good stretching a little bit of a light workout I'm gonna be doing the first day on Wednesday Thursday I have weigh-ins that I'm also gonna be watching one of my teammates fight on Thursday and then Friday is when I fight so basically I'm going to be filming everything on Wednesday Thursday and Friday so I'm gonna have three separate videos going up there will be no regular video this Thursday on July 4th instead we are going to be filming everything this week and then getting it uploaded within like 48 hours of filming it so basically I'm gonna have a new video this Friday on the fifth Saturday on the sixth and then Sunday on the seventh my fight highlights will be this Sunday and then we'll have two different videos from Wednesday and Thursday that will be up this Friday and Saturday so we're gonna have a lot of different footage from nationals varying from what I'm doing to prep before my fight kind of a little bit of footage from the competition the day before I fight the land day as well and then sunday will be actually my final highlight so we're gonna have a ton of footage three different videos planned for a Nationals week so go looking forward to that like I said no regular video this Thursday on the 4th but we will have a video Friday Saturday and Sunday three different videos from a Nationals this week so I'm really excited for all that hopefully you all are looking forward to those videos also if you guys are gonna be there let me know in the comments down below if you see me don't be afraid to come up and say hi definitely love to meet you guys if you all are there and next order of business basically what my trainings been looking like the last week I've been starting to kind of taper things off a little bit trying to relax really focus on recovering my body and as you're on working on my stretching motioning around kicking nothing too crazy I did straighten my hamstring pretty bad a couple weeks ago luckily it has now recovered so just really focusing on recovery keeping my body feeling good make sure I'm drinking a lot of water and eating a clean diet up until my fight so that's really what training is looking like right now nothing crazy starting to taper things up you guys have seen all the crazy training I've been doing the last few months I've been training like five days a week so really just trying to just recover my body from all of that if you miss some of those videos make sure you go back and watch them we have a ton of really good footage from all the different training I've been doing that I've posted over the last few weeks so definitely go to catch up on some of those if you miss some of those vlogs also I'm basically what I'm doing this weekend other than doing just a little bit of like kicking and stretching is making sure I'm packing so something that I definitely recommend make a list on your phone of everything you need to pack especially if you're traveling for a tournament I have a list on here and I have it broken down I've got like all my time wellnot stuff I need all my like clothes and all the bathroom stuff I need and then also all my camera equipment all that I need I'll have a list broken down that way hopefully I don't forget anything and I won't need to worry about that when I get there luckily since it's KP and pe Hoku's Andy head gears I don't have to take a Hodor headgear I'll have to worry about it is my like mouth guard gloves belong guard shin guards KP and PE socks and of course my uniform belt and all that but that's really all I have to worry about taking don't take too much I do recommend taking a pet a set of paddles see where these are the paddles I use they're for maximum a they are what I really like about these honestly is just that they're small they're a lot smaller than the other set of paddles I have and these are much easier to pack in a backpack or like small bag so I really like those speaking of maximum a really big shout-out to them they're gonna be sponsoring me for nationals helping out so my travel cost you guys no tournaments are not cheap and it's gonna be me my husband I'm taking my video friend with us that way he can get some really good content for us so just a lot of expense is a really big shout out to them for sponsor me for nationals they are definitely helping me out a lot by doing that but other than that I think I've covered everything that's basically what's going on this week just kind of just want to make a casual video just kind of talking about what's been going on training's kind of tapering off just kind of trying to relax eat a clean diet drink plenty of water making sure I don't have any injuries and then really just this weekend's a boring ol weekend of just packing making sure I've got everything packed magner I don't need to go get anything replace anything other than that though hope you all are enjoying all of the videos thank you so much for all of the continued support once again you guys see me at nationals don't be afraid to come up and say hi I'd love to meet you guys there make sure you guys are following me on instagram at Alex Wong TKD I'm gonna be most active on there when I'm too busy to be acted on there I'm gonna give my phone to my husband have him snap some pictures some video clips here and there as well I'll be posting a lot on there whether I'm doing pictures or my Instagram stories as well so make sure you guys follow me on there that's where everyone to be the most active on if you want to keep up with all of the updates but I think that's all I'm gonna go finish I'm gonna go finish packing and making my list of all my stuff I need we fly out on Wednesday super excited I have trained this is probably the hardest I've trained for a tournament ever so I'm looking forward to just getting in the ring going out there having fun and just doing my best but once again thank you all for all the support you guys are awesome don't forget to like the video subscribe to the channel if you haven't already follow me on Instagram that way you don't miss any updates but I will see you guys in Fort Lauderdale

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  1. My daughter won silver in her division for USAT Nationals today! Thanks for all your vids, they help a lot!


  3. I remember back in the day, you used to do some BJJ grappling tutorials. Do you think you'll do some MMA sparring content? Would be fun to see your TKD mixed with Kickboxing and BJJ. 🙂

  4. Hey I’ll be going down to nationals as well! I’m going to be the aau mascot. I hope I can see you there and say hi!! Good luck

  5. It was my first time sparring earlier and I won silver! Your videos helped me a lot. Good luck on your tournament! ❤

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