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  1. Finally, this is the right form. The others say it’s the blue belt form. IK it’s right because I’m a red belt testing for black stripe next week.

  2. First of all I don't know why none of the Taekwondo videos have a proper list of steps that they have to do in each belt. Everyone seems to be a critic but none seem to upload a fucking proper video or sequence of steps to be followed.

  3. Not properly done…sorry to say…but its really poor. There is hardly much power and proper form put into it.

  4. And how well does this translate to a real fight? Is that why so many taekwondo fights just have guys jumping around the dojo for half an hour? I was about to start learning taekwondo, but I'm quickly losing interest :/ This is almost as bad as karate. A street fighter would nail this guy within half a second, long before he got into his robotic starting stance.

  5. Properengrish,I understand what's good and what's not. You may think this is the greatest thing you've seen. I on the other hand do not. If you are going to show how to do something,show the best way. I see my opinion struck a nerve,you must walk with the pigeons. I fly with the eagles.

  6. I'm just a first dan but no offense master daniel..but i think you to learn the geometry poomsae first..this poomsae is all power no form whatsoever..ur beom seogi, ap kubi, strikes and blocks are all out of its supposedly target area..i know it'll look good if people doesnt know taekwondo..but try to teach competition wise and the traditional..THANKS..

  7. If he's a master I feel sorry for who he's teaching. That was like watching a white belt do a form. What black belt throws a front kick like that? I have won numerous tournaments in forms back from 1994 to 2009. I'm still only 29 and a 5th degree black belt in jido kwan tae kwon do. So I do know my stuff.

  8. First thing you do is lower your center of  gravity, this guy's is all over the place, the lower the stance the stronger, the higher the weaker, plus he goes up ''n' down instead of maintining his height. His knees seem locked too at times. There is timming and rythm in katas, forms or whatever language you want to say it. This form looks lame and weak. A diploma of Grand Master I can buy at Office Depot, being one is a different story.

  9. once you do it a few times it gets easier, I am a red belt also and have not done it for over a year. perfect practice makes perfect .

  10. Im in a Red Belt! This is definitely my form im 11! I go to United Martial Arts in Woodbridge,VA please sign up!

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