1. hi sometimes in training videos i see where they do a side kick and hold it then hop down the room on one leg while the over leg repeatedly kicks in the air. what do you call that? it's very akwards to do though but looks more like a training drill.

  2. Thank you! This video is brilliant! I had some trouble seeing the difference between a side kick and a turning kick from videos. Thanks for breaking down the steps and the tip about bringing my knee to my sternum, so I know how to do it right now! ๐Ÿ‘

  3. good explanation but I would also like to add a physiological explanation for the pivot. arthrokinematicaly it is only possible to get a good "chambering" when the hip capsule is completely relaxed. in order to be able to kick correct and hig you must look for (sub) maximal external rotator in both hip joints. the foot of the standing leg must be in external rotation, therefore the pivot.

  4. Great tutorial. Great technical explanation. You know down to the millimeter what you are doing. How about doing a rapid walking sidekick vid?

  5. Hi Simon, whatโ€™s the correct way to block when kicking? I always thought it was a low block on the inside.

  6. Hey man is this ITF taekwondo??, i'm a red belt black tip and my instructor won't let me go for black belt until i sort my sidekicks out, great vid!!

    Edit: Don't worry about the first question i saw the ITF badge ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I'm a shotokan practioner and I must say u are truly skilled in the arts. I hope I can reach your level some day.

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