Taekwondo Spinning Hook Kick Tutorial | GNT How to

Taekwondo Spinning Hook Kick Tutorial | GNT How to

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  1. my college roommate was a TKD black belt near world class level. 140#.  invited to train w/ the Korean National Team in the 1980s.  Went to Northwestern Univ together.  I was a mediocre athlete doing karate at the time.  Went to work out together in the old Patten Gym (where serious weightlifters go).  I ended up just holding the 600lb sandbag for him because he was so much above me.  His punches and kicks thru the bag actually hurt my chest.  I am pretty sure in an actual fight, he can take my head off in a split second. Not saying that grappling and wrestling isn't important. Just saying, one punch or kick to the head is all it takes.  Later, he told me while practicing, he broke the chain on the 600lb bag and was afraid he had to pay for it, so ran to the equipment manager and complained that they had defective equipment that almost crushed  him. The equipment manager apologized profusely because he couldn't believe a 140# Asian dude can generate so much power to break the heavy metal chains on the sandbag. True story. Never forgot to this day.

  2. Hi, i was wondering, hen on the near to contact phase of the kick, do you make your leg straight or does it have a slight bend at the knee?

  3. I was getting bullied, then this kid decided to throw a punch, I did this kick to his ass straight in the face, he had 2 baby teeth that came out.

  4. i know this is almost 6 years late, but in taekwondo when i will learn that, in yellow belt or green?

  5. im a karatedo member but if i ever joined in taekwondo would they teach me how to do a spinning kick or i need to create it myself

  6. Thank you! I do Karate but we have the same kick and I was really struggling but this helped me so much!

  7. Which stretching exercises are required to this technique? What part of my body should I focus on when stretching in order to perform this?

  8. Hi, I notice that when you turn and your on your ball of foot before the turn you always do a little step with your foot which is on the ball. Is there a reason for this cheers

  9. Another fantastic tutorial. Thanks Aaron, I have been having trouble with this kick, and breaking it down really helps. Testing for black stripe tomorrow and have to use this in my kicking combinations.

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