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  1. This video was uploaded more than 9 years ago, but YouTube has only been recommending it to me since yesterday.

  2. I understand these are testing requirements but in the 6 years I've done tkd I've been told to NEVER turn with my back towards my opponent

  3. @supersecretbronyclub Before you advise, you should understand the context. These were demonstration techniques for an upcoming belt exam. Taekwondo sparring is spontaneous, but repetition of various techniques in training builds the ability to counter in sequence as opposed to single kicks. I teach my fighters to always try to think ahead, to stay two or three steps ahead of the opponent. Once again, this was not a training sequence, only a demonstration. Thank you for your comment

  4. While these do seem like good techniques(I personally actually do this in real life. Learned at a lower belt)
    You shouldn't be making pre-set moves after the first counter, while you should be in the right mindset to throw a kick RIGHT afterwards.
    You should never just put a whole set of steps in order for these to work. It's not going to help out against experienced fighters.

  5. Nice work, very interseting for kids and adults too. Those spinning kicks show very clearly the straightess needed to keep the force and impact of that kick.

  6. i think this video is very good but i think you turn at 0:45 is wrong because my master said that when fought, always lay my eyes on the opponent

  7. They are taekwondo sparring techniques for competition. Thanks for your opinion tho. I honestly havent been grounded since i was like 6 btw.

  8. Im not quite sure. This is although staged i don't believe the guy in red spin kicks would work in reality. The other guy would have all the time in world to just kick him in the back while the other one is spinning. But he just watch. so im not sure.

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