47 Replies to “Taekwondo Training in Korea (SKKU Sung Kyun Kwan Univ, 1997)”

  1. it was nice to see some old school classic tkd, but they're not A+ class top shelf good but this is an epic old school throwback good ol' olympic tkd, more videos please!

  2. And then they say that taekwondo is useless …. Fuck those idiots that said that !! I beat noon of them know what martial arts is …

  3. Thank you for this vidéo 😉
    It's exactly what i looking for my training.
    I am imprised by the fast legs.
    There are the TNT into this team 😉

  4. They sound like a herd of sheep at 1:43 til 2:23. 😉 .Still though. They're pretty good and they had some neat kicks

  5. my only issue is that sometimes they sacrifice good technique for overall speed. but that being said, it looks solid as far as speed and power in their techniques. most of the time they execute well. i have a feeling that they train more towards point sparring, which is perfectly fine. thats just what im assuming from the style. if not then they just have a very fast style. very nice, just wish i saw some punches, missing out on too many combos without them. like i said very very nice though=)

  6. i absolutely love this clip i have been doing tkd since i was 8 im 26 now i love the art i love the sport and for the people who dont understand what tkd is about . Tkd is more then just the sport we do have speed power agility and focus and i know we focus alot on kicking and foot work but we do have effective hand strikes as well . i respect all martial arts i wish that people could do the same for tkd .

  7. i truly agreed with this statement people will never understand what we do is a real true effective art and even some of the best mma fighters in the world have tkd back grounds we show grace and beauty as well as power and strength im proud to be a tkd martial artist

  8. im started tkd with 33 years now im 37, and i'm champion of moscow in category 35 and older, my son started tkd 6 now 11 and he have russian champion title. But we learn a GTF and ITF school of tkd. Now i'm want to start WTF, because best foot technic. just start

  9. @scarred10 You dislike the sports version of TKD, that you may. But how is any martial art a joke? The arts are meant for physical and mental improvement of the body, as well as fighting. TKD does so perfectly in every sense of the word. We can't help it that most western 'martial artists' don't know anything about martial arts besides from television shows and youtube movies… There is so much more to TKD than you think.

  10. @scarred10 What do you mean real? Are you referring to MMA as the measure of "real"? Sure buddy, MMA will be real when they allow throat gouging and eyeball removal. It's a sport just like TKD but with different rules. You want real? Go fight in Iraq.

  11. most important in training is mind set. even they dont spar, they train like is sparring because why, like i said, is mind set. remember, throw 1,2,3 or more as after last 1, is not the ending. there are many various as to follow ups as after last 1. the most important also is proactive.
    people dont understand about taekwondo, the most common mistakes, they dont practice like is sparring, not good mind set.

  12. @FolkBoyify LOl i started taekwondo with 17 years 🙂 And am very succesfull. 14 years is rly ok to become a real champion.

  13. @FolkBoyify this age is a proper time to became a champion. The one problem is: where in US you will find such training hall with such master.

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