29 Replies to “Taekwondo VS Karate – Knockout 2014”

  1. Todays black belters aren't legends as old black belters.it is because in modern period,we can get black belt easily as compared to old time.in old time,we had to do very hard training.but now's training is not as difficult as it was in old time

  2. Oof… These keyboard warriors dont know there two types of tkd, itf and wtf clearly the guy is a wtf fighter since he never uses his hands and he was a itf fighter it'll just look like an ordinary karate fight

  3. Tkd by nature requires space and keeping opponent at a distance..not sure what the rules are regarding punches to the face but assuming this was against a kyokushin fighter, then it favors him to just pressure and destroy the tkd’s body. To be honest this wasn’t a fair assessment for the styles imo.

  4. Siendoles sinseros fueron muy patéticos ambos luchadores hubiesen puesto mejor porque hasta me durmió verlos

  5. Karate win coz they use kyokusin rule……get them fight one more time try with tkd rule and look what happen
    Tkd fight in kyokushin rule off course he is beginner for that fight….

  6. Ive trained jiujitsu, taekwondo, muay thai' all for about 7 years now. Ive competed at gotten very far in the martial arts world. With that being said i personally do not see how the guy thats throwing no punches has a blackbelt. He is a disgrace and people like that are the reason karate and taekwondo get underestimated. Anywho good day to you all. 🙂

  7. Seems legit, Taekwondo dude needs to work on his speed and kicking power as well as blocking techniques if planning on sparring and winning against a more well rounded art like Karate that focus on utilization of the entire body such as punching, open hand, blocking, grabs/throws as well as kicking techniques. Both are fun to learn, combining the two is even better.

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