Taekwondo vs Karate

Taekwondo vs Karate

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  1. Lol it was funny to see most of the people saying karate is better than taekwondo …..bro it depend on how and who is using it.none is better than the other

  2. Mmmmmmm still prefer taekwondo. But that's probably just a biased opinion…

    The ITF dobok looks letter tho lol.

  3. Pls don't say taekwondo is useful because karate is more practical than taekwondo. Taekwondo use fancy kicks which are actually useless in real street fight.

  4. 2000 year history of TKD?? Absolutely ridiculous LIE. Ashamed that TKD plagiarized Karate in 1950s, Korean government fabricated its history. In fact, the first five masters who created TKD were originally Shotokan karate players. I am Korean. Therefore, I feel ashamed my country still continues to deceive the world.  Please don't be fooled.

  5. Karate is an art, Taekwondo is a competitive sport so they can't really be compared. My few cents on it.

  6. Karate is 80 % defense and 20% attack ….. Taekwondo is 75 % attack and 25% defense ,,,,,, karate is a Japanese martial art which is mainly used to self defense ……. Taekwondo is a deadly korean martial art which is used to take down opponent at any moment ….. karate is a hand based martial art and Taekwondo is a kick based Martial art

  7. Karate is a martial arts style originated Out of Africa which was then introduced to Japan some time around the 5th Century.

  8. Do you all know that taekwondo is the most disciplined sport??? You should all research and stop comparing because you all cannot accept that taekwondo is better with its kicks and punches… You all suck in comparing… You all just made it up because of many movies that shows the forms of karate and kung fu… You cannot see the behind the scenes… Many edited scenes… There are natural scenes, yes but only a few… Look at taekwondo, do you know that it is the most finest??? You just have to research before comparing….and taekwondo naturally can do as immortal kicks that you can see on the movies naturally, calmy, and efficiently

  9. The difference is that taekwondo itf is hard core martial art and is sometimes trained to korean soldiers and karate is also a hard core martial art i would argue though that all karate fighters are always stiff i think 1986 or somewhere in the 1900s one 7th dan black belt in itf taekwondo took out 5 karate 6th dan black belts

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