Taekwondo vs. Muay Thai: How To Beat A TKD Fighter

Taekwondo vs. Muay Thai: How To Beat A TKD Fighter

hey what's up Chanel taking here from where Thai guy here in Thailand at Diamond wartime we're here with Cassie – no black belt national champion and overall badass but I'm gonna show you how to beat type Ando style fighters in this more type tutorial so check it out alright so the first tip we're gonna do is when you're fighting a Taekwondo style fighter Chi it can cover distance really quickly and that's because their stance and they able to slide forward when you throw a lot of their strikes so what we need to do so they don't cover the distance on us we gotta cover the distance on them and kind of cloud them alright a perfect example of this is when bazooka Jill fought Raymond Daniels in glory he was able to really suffocate them so this way she can't really throw many kicks here that should cause she's side stance like this and so make a lot harder for her to lift your knee up and get the kick inside of here even though she should probably do that this is flexible and shit but either way the general idea is I want to make sure I'm closing the distance and getting as close to I can as close as I can to her so this way it just exudes a lot of her striking ability alright tip number two is you want to use fakes and faints when you're fighting any type of fight or not just a Taekwondo style fighter so the purpose of this is I want to get them to react and then based off their reaction I do leave their loose balance and lose control and open up opportunities for me to land strikes so one of my favorite fakes is I just do a quick step in and once I do a quick step in she'll throw something then I'll be able to come back and counter and close at distance like I was saying before all right all right tip number three is going so this kind of goes along with faking and covering the distance so if I faked right and she throw something and misses I'm gonna cover the distance and I could grab on to her for the clinch and because she's high step alright this makes it really easy for me to ran knees to her body or even elbows especially because most tech won no feathers don't have the type of hand positioning and hand guards to protect their face and because they're sideways like I said before it opens them up to the sweep very easily as well tip number four is I want to watch her feet and hip positioning because once she starts to turn I can understand that she's going to be flowing some type of swimming back here and when she starts to step whichever way she steps that's the way I want a step to avoid the power in her kick because this way she'll be catching me at the end of the kick or have to really turn and probably lose her balance when she's throwing the kick as well so this really helps to be aware of when I'm fighting her once I see that foot or that hip move I want to be moving to that same side that she's moving as well all right sis number five is you want to just chop down their legs because Taekwondo they don't kick below the belt they don't see latex and stuff so you're gonna teach them what more Thai kicks all about so when she saw ways especially it might be a little bit easier if she knows how to check a kick to check this little front leg kick alright so what I can do is I could be attacking her back legs and elbows trying to kick out both of her legs from underneath her ideally sweeper or just keep peppering that to make her think twice if not the way she's standing alright so a really good thing to do it's especially kustanai cuento fighters don't have the best answer throwing punches or defending punches I want to throw punches and then follow up with a kick okay alright so those are five quick tips that you can use to fight a Taekwondo fighter I'm curious what are your favorite tactics or techniques that you would use to fight a Taekwondo fighter let me know in the comments below for Kathy what do you think I think is really important I think those are player has a much stronger base and much better balance so it's easy to take them down and sweep them it's easy to 7 going on and that's easy to to rack up the points and look down it and apply against the Taekwondo fighter that's what it's all about so if you liked this video make sure you like subscribe and let us know what you think in the comments below on the more – guy she's a Multi girl and Taekwondo girl and we'll cut you the next one what's up we're here at time in war time Sean taken Oh better fucking up they need to turn their hips and their feet so once she starts turning over like this and we're gonna be going over some key techniques to use on throw something and miss all right all right what's up short bacon here nor as an oyster I know all right what's going on pay attention I want to show you how to beat her MP type 1 no fire shows fuck them and fuck type 1 though that was good too and I got too much she's got too much

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  1. I've teamed up with Taekwondo blackbelt champion and Muay Thai fighter, Cassie, to show you the best Muay Thai techniques, strategies and tactics to beat a TKD style fighter and their tricky kicks!

  2. TKD only guys are easy. Just cover up in a tight guard, and pressure fight constantly at punching range to get clinch = GG. Get ready to take side kicks and spinning back kicks while coming in. Elbows close together, head tucked down, tight.

  3. muay thai dont have to learn how to beat a tkdo fighter,,,,muay thai will always win ,,,by the way am a taekwondo myself,,,muay thai is too way powerfull for taekwondo no need for nothing

  4. I have been doing Taekwondo since 1994, and have been practicing low kicks, high kicks, knee strikes, elbows (only in the TKD competition we were not allowed to kick below the belt) all kinds of hand techniques, close range fighting techniques. If I fight someone & discover that that guy knows Muay Thai and he is trying to close distance guess what I would fu*ck him up & I did many times. I just don't call myself a TKD fighter, When I fight I want to win and fu*ck the other guys so I don't care what distance or high or low section kicks or punches I am going to do. Bottom line is if your instructor says you should only kick high or low and says you shouldn't put your gurd up or don't use elbow or just use elbows and knees don't learn from them. Your mission should be to become one of the best fighters not just to tell others you practice Martial Arts.

  5. You Guys Are the best I would Not Know Mauy thai Without U guys You should Make Vidos eveday I would definitely Watch U guys everyday Thats How i Learned mauy thai Its all becauss of You

  6. In terms of pure kick vs kick TKD owns all. TKD is a great martial arts to learn for MMA because it gives you speed, quickness and kick power. Combine it with wrestling/jiujitsu and boxing makes a great all around fighter.

  7. I would imagine if you train at a place with chickens and roosters running around they don't mess around

  8. I clicked on this out of curiosity but i had to stop watching a minute in.

    The audio was just horrible. Try to reupload or remake this video but with the mic fixed.

  9. You're basically saying this is a strategy for those who are not used to close range combat
    One who practices taekwondo does not mean he is limited to only taekwondo
    Hence, be sure to study your opponent first

  10. Why does she stand awkward with bad posture and inward turned knees like that and her feet out? That is so bad for the joints.

  11. First of all any TKD fighter who fights Muay Thai rules and uses Taekwondo sport rules would be an idiot. Seriously, none of this is going to happen in a Muay Thai fight with a TKD person. They would adapt and only throw certain kicks at opportunistic times and not just let you do what you are saying. It's not this simple.

    This would only work if you literally are fighting an Olympic fighter who is only using Olympic style techniques for points. When would this ever happen in Muay Thai match unless it was a special "style vs style" match set up with no prior training for the fight? Or a street fight maybe?

  12. I'm obviously a keyboard warrior so let me just say this…. it does not matter on the type of martial arts. It matters on the artist who's employing the techniques. When engaging in actual combat there are lots of factors that will come into play. Speed, power, flexibility, stamina, timing, precision, technique, physical strength, mental disposition, self preparation etc etc etc… and of course we can't leave out "luck"… whether it's Jiu Jitsu, American wrestling, Greco Roman, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, it all come down to the user of the art. Every martial arts will have its strength and weaknesses. If you tie up Mike Tyson's arms, tape his mouth shut to keep him from biting, and forced him to kick against a Muay Thai fighter, Tyson will obviously get slaughtered. Vise versa. Royce Gracie just isn't going to outbox a professional boxer either. Whoever ends up playing into the comforts of their opponents game almost always loses the fight; unless they land that 1 lucky blow or lucky submission which is highly unlikely. Possible but unlikely. Karate is absolutely useless…. But that's only until you're on the receiving end of Machida. Tae Kwon Do is only for idiots…. But pound for pound try to stand and trade with Anthony Pettis. Of course these guys were all cross trained but their original form of martial arts is still their greatest strength. So again it all comes down to the practitioner. John Doe who's been boxing for 15 years may very well get man handled by down the block Jim Smith the weekend warrior who's only trained in boxing for 2 months. Sure, some martial arts will be more successful in certain fighting organizations but it doesn't mean it's the best form or martial arts in the world. It just mean that this particular form of martial art work well for this type of sport. What about without rules in the street? Will Royce Gracie be able to secure that double leg and transition into a heel hook all while the guy is gouging and digging into Royce's eyes, snapping his fingers 1 by 1, biting, grabbing his sack and attempting to stop any further production of the Gracie genes?? Now which form or martial arts will be most dominant? Lmfao. I'm done. Thanks for reading

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