what's up guys for today's video I thought that I would go over a warm-up stretching routine for you guys I thought like I've done a lot of Chesterton in the past but they're all like very heavily time-consuming and they're all very like you know geared towards improving flexibility so I thought I would do one today that's more geared towards what you should do before you go in the class before you workout or in just something like there's a simple short stretching routine to help you guys loosen up before your workout so let's get in to it do you like that it's pretty cool right that was pretty cool to begin we are going to start with our legs cross as if we were just sitting normally we're going to work on keeping our body up and we're going to roll our body over our legs as you can see I'm working on making my stomach touch my legs instead of working on getting my head to the floor to ensure proper alignment so I don't arch my back okay from there I just want you to hold this for just a few seconds we're just going to get our glute muscles and our hips nice and loosened up so we can move on to some more advanced stuff now we're going to go into a stretch which you've all seen before it's simply the butterfly stretch so you're going to have your feet touching each other we're going to use our elbows to actually help us keep our knees down because we're going to roll our body over just as we did in the previous stretch so we use our elbows and those are going to help us push those knees down as we use our stomach to roll forward again we really don't want to arch our back and this is just another good way to start opening up those hips again you're just going to hold this for a few seconds I recommend maybe 15 seconds because this isn't like a flexibility routine to get you super flexible it's just to warm you up and we don't want to feel too stretched out for our workout because then we'll lose power and we'll feel a little slower and things like that and for the next stretch we're going to straighten one leg right in front of us folding the other leg in so that our foot is touching our thigh again we're going to keep our body up like we have in all the stretches before and we're just going to reach with both of our hands and grab the sides of the foot in front and work our body down notice I said the body again because we don't want to arch our back so we're using the body at the point of contact and this is going to primarily be stretching your hamstrings but you'll also feel in your hip flexors a little bit if you're lacking flexibility in that area this is what I like to call compound stretch similar to like weight lifting when you're doing a squat or bench press it's working multiple muscles at one time so that we can warm up in the most efficient way possible the next stretch is one of my favorites it's in yoga referred to as the pigeon stretch so you're going to fold one leg right in front of you as I'm showing you and then you're going to work the other leg back and you're going to take the hip the right side of your hip in this case of the back leg and you're going to make that head towards the foot in front so you're trying to make that hip touch that foot while still staying flat on the ground this is really really good for just loosening up and also if you have any kind of sciatic nerve issues as I do it will help that and help you work through that pain and it's just a great feeling stretch and a great way to warm up before you get into your kicking and the next stretch is another one of my favorites and that is me split so what you're going to do is you're going to be on your hands and knees and then place your elbows to the floor and you're just going to spread your knees apart as if you were doing a middle or a box split and what I love about knees splits so much is that it allows you to work on opening up your hips enough so that you can do a center split or a box split and it takes the pressure off of your knees because when you have your legs completely straighten it puts a lot of pressure on your knees unless you're already all the way flat to the floor because then your knees are resting on the floor so a lot of times it's really hard to get people to work on their box splits because it causes them so much knee pain so this is a great way to work on getting that line and opening up your hips to be able to do that without causing yourself pain and for our final warm-up stretch what we're going to do is we're just going to go into a straddle position but we're not going to go as far as we can you want to have a little bit of room in your legs to go on to the next steps in this stretch so for here you're just going to rest for a minute with your body up okay and then once you feel comfortable you're going to reach one arm over you're going to reach towards the leg so you're going to go across so if you are grabbing your left foot you're going to be grabbing it with your right hand and this will help you get some stuff in your hips they'll help you get a good stretch in your hamstrings and we'll loosen you up for a lot of your kicks because a lot of people don't realize that your ground leg the leg that's not kicking plays a huge role and how well you kick and this will help you work those hamstrings so that that leg is strong and flexible but it will also help you open up your hip so that you can chamber higher therefore giving you a higher kick so you go to each side and then you go to the front and again just like all our other stretches we're going to work on getting our stomach towards the ground instead of arching our back so you may not be able to get your elbows to the ground you may not be able to get flat to the floor but you just know that the most important thing is getting your stomach forward and having a correct line I hope this video gave you some suggestions and ideas on what you could do and what you can implement into your stretch routine before you do your workout again by no means am I saying that you need to do have your stretching routine look exactly like mine do exactly what I did with this is what I have not worked for me to open up my hips and my hamstrings and my and my quads on the rest of my legs and just all the Taekwondo muscles all the martial arts muscles this is what helps me open those up and the most efficient way possible be sure to share this with anybody you feel might even benefit from a good warm-up stretching routine and also like this video give it thumbs up you don't have to but like you liked it like should because it lets me know and then also feel free to subscribe to my channel that post two videos every week on Tuesday Friday and you like me apart little bits of it to hang out and stuff because like hanging out people you know anyway lets up this video I'll see you guys the next one


  1. How would you help someone overcome their hips feeling as though they are locking at about 90 degrees and not able to get them any further?

  2. Hi Donovan, do you have any high-kick-focussed loosening-up exercises you do before these stretches? It might seem like a small detail, but a lot of your content is new to me and very useful, so I figure your loosening up techniques might be too. Thanks

  3. Dear Donavan,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge 😉 I also have some sciatic issues. Again a great video and you clarified some questions I struggled with 👊

    I started using some static stretches in my warm up routine again. Despite the big discussion about this subject in the flexibility world.

    Kind regards,


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