Target Practice Tuesday EP #25 (Daisy Red Ryder Shooting Gallery)

Target Practice Tuesday EP #25 (Daisy Red Ryder Shooting Gallery)

what's up everybody so I can no longer see the screen well everybody welcome back I said that wrong so used to saying it and I just say that randomly so welcome back everybody you can see the sun's out yesterday was the snow this the day after I did the video with sua cakes and it's kind of cold the wind and the sun's out so here we go if I'd start up here because look at these chickens Tom and the chickens are just out in the Sun right now eatin Tom's of course showing off now he was just eating grass but ladies fanning for you guys so he likes Fannin but hopefully you don't hear the wind is strong it's really a lot of wind right now I probably sound really muffled but that's because there should be no more wind I got a win muffle on the camera so now there is no more wind hopefully unless around like a hurricane wind but even if you do hear it it shouldn't be very loud because I'm gonna sound muffled I think and if I do I'll figure something out for the next video but this video it might be muffled so yeah it's on here I can't see the screen any marks this huge fuzzy ball but I'll show you what we're shooting at here and then I'll go right to having it set up down there but we got a Red Rider but Daisy it's gotta be by Daisy and it's a shooting gallery and it's pretty much a box I think it cost me ten or fifteen dollars yeah I think it costs ten nine ninety six or something and pretty much it has targets in it and you cut this hole out here you punch it up so it's already pre-cut and pretty much it's just the shooting gallery you set up so I'll see you when it's set up you can see the back there but it comes with targets and zip ties and they hang there so I'll see you down there and yeah see in a minute also really quick I'm going to show something really quick just for you guys I forgot all these other times but I did have a very nice pair of shooting glasses I mean we're only using a Red Rider BB gun but at the same time they do ricochet more than you know faster bullets because you know they just kind of hit something and they pling back because they don't go through a lot of the time so I brought down some shooting glasses so I want to let you know so you see you down there now [Applause] [Laughter] okay guys we're down here yeah this is before being done right here there it is deforming done sixty of it and here is after and this is it done guys so you can see that took me good I don't know ten fifteen minutes but uh there's a little rubber backing I had to put in comes with it a little blue rubber backing let me stand out of the Sun and when you put your target here with a piece of tape and I come with tape bubbles by does it tie up there pretty easy setup then on the back it folds into a stand so I'm gonna go set this up and I will see you right up here at are standing spot okay guys so I'm moving you're on a little bit here you could see the sun's up in this corner once again I can't get rid of that she's the hitting on the glass of the screen so you see that that just means the Sun is very bright so we're gonna start our video here we've got our Daisy Red Rider BB gun it's like $30 one at Walmart and yeah three eight there is not gonna be close-ups today because I know 100% for sure this thing is not gonna be able to see it so we'll just go check at the end and you know we're gonna do best out of ten I'm gonna sound extremely muffled I just listened to footage on the camera and it sounds very muffled I gotta figure something else out but since I don't talk much in this kind of video why I do in all the videos but I mean not as much as usual it should be fun for this video because the wind could be a lot worse than the mic right now but this thing it's getting rid of a lot of the wind at least so we're gonna take our first shot out of ten shots and see how good we do so I'm gonna you can hear this thing rattling here oh I got my uh I don't know what these look like I'll make sin everywhere anything like this but my glasses on to me a BB guns more dangerous than a like a pellet gun and you know when it reflects wise because this it doesn't go through a lot of things and I'll just bounce back at you so ready cock this and we're gonna take our first shot out of ten shots guys okay hold on one second I will resume in a second here sorry about that guys so I clean off the stock of my uh he'd begun cuz there's dirt all over I don't know how there's mud all over it so we're gonna take our first shot here I'm gonna aim the girl a nice aim these glasses are really getting in the way of me aiming so here we go oh that was a nice shot you obviously I don't know if you could hear it since that one screen takes a lot of audio out but when I hit that I gave it a really lot of whack because the the rubber sheet the back stopper so first shot I can see I can clearly see we hit but you guys would not be able to see that for sure so we take our second shot it looks like it's the it's not on the last line but the line before the last line so we'll count up for a point to the end if I can count so it might be on middle lines and stuff but here we go first shot hit let's do our second shot second shot hit and that one just nicked the edge so that one was not a good shot I should say but you see what's wrong this site looks like it's uh for some reason the Sun on one side shines and it makes the sighting and kind of hard but here we go third shot second shot did hit battle no faith of the target I know we hit the target but I'm saying like the circle here we got third shot out of ten okay so I see where that one went third shot was a hit it looks like it's a smiley face right now because there's two holes one on each side of the red dot it looks like a pig so that is closer this time than another shot so here we go here's our fourth shot so far this thing's very nice set up the price and everything on it even though it's cardboard it's still very nice design here we go for shock okay four shots I think it's a hit not the one we'll know in the end go fist shot oh and let me know if the wind screen is just a complete waste and you'd like to hear the audio before or this this is the only one I could find so the audio is not good please let me know in the comments don't you know don't say better just say what you think of it because you know if you guys don't like it I will get rid of it there's no problem I just I got this to test it and so far it's kind of muffled to me even though it's walking out that's all the wind one cars coming I guess not one second okay guys sorry about that and we're gonna redo our fifth shot well we never took it bad just shoot it because a car went by and here we go we're gonna do our fifth shot this thing's very nice so far so let me know about one screen in the comments please let me know fist shock fixed shot I can't see where it hit but I think it's a bull's-eye yeah guys I hit a bull's eye that time so we got a bull's eye there's one bull's eye so if one goes through that again we'll know but um yeah we're gonna bull's eye right in the white between the big red dot so here we go we're gonna take our six shot we've hit every single shot I don't know if we're gonna count the one though cuz it's it's not really on the circle so we'll go we'll go check that in the end but here we go it's our six shot that was a very nice shot by the way okay so that shot I think hit bottom left but we'll make sure in the end we'll see whether a lot I can't really see see glasses are kind of weird but here's our seventh shot I know we're going through these a little bit quicker than usual but this is very nice target and I like it so here we go seventh shot guys seven shots I think hit on the right side of the target but it hit the target as well so that was a hit hope you can hear that nice noise that makes when you shoot is the camera the mic thing but here we go here is our this bah HUP yeah I've been memory eight shot guys eighth shot hit the yeah I'm pretty sure I see where it hit think it hit the bottom right and the ninth shot we haven't hit we haven't missed one except we've got one I might count out these are they say ninth shot let's just let's do uh I think it was it nice shot yeah it's fine shot here we go ninth shot indeed was a hit I saw the paper target move and I saw the backdrop where I heard the backdrop hit we're also gonna go rate this thing how well it caught the BBS and if they went through or anything so here's our tenth shot guys final shot let's get a hundred percent accuracy so indeed hit so I will see you down at our box target there and yeah see you in one second okay guys so you can see I'm down here at the target and there's no holes through the back I'm trying to really see but the microphone fluffs in the way but yeah I just took the back off but there's a stand once again this is like ten dollars and if you can hear not sure if the audio is picking up but all the babies are caught in here inside of it and the the back the rubber backing in there that I had the zip tie in there's a little just in deaths in it there's no sign of any gonna be going through soon so that's pretty good but you can hear the bb's caught every single one not one come out and die really quick I'm gonna go over this and count this and then I'll show you guys so looks like we got one well that's a mud mark guys that one there's a mud mark so uh you can hear Tom gobbling I'm not sure if you can turn of it we got one – okay one two three four five six seven eight nine ten so all of them are here I'm gonna go ahead and pull off our sheet here so I could show you keep our box there so you can see I'm gonna try to keep this thing steady because of the wind but if you can see there there's one there I'm not gonna count it because it did hit the target and all but you could see it's not in a circle so I'm not gonna count that I don't kind of even though we hit the target I'm not gonna count that there's one I'm not going to count that one either since it's not in the circle that's not a point so there's two that could have been points but they're not and we got two points try to keep this in that camera we got two points right here six points in that line and then we got we got 12 total because there's two and the three and then we got 16 and then we got a five we got two fives so we got 26 points if you ever get this target let me know what you get so like 10 dollars of my Walmart that was by me but yeah we hit them all except we hit them all but I'm not gonna count this to us points because you're not in there so there we go guys 26 points not bad at all hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching see my buddy that just full away I know the throw in here is he fighting him to land here with this see that see them over there he keeps flying right up next day so it's just a little bonus scene there I got sure I get some birds on here and I'll throw it in the end clip here so this shoots a bonus right here suet cake by the way I put a tester ball here it's gone so let's just throw in some bird clips

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  1. This brings back memories i received my Red Ryder BB gun 40 years ago.

  2. Nick! Over 300k! So proud and a massive congrats to you! Superb! You have done great be proud, keep just having fun and enjoying yourself as your great and this all well deserved, just so refreshing to watch your vids

  3. Safety first when shooting, always! Glasses were a very smart and respectable decision buddy, nice video, I enjoyed it from start to finish

  4. Hey Nick, do you think you can do a camping video where you build your own shelter from branches and things that you find in the woods?

  5. Saw in another videos comments that you live close to Erie county pa, which is so cool because I’m from Crawford county pa. Are you familiar with that county?

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