Taurus G2c 9mm Range Test and Review – The Best $200 Carry Gun?

Taurus G2c 9mm Range Test and Review – The Best $200 Carry Gun?

hi I'm Eric with impact guns today we're going to be looking at quite possibly the best $200 carry gun on the market the tourists g2c comes in a box from tourist manufacturing that's come with the lock does come with two magazines these are twelve round magazines with the yellow follower I like colored followers because you can immediately see in the chamber that your magazines empty and for all safety purposes that's excellent so 212 round magazines this firearm has a manual safety and this manual safety is fairly out of the way for concealed carry but it's very easy to actuate with your thumb so if the guns on safety and you're during a draw you're able to take it off safety real easy the slide lock is just ahead of the safety also very easy to use the magazine release also small and out of the way but really easy the string in there is excellent for jumping that magazine free for you reload this gun has a loaded chamber indicator which is up one of cartridges in there there's a little red mark on it that you can see and then also part of the point of this is it's going to be tangible if you have to do a chamber check in the dark the con comes with an adjustable rear sight this gun comes in about between the size of a Glock 19 and the Glock 26 this is a Glock 19 Gen 5 and it is just a little bit bigger just like we've got about 3/4 of an inch of length about the same height and similar width it's a little bit bigger then a Glock 26 in the grip but slides are about the same length and although they're about the same width because the Glocks are blockier they're gonna feel thicker so far as price the High Point Knight c9 is about the same size but it's quite a bit thicker and quite a bit heavier in the hand and it only has a single spec magazine compared to the double stack Taurus magazine so this comes with the 12-round magazine it's a double stack magazine in there I feel like this gun just about threads the needle perfectly between small enough for concealed carry to be comfortable and big enough to shoot comfortably on the range there are grooves here on both sides of the pistol a good spot for a thumb and good spot for a finger to be kept off the trigger if you're not actually shooting on the other side that actually works really well for my thumb in a shooting position just put some pressure on the slide there so I on the frame there does have a rail up here for a light or a laser this cut up here actually flares out as you get too close to the chamber if you prefer doing a press check from the front that helps you grip that slide real well and even though it's not serrations it works the price on this generally comes in around $200 plus or minus $20 which places it well below all of the Glocks so while the price of the Taurus is in the same neighborhood as the High Point c9 it's more ergonomic the materials seem to be higher quality the trigger pulls better there's a lot of benefits with the Taurus G to see that put it above the high point nothing against the high point so you perform very well this handgun has an interesting trigger it does have a trigger safety in there so if there's pressure on the side of the trigger it's not going to allow the trigger to be depressed it has a fairly light trigger pull for this style of gun but it also has the ability to have a restrike so if the round doesn't go off you let the trigger forward and drop the firing pin again you can do that as much as you like which actually opens up a convenient option for laser training which dry fire practice is very very good so you can drop a laser trainer in the chamber there and then the firing pin actuates a laser that shows you where your bullet would be going let's see if I can show that on a good background here so in your dry fire practice you can do that on a target do it virtually anywhere and be able to practice your dry fire trigger training in a safe manner whereas most guns would require you to cock the slide each time to do your dry fire practice so that's cool option the grip on the Taurus is a very aggressive stipple in these patches so where that will be against your body or against your shirt it's less abrasive but up here where you're gripping it it's actually quite comfortable and feels quite grippy and a good secure drip while shooting the takedown is very similar to a Glock with these levers here pulling down on this piece of metal that controls the slide it springs in their barrel comes out for cleaning quite easy to disassemble quite easy to reassemble and that's the Taurus G to see alright so I've heard a lot of good about this gun but I'd like to take it out on the range now with you and we're gonna shoot a bunch through it and see how it performs all right today I'm going to be shooting blazer brass made by CC I these are iron 15 grain full metal jackets practice ammo ok so this is a laser trainer and I wanted to show what that would be like practicing on the range so on a target like this you'd be able to practice your dry fire practice which helps you get an idea especially if you can watch the laser move if you're having issues with your trigger control you can watch that laser move because of how you're pulling the trigger if you're jerking or expecting recoil you can watch the laser move showing what you're doing wrong alright so we're gonna be shooting at 21 feet here alright so the group here a couple Flyers that were my fault on the trigger press but this group for this gun is very good at 21 feet about as good as I shoot so the gun is at least out shooting me a good group there I'm getting the decided and shooting faster so you can see my groups opening up a little bit the guns able to handle it haven't had a single misfire haven't had any jams or anything so far it's a blast alright so we've been shooting a little bit here the grip is working out really well for me I'm not feeling the gun move it all under recoil I'm able to hold it really well the trigger I really like being able to have a short reset and that triggers working really well for me for being able to shoot accurately and it's been comfortable I haven't gotten any slide bite even though I get a nice aggressive grip on here it hasn't cut my hand at all which I commonly get in this shooting position I'm able to take the firearm off safety or put it back on safety before I move it and this gun is not moving at all as I shoot it my my hand is in the same grip it was when I started you know you sometimes you'll see folks shoot and then they readjust their hand then they shoot and they readjust their hand and they shoot because the guns sliding in their hand as they're shooting and this is this is sticking right where right where it should be been shooting pretty quick on some of it so these groups are very good for how fast I've been shooting the gun is keeping up very well no problems all haven't had a single misfeed haven't had any jams haven't had any hiccups the the bullets are going right where I'm aiming these Flyers are a little high and low as I'm doing the trigger press I can tell I've moved the sights off a little bit so these are all all on me if this gun was an advice it would be shooting a lot better than me but let me keep going so what we'll do is here is a magazine exchange see how it works see how I like it pretty good hazing comes out goes in real easy no problems at all with it alright so this is our first hundred rounds through the Taurus g2c it's running great it's a joy to shoot come on down we've got here a Target store to try and I think you oughta try it yourself in the price range of $200 there's not really another option that has these qualities and features it's holding its own against five six seven hundred dollar handguns and surpasses all the handguns in the same price range for folks with a budget that are looking to pick up a handgun at a reasonable price we commonly recommend the Taurus g2c I haven't seen one on a warranty return it's a very good handgun particularly for a $200 price something to keep in mind also tourists often has rebates for their pistols right now there's a rebate for $30 which takes the price tag well below $200 so check our rebate Center when you're when you go shopping for this easily the best budget option out there right now as always this handgun is available at impact guns calm it's available at all of our stores here in the Ogden store we've got it on the range to test and try yourself make sure you follow us on social media links are below in the description make sure you keep an eye on those because we're gonna be had gun giveaways coming up and everybody likes free guns right

31 Replies to “Taurus G2c 9mm Range Test and Review – The Best $200 Carry Gun?”

  1. Which do you guys prefer? Longer, more in depth reviews like this one? Or short, to the point videos? Let us know what you want to see!

  2. Honestly, you gotta be the dumbest fucking moron On earth to carry a $200 gun……..sorry it's a fucking TRUTH. The range is one thing, but for Carry? You GOTTA be smoking crack…..do you also buy your motor oil from Dollar Tree???

  3. Love my g2c, owned 2 years, didn't round count but shoot something with it once a month, have had zero malfunctions with mixed ammo brands.

  4. Can you try the extended magazine with it. The magazine is 32 USD so is it reliable? Also the magazine is 30-34 rounds I can’t remember but I just want to know if it works good.

  5. I know that impact guns rents some guns for use in the range. I have only rented guns at Doug's Shootin' sports. Doug's has an extremely limited selection for rent. Would Impact be able to rent a G2C to me?

  6. I wanted to love this gun. Wish I was one of the "it's as good as a glock!" guys. But I'm not. Mine fails to eject, feed, and go into battery constantly. About 3% failure rate over 2,200+ rounds. That being said, I still think it's the only gun anyone should even consider if spending under $250. I guess I just got a dud. So the bad/good news is… I have to buy another pistol to carry while Taurus fucks around with mine to get it to run right. Which would be fine if I didn't JUST buy a .300 BLK AR pistol…. 🙁

  7. I like your video, to it got to the point and I like that. Can you tell me if the G2C is California legal?

  8. Just confirmed for me that this is the right pistol to buy! I shot a S&W .45 and an AR15 .223 and was unsure about what to buy for my EDC, I found a nice Beretta M9 .22LR for 200 bucks more, then reconsidered about getting a Glock 26 and then I did some more research and found the G2C and was immeadiately infatuated with it. It looks beautiful(at least to me) and I've read and watched tons of reviews and all of them are positive. Definitely will be buying this gun!!

  9. Dude what wrong with you. You can say it the best. Anyone with firearms experience knows you are bullshiting. You probably work for Taurus.

  10. this gun is worth ~1K USD here in Brazil and the gun is made in Brazil…u Americans should thank the lord for all the freedom u have.

  11. I traded my S&W for the Taurus G2 Millennium. I’m very comfortable with it. Love having a 12rd that’s not too bulky for Concealed carry. Gotta be honest when I went looking for my first pistol I was turned off by Taurus from others’ opinions and price point. I thought “you get what you pay for” not the case with Taurus! Affordable, comfortable, and accurate. Now I own a revolver too. I am very comfortable with both!

  12. Good show and excellent explanation on the gun. I bought one of these pistols about a year ago and every morning the gun goes on my side and I dont take it off my side until I go to sleep. Plus I shoot it every day without a single problem with it. And it hit's everything I shoot at in a 100 to 150 yard distance. For a first time gun owner or for a everyday carry pistol for self-defense I would recommend it. Excellent pistol for the price

  13. FYI. I opted to use the recall for my PT MPro 145 and received a G2C in exchange. When cleaning after initial test , slide removed, I noticed that there was no sear rotation when I pulled the trigger. I have other striker fired pistols, all of them pivot the sear when trigger is pulled with slide removed. I contacted Taurus and they confirmed this to be abnormal functionality of the firearm and it is with them now for repair.
    After returning the firearm I looked at another new G2C at a gun shop and exhibited the same issue.
    If you are thinking about purchasing a G2C, I would suggest checking it to ensure the sear is pivoted by the trigger bar when trigger is pulled with slide removed.

  14. I would encourage anyone interested in the G2C to personally check the feed ramp before buying the pistol. The feed ramp in the G2C I purchased was so deformed it would not cycle any type of round including ball ammunition. I feel these are great pistols and that I got a lemon but I would like to save someone else from what I experienced with my Taurus G2C.

  15. I love my G2C. It’s in my rotation of ccw. Just think you carry 2 more rounds than the sig 365 and cost $300 less.

  16. I have one of these in 9mm and like it. I prefer .40, so I'm going to get another one of these as a backup to my full-size P320. It'd really be cool if Taurus (or any aftermarket firm) offered a 357 SIG barrel.

  17. I have this gun. Its awesome. When you shoot it you can feel it has some power. It will stop a threat

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