Teaching Kids to Shoot – Tips for The Range and Hunting

Teaching Kids to Shoot – Tips for The Range and Hunting

hey guys that's the Ellerman here and for a while now I've been meaning to make a video on tips on how to teach your kids how to shoot I have kids of my own and then also with the marksman camp we've had several hundred kids come through the program and so picked up a thing or two of course the first thing we're going to talk about is safety and that's something you can talk about with your child no matter how young they are as soon as they can start listening and talking and touching things and walking around they absolutely need to know the safety rules and one of the first ones we always teach them is what do we teach Haven what'd she say all the time Haven what's that it's a gun hey what do you do with guns why is that don't touch it good job get in here he's been shooting since you were like I think I took him out the first time when he was four and what was funny is when the first time I took him out the what he wanted to do the most was find Roly Polys under the trashcan after that he had his little rascal and he wanted to load the bolt for me and so I kind of had a five-year-old auto loader at that time so I didn't mind it at all but now he loves coming out shooting so let's see what some of the safety rules buddy finger off that trigger point the gun a safe Direction good deal treat it like treat it like it's loaded and then we keep it unloaded right good deal good deal so that's what we go over every single time we hit the range with my kids and with the marksman kids as well I recommend you know if if you're not comfortable with it send them to a place like a marksman camp where we try to get them you know the safety rules so ingrained in their mind that they are you know it's doing it subconsciously as because as you shoot more you'll be more comfortable with it but then if you don't feel comfortable teaching them or have the experience get them enrolled in a safety program like anos even sports sporting goods stores like andrew mountain will have safety programs for your kids and such but then after that don't overlook the baby steps don't jump straight into guns like firearms you start off with air guns even airsoft and pellet and BB rifles until they show that they're capable enough to be able to take it to the next step and then we go with 22s right that's what you like the most now before you get started check your eye dominance on your young shooter you know what the eye dominance was you remember that test when we go through our hands like this and so a lot of times what I'll do is I'll take off my glasses and and have them do the eye dominance test to me so yeah so make it a diamond yeah just like that now look at my eye here that I got close keep both of your eyes opened now bring it all the way into your eye make your hole smaller make your hole smaller with your make your hole smaller there okay now bring it in no look at my eye what okay now bring it all the way into your eye and there he goes to his right so when I have him do it by looking at my eye I'm able to tell right away and make sure that they're looking with both eyes at first but then they draw it into that dominant eye if you find that you have a cross dominant shooter so if so since he's right-handed and right eyed he's not cross dominant my older daughter is so she's right-handed left eyed from now on that means that they are a left-handed shooter sure you can train different ways to shoot right-handed right eye dominance but it's not ideal especially when you start shooting defensive tactical rifle shotgun wing shooting archery all that stuff needs to be done off the same shoulder that you're using your dominant eye we can't train our eyes but we can train our hands all right but you're ready to gear up and go aren't you again on safety keep your guns unloaded as a responsible parent that's your job we have a trigger lock on on this one gun not ideal as much is because that's having something inside the trigger guard but I used it today because I know a lot of people have those around the ideal way but I can't take the bolt out right now because it's got trigger lock on it but it's to take the bolt out completely put a cable lock through there and we may demonstrate that later on ar-15 style rifle alright so before we get started as well you want to make sure that you have the proper fit firearm for your child we have these savage Rascals here at camp they work great we'll do a full review later on but how we do that is once you take your arm get in lay it out flat okay now bend it right out here so it's like a like a elf a 90 degree angle okay now what we're going to do finger off the trigger of course and grab the grip and make sure it fits right inside his arm see if this gun was any law he it would be too large for him but with this youth size gun with Gideon it's gonna be just fine and even on your older kids I mean I'm full size I like to think so at least and I can shoot the rascal just fine because I especially when you're used to tactical rifles and stuff where you kind of can suck them up in there any way you can make it work all right so he's ready to shoot so we're gonna go ahead and have a little range time now the important thing to do that when you have your range time is that you you are here for the kids it's not about dad shooting at the same time this is the kids shooting time and so you need to have your focus on them for safety as well as teaching now you guys he's already got his eyes and ears out I don't gotta remind him so I'm gonna eye in here up yep does your ammo so you've got before we load up though we always like to get on target first so go ahead and yep finger off that trigger good job and these are some neat sandbags we just got in and so they can kind of pitch your gun there and we'll have more on them later but they're kind of uh it kind of helped with recoil and really lock the gun in okay I want you to make sure yet you're flat on your bottom scoot forward a little bit we're gonna put this gun in there even more and then I like to teach shooting off a rear sandbag but a lot of times that's a hard thing for the youngsters to pick up so this left hand is gonna squeeze this rear sandbag here alright you see the target there the big orange target see it okay I want you to go ahead and get sights on it now if your youngster hasn't shot much you're gonna need to show them the sight picture of course with peep sights it's more instinctive to pick up but with different sights and different you know brands you may need to draw it out on a pen and paper always look through the sights first and to make sure I can get the proportions more more on target as well all right you like it yeah on target okay now you can go ahead and load up and shoot so one of the big safety roles I have is as soon as your eyes get off that target your finger gets outside that trigger guard and so make sure you start drilling that into your kids that you know even though it's pointed in a safe direction even though we know it's unloaded if our eyes are off our fingers off that trigger all right so you got your safety forward good as you're ready I want you to go ahead and just let's put let's put a few rounds right in the center that orange target so we'll see how he does here there is a fly on the target right now okay moved it was like all right good deal good deal I see it right in the white go ahead and reload and try again all right dump it good job all right you don't be surprised but I know a lot of parents like to get like they're a kid it's in 22 or something so they don't have to worry about the functions and the and the cycles of the gun but your kids actually like the mechanics of running the bolt to give them a single shot and let them let them you know go with it now while we're on this and he shooting another thing I always want to stress is don't be such a stickler about form I know is you know if your dad's are serious in a competitive shooting and the like yeah you always want to know no I'm leaning forward now hold this up you need to remember the kids are smaller and weaker than you and so three main doing good okay slow it down watch that trigger press they may have a little trouble I compare it to them using a you know regular gun to us using like a 50 Cal and if it's hard for us holding that free stand and you know and they're trying to leave the balance their gun it's kind of the same thing all right now before you go in further we're getting out of the circle here dry fire practice is awesome so before we dump out that empty what I'm gonna do is just cock the striker again okay I want you to go ahead and line up sights okay get a good solid steady and I want a smooth press cutting that white bullseye in half with the tip of that dot smooth press be good follow that take-up click good you always teach the kids you want that shot to surprise you go do it again we're still dry I just want to see that trigger press I don't want to see the gun move watch how much trigger finger they're putting in good is it did it surprise you when it when it went all right you can go ahead and dump out okay put me a couple more in the white and yeah I'm not gonna be all up in his face on getting them in the bullseye I know he can shoot well hey there you go that's in the white and so we're just gonna let him have fun and that's the the biggest thing and so what we'll do is we'll change it up in a minute and have some more fun targets of course he likes the steel he really liked hitting golf balls I don't know where he got that from but just let your kids have fun and that's one of the reasons we want the target close to you want that instant feedback so you you want them to be able to see their shots you to be able to see their shots so you can coach them in and plus it gives it makes them feel good about themselves that that they're hitting on target alright now we're talking about fun targets for your kids because you want to keep them practicing you want to challenge them so when it's hunting season you can have them be safe and competent with what they have so these are cool this is a mega boom target system I saw it at stop shot show and I was like man that looks neat and then I saw it had a gander mountain I was like okay I'm buying it I'm getting it and so we have the of one of the factory bottles but here's one of the main reasons I was after it I wanted it because you can just shoot with two-liter bottles so it's cheap after the initial investment of the base you're good to go and you can have some cheap exploding targets that aren't really explosive these are gonna be explosive like when you when you shoot that this bottle and it ruptures it's gonna make a big boom now the factory bottles it comes with a lot of dust chalk I don't know what it is but it makes a big cloud and so it's just like shooting a reactive target like in the red exploding target so you know there's tannerite type stuff but it's going to be even safer and so if there's local regulations probably the Communist Republic of California you can't have fun stuff I don't know if there's anything against air pressurized bottle so here hey buddy let me see that so we are lucky enough to have air compressor right by the range we're gonna hook this thing up you got your eyes and ears good oh we're supposed to put this net over it in case it does rupture a good idea okay little scary at first because that thing gets as tight as a drum with about a hundred psi in it so check this out look hell okay okay so we set this up at well whatever distance I don't know what they recommend we're gonna go about 50 and where's that little metal shield buddy Oh perfect all right so when you want to shoot at rimfire it's got an armor plate you can put over it so you don't damage your system but then again you know so one thing one payment you got the whole big system for forever let's go set it up and shoot it all right so when you're getting ready for your kid to go hunting a big thing is is thinking ahead and getting a nice rest so I've been eyeballing these for a while and when we're out squirrel hunting this little Primos trigger stick where you can adjust it to height just by holding down the trigger and then have a front rest is going to be invaluable I'm gonna use it for hog hunting the kids we're gonna use it for them for squirrel hunting because a lot of times dad becomes the the front rest and I'm trying to hold up the rifle for the right amount time alright so we've got in our case here little man's well it's not quite his it's dads but this is our tactical solution upper and this is more of the type of lock I've read recommend a cable lock type that can will will lock up everything without putting something inside the trigger guard and you can't even take the upper and lower apart reel like this and so if you don't have a good safer kit gun cabinet this is a nice inexpensive option to keep everything safe alright so buddy let's see it turn that off for you now this is what I like using for kids is a ar-15 because ok he's gonna use this for practice we have a suppressor on it so it's not that bad and then when we go hog hunting deer hunting anything else I can give him another AR and he won't be as scared of it because he's been practicing on the 22 shoots my 300 blackout and it'll all be good so we have one horse to get out of the way and then we'll let you rest up for the first time he's going to use this rest and we're gonna yeah hi bud come on up let's load you up okay grab that here go spread the feet hey you're grabbing the mag good mags with the wrong hand okay grab the gun with the right hand yep and that at the bottom so you can fit it in okay slam at home okay charge it okay kick those feet forward let's make sure we're rolling all right all right so remember your safety all right when you're ready cool that was neat all right remember eyes off target finger off trigger okay put on safety and do it again yeah so I'm talking about let's go fill another one up all right so since little man have so much fun the first time after he saw that go off he wants to do it again and again oh all right so but instead of using the red dot with the AR we're going to practice a little more marksmanship so you set that up however you need it single shot let's see if we can do it ready you load it up good job good all right trigger prep take up that first stage that was cool good job all right I'm mode so clear good deal well I imagine we're gonna stay out here shooting just a little longer today but in the meantime y'all teach your kiddos how to shoot safe how to be safe around guns and how to shoot straight so we'll see you later

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  1. Hey, Excellent safety and fun video! That fella will be a great shooter one day 🙂

    One thing however, at 12:15 you are showing a Master padlock. Bosnianbill or LockPickingLawyer have shwon that that these are among the easiest to pick open. Okay there's little chance that something like this would happen, and surely you have more safety measures in place, but if you didn't know, now you do.

  2. Just a note, you can definitely train your eyes. I’m cross eye dominant (right handed left eye dominant) and have been shooting right handed right eye my whole life. Now while I agree this might not be the ideal path to take a new shooter down who hasn’t already well formed some shooting technique, it is possible. I do experience some difficulties in shooting with my eye that is not naturally dominant, but with training and repetition I have been able to mostly overcome those difficulties and shoot at a very high level.

  3. its good to teach the kids to shoot, our country and government has been hijacked by thugs, lets hope trump drain the swamp.

  4. Wow, Dustin, what a TERRIFIC video!
    As a veteran LEO with kids that are just now getting into shooting, this was an excellent breakdown (& affirmation) on what to emphasize and how to keep it fun while instilling the fundamentals.
    Originally came to page looking at you FNX frame experience (as I just picked on up). But now absolutely subscribed!

  5. You should check these out. Probably cheaper and you can make a bunch at once.


  6. Been doing it for years and very happy to donate 22 LR ammo to the cause out of my own pocket, even when 22LR was nowhere to be found. Just these past 2 weekends, taught many from age 5 to 16. Good times. Wish I could post pictures.

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