Team Cook Taekwondo Seminar in Miami Techniques

Team Cook Taekwondo Seminar in Miami Techniques

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] – site check okay Oh around okay BJ taken to be gone we're not be tight but we only believe in shoulders okay only the shoulders not the knees there's the first two three points we lose you said society can wait for the next round okay nobody messed around one person each other it's time to each other there's no nothing okay to service a shadow and there's nothing it's like double to be here okay yes ba let's get some sharpness okay probably partners stop messing around and let's do it wait till okay again when you see the back against a straight line in Spain commit suicide okay places back kick strikes from Spain's dressing checks again try to put some pressure on you don't have to get back all the time okay you can stay there wait for them count on the spot okay moving to the side close it down okay there's different ways to counter and why not – this way back and back the back one time when the front leg check from the back leg okay talking the counter person it's got to be smart now okay they can't just go back in straight lines are gonna get caught with a chest so you have to move suicide move at all they use your hands okay that's what you're going to do is you're attacking you only like to do the checks in front leg okay you can take it high it's way to get one too so there be it be aware with the counter today so there's a couple of options you can come back move to the side counter a big if you quite smart use your hand here your back it would be very careful to see where you put your finger inside hey Chuck same thing three minutes okay it's hair isn't back we've got your explains what we like okay you've got to be moving all the shine to the check on you doesn't know where you are it's impossible if you just stand say when I'm moving back it's easy for me to check out like that but check with someone's move in to pay off balance it's when you're moving back you've got me moving around fake to take changing the distance today check the outside always confusing okay when you moving back has 110 okay so could you see sir I can't make the check real okay there's no gonna be jokes for the counter person if you're just coming laughter I agree with a check okay you got make it real make it strong okay make it good here try to go to their head they make the check good as well AJ is when you eat toast you like you move it is extremely dense cooks the checker okay I'm just and it's totally hip you okay but my moving is like a book so when he's moving is to hire a harder target to move back quick check okay you check okay do something different think outside the box okay hey we jump check something like that okay something different if you outside the box you sir oK you've done the front-runner now we're going to do off the back leg okay so there's many different ways of doing off the back leg what I like to do is selectively disguise all my kicks okay so everything starts exactly the same okay so here the back leg checks going to look exactly the same as the training kicks we bring up exactly the same and then it's going to push the opponent over okay just just bring up exactly the same as a turning kick here hey hey ah take over okay if you beat u ye let me say kick ok then the opponent knows exactly what you're doing you want to turn the strains okay you bring like a normal kick here two minutes yeah it's one doing test is on even in my book baby I'm jumping in or giving it my buck I'm saying for this petition okay if I'm up here gonna do the cake if somebody comes there I'm in danger okay when I attack I want to be down okay safe extend the leg but they're ready for another kick okay but you see how I'm jumping forward okay I'm not doing that I'm not staying on the spot okay I'm jumping forward extends with the ready hey bring that all together one more time there to give yourself man wonderful treat Matz thank you let's go typing Magnus try to lock you know we want to do something to make the opponent front kick so we're going to capsulize fix the one one example here would be okay under the gun bang I take the shot Oh once again I bring the knee up I'm trapping him okay bang it seems that leg goes down okay you back in okay the knee comes up we can do both sides two minutes that's technique if you think again we're trying to make this a bit more exact same thing when he comes up bang they keep it tight with a back kick make this exactly the same is that knee up okay what I'm doing is I'm spinning first okay I'm going to spin this in the up that's a target bang keeping tight okay once your tip you back you gave your arms are all over the place of it the kick you come anywhere thank you if your arms are nice and break to your body okay and the Big Bang it should be straight every time keep it nice and tight keep the leg nice and tight to the other leg and it should be perfect every time if your body's all over the place not a pipe okay right

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  1. In my option tooo complicated 4 this fighters ! And next : is not mean someone is worldclass and be also good trainer !

    Trainer is something different and self fight is something else

  2. Awesome Aaron cook come my taekwondo school World championship taekwondo in Florida and please come train with high octane

  3. существуют еще видео занятия по тхэквондо этого тренера?

  4. Asu esta piolasa el primer ejercicio , yo apenas muevo las rodillas , pero voy a practicar esos ejercicios :D. Buen vídeo un like merece ya seria 197 😉

  5. WTF style is a joke. Are those little hopping kicks supposed to scare or hurt anyone? There is absolutely no power at all in those kicks.

  6. omg I hate schools like this.It looks like a romper room cluster fuck of kids.I have a problem with a child at a very young age with a black belt.The child's mind and body aren't fully developed enough and it makes the school and instructor look foolish.I always see it as daycare sessions that churn out black belts as long as they get paid.If I offend anyone then sorry it's just my opinion.

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