49 Replies to “Team-M Taekwondo: 360, 540, 600, 720, & back-flip”

  1. The fact that this is so useless in a real fight that u gonna get fucked before landing a kick. too many exhibition moves in taekwondo that u cant really apply in real situation unless u are fighting with a really drunk guy or a blind guy… Having taekwondo skills is just to brag about your cool spinning kicks and high head kicks…

  2. Like half of those kicks are useless just work your spinning wheel kick and spinning back kick to perfection and you’ll be good

  3. i think that a lot of kicks in tkd are extremely versatile. however, i dont believe anything over 540 spin is actually effective. b/c although it looks hella cooler, ur much slower in delivering the kick, and ur opponent prolly won't wait for u.

  4. How do I get a cheat 7 to look like that? I do tricking and the way I was taught 7’s makes mine look more upright and just a twist with a random kick at the end.

  5. Парням только мух убивать,точно хлопушки:))) Двоечка в челюсть и все вашмй оуу,пза,кия в урну!!! Как спорт хорошмй вид,как боевое искусство ТУФТА!!!

  6. 좀더 실전성이 강해지길 바랍니다 무술은 보여주기 위한 것이 아니잖아요

  7. 360 and 540 kicks are practical but above that is only for demo not good for sparring because in sparring time matters ! 👍

  8. I find it hard practicing this coz I felt dizzy after doing it 3 times, and the dizziness makes my balance lose 🙁

  9. Others: they are actually good at doing it
    Me: how does the girl keep her glasses stay in its place

  10. I have been to some taekwondo classes but none of them were doing all this backflips and fancy kicks….

  11. That's why when Joe Rogan and other use the term baddest men on the planet when referring to UFC it makes me sick! They are just the best competing in the UFC, most of the baddest dudes in the world wouldn't even compete in the UFC they would think it's a joke too many rules, and with rules and a ref you'll never really know who's the best in martial art!!!

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