Temporary Sheep Fencing With Jack Kyle at Breezy Ridge Farm

Temporary Sheep Fencing With Jack Kyle at Breezy Ridge Farm

hi I'm Jack Kyle provincial greasier specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and food I've been working in the grazing field in the grazing area for the last ten years since the provincial grazer specialist and have focused on grazing and pasture management on Ontario farms this is going to be a series of videos showcasing some of the ways that you can manage pasture to make it profitable and enjoyable in your farming operation one of the key components of good grazing system is to have a fencing system that allows you to provide the appropriate amount of forage for a 1 to 3 day grazing period livestock that are trained to an electric fence and have become accustomed to frequent moves can be easily fenced with temporary fence for individual products touching an electric fence should be a once in a lifetime experience the fence is a psychological barrier rather than a physical barrier and a good pasture manager is going to keep a strong charge on the fence a poly reel with two wires works well and is easy to set up if the pasture is taller than the wire Heights it may be necessary to cut or clear a path to set up the fence once the poly wire has been strung between the two perimeter fences then returned along the wire and insert posts at appropriate distances to give good stability to the wire when you have the fence in place and powered you can open the gate and the sheep will very quickly move into the new product you will find that they tend to move to the far end of the product to check where the fences are and to determine their boundaries it is advisable to set up the next fence when you move the sheep they get used to moving and will be anxious if they have to watch you setting up the fence before they get to move to a fresh pasture this will require an extra poly reel but will be very beneficial you

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  1. Never seen the two wires one reel trick before. Genius idea. Though I wonder if it would hold back some of the more rustic breeds of sheep. Might use it for calves though!

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