Tennis vs Softball with Vasek Pospisil & Haylie McCleney | Sports Swap Challenge

Tennis vs Softball with Vasek Pospisil & Haylie McCleney | Sports Swap Challenge

35 Replies to “Tennis vs Softball with Vasek Pospisil & Haylie McCleney | Sports Swap Challenge”

  1. A power baseball pitcher would be good at serving. All that rotation and the placement where its hit is like a good fastball.

  2. They could instantly make softball twice as interesting to the majority of a population if they'd change it's name to something cooler…hardball maybe? 😀

  3. Ok…. So she is trying to hit a pro serve from a man and then with the softball she just lobs the ball in with barely any speed….

  4. I suppose it was an amusing interchange. A male baseball homerun hitter can paste a ball almost 500 ft.
    The truth is…a 130 mph serve loses 1/2 it's speed by the time it reaches the opposite baseline (which is about the same as the baseball)…because of the bounce. The hard part is being in the right place to return it.
    Baseball requires more hand eye coordination. The difference between a homerun and an infield fly is 1/4 inch on the bat. The swing plane takes care of the problem of meeting a pitch…hopefully…lol.
    I play both tennis and baseball. The difference between a 2 handed backhand from a tennis player and a 2 handed hit from a baseball player…is the baseball player is hitting off their GOOD side. I happen to be ambidextrous so I swing with good hip rotation off of both sides.
    My golf maximum swing speed RIGHT handed was 140 mph…my left handed pitch over 90 mph. I was a bit younger then. I've also cracked tennis serves on the wall and made the ball stick for 30 seconds…left handed.
    Tennis players do work on their opposite side rotation with medicine balls…for myself I like practicing pitching underhanded and overhanded off the opposite side. If you can throw a baseball (or tennis ball) hard off of your wrong side then your hip rotation speed is probably good. The problem with only throwing the medicine ball is it works the abdominals more than the hip speed.
    As for returning a professional tennis players serve…yes anticipation and being able to read direction right off the opponents racquet is key. Tennis players are usually more wiry. Keeping the weight down is important. Baseball players go for lots of muscle.
    Jim Courier actually used more of a baseball grip on his backhand. I find it is a strong grip and is easier to rip a shot…of course topspin is the key difference in tennis. You have to keep the ball in play.
    Practicing doing forehands off of both sides (with good power) also helps speed up hip rotation.
    What separates the best tennis players from the average…not the serve…Nadal doesn't serve much more than 120 mph…slow by a hard servers standard…in fact many women can serve that hard (not as much spin though).
    Just simply getting to the shot is the most important thing in tennis…that means footspeed and agility. That's why women can compete in mixed doubles with men…but playing singles they would usually have a hard time getting to a pro caliber men's shots. An Olympic female sprinter would be a good choice to train as a tennis player to compete with men.

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