6 Replies to “Test: brand new Bearpaw Hopi Recurve Bow”

  1. Like your bows reviews, there are precious few good bow review vids out there. Question, when you say you dont like these kind of bows what do you mean? Field recurve bows?

  2. hey dude I wrote a comment on this page on 2nd august. I have a brand new one of a kind bodnik super hybrid ghost recurve which is one of the best of not the best trade hunting bow out there and this super hybrid was named super ghost by henry bodnik himself and its stated on the bow. so see my comment of august 2nd here for full details and let me know if u are interested in buying this masterpiece. in this video he is calling the bow hybrid just cause of the addition of stability core. my super ghost has stability core + 2 layers of bamboo + 2 layers of carbon + 2 layers of bodnik speed tuff glass and outside curly birch and even tho its 45/lbs @28 still it can easily be pulled up to 32 without stacking and at 30 pull the poundage increases to 50/as confirmed by henry himself and he literally said this is one of the best and most powerful bow I have ever made. so of u wanna buy then I m on gmail and user I'd is himanshuyadav725. drop me an email and I will send u pics. oh and it comes with all accessories and arrows and extra whisper string +/2 sets of silencers and a few other things + u get a 30 year bodnik replacement guarantee as well. so if u or anybody else is interested to buy this brand new beast then let me know.

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