Testing 5 Spy Escape Tools

Testing 5 Spy Escape Tools

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>>This episode of The Modern Rogue ( caption revisions in progress )
brought to you by privacy.com.>>Go to privacy.com/rogue and get $5 cash to spend on scam stuff!>>Heck yeah, man! We like it when you give us my $5! That’s pretty good!
>>Yeah!>>Privacy.com/rogue.>>Man, growing up, I
thought that getting tied up was going to be a much
bigger part of my adult life.>>You grew up very fast, and
I’m not entirely comfortable with this line of conversation.>>Have you ever been
tied up against your will or bound against your will?>>See, again–
>>Actually?>>Look, you’re breaking the fantasy when you say against your will because–>>You weren’t in Cub Scouts, were you?>>Consent is important, all right? Look, you have to create a contract and then you establish the safe word, and then that’s where
the excitement comes from because you genuinely can’t get out and it’s only when they have cont… All right, Jason Murphy. Let’s keep this short and sweet. We’ve been kidnapped, doesn’t matter why, not your business what
gambling debts we have. The important part is that we want to put, what, spy tools to the test on this?>>Absolutely. We want to see if these
are actually effective and how effective they are at
escaping some common binds.>>Yeah, okay. So these are all things that you can find over at scamstuff.com. [rock music]>>Now, you choose how you are bound, sir.
[Bryan sighs] Zips or tape?>>I’ll–
>>Just kidding. You get tape.>>Well, I wanted zips, that’s fine.>>You know how much of
a mess I make with tape.>>Oh, that’s right. You don’t like tape.>>Maybe you should bind me.>>Wait, how tape works? You don’t know how tape works?>>Here, you bind me with the tape.>>Okay, all right, all right. [Jason hums] There you go. We’ll keep it easy.>>Okay.
>>There we go. Just imagine that times a lot. You want the nickel knife
or the 50 cent covert knife?>>Come on.>>They’re both knives
that are hidden as money.>>But clearly, one of them is
more effective than the other because it’s 45 cents more.>>Yes, but also more suspicious. You don’t think that
they’re going to steal. Nobody’s going to look at a nickel and say, oh, I need that nickel. Let me take that, sir. But if you take 50 cents, they’re like, that’s
halfway to a soft taco, and then they’re going to take it.>>You’re right.>>So you wouldn’t want this one.>>Taco money fuels most
kidnappers’ decisions.>>All right, here we go. So you got the nickel knife. This is a knife hidden inside a nickel.>>What?
>>Yes. And see if you can
figure out how to use it.>>I can’t even get it open. Is there a switch? I see that there’s. Ah, ah, ah!
>>Ah!>>God, don’t reset the
injury counter, Jason. [Brian laughs] Not with this.>>And it’s really close to your wrists! All of a sudden the stakes
just went way up! [laughs] Do you have this?>>I don’t know, man. Okay, so I got to somehow
get this blade right here, tiny little blade.>>I tell you, I think
the knee thing might work. You got to get that tight. [gasps] Is it working?>>No.>>But I hear the–>>Yeah, that was all me.
>>That was your strength?>>Yeah.>>Try the teeth. [country rock music] Ooh!
>>How sharp is it? It’s in my mouth.>>It’s a blade! [country rock music] How’s that feel?>>Like it’s not working.>>You wedged it in here.>>Jason: Okay, yeah.>>Be so careful.>>Jason: I am.>>Brian: Ooh, whoa!>>Yeah, I know, it’s
not wedged in enough.>>In my mind, I would imagine it going to go chip, chip, chip.>>I can’t quite reach.>>You just have to assume that you have a friend who can help. Ooh, now I’m the one stabbing. There you go.>>Okay.>>It certainly cuts very, very easy.>>Yes, it’s good! It’s good.>>It’s just if it’s on your wrist, you got to figure out–
>>Okay, maybe that’s good!>>Okay, hey, yeah, yeah, yeah! [both cheering] Success! Success!>>Yeah. No, that’s very sharp. I think there are
probably maybe easier ways to get out of it but if you’ve got that and you’re not worried
about cutting yourself and you’re actually in a situation where you’re held captive, you’re probably going to go
to town with that, right?>>Yup, better that than nothing. Okay, zip tie me up. Zip tie me up.
>>Okay. [zip tie clattering] Okay, good?
>>Yeah. There’s a knife built into my belt. They refused me entrance
to Disneyland at VidCon.>>This is a trick, isn’t it?>>Because no. Oh, you did it very tight.>>Are we going to educate this?>>This was a mistake. [Jason laughs] Wow! Having your hands bound
really makes a problem. This is going to have to be
another two-person operation.>>Okay.>>Remove my belt. [laughs] I swear, I’m sorry!>>You did this on purpose!>>Okay, all right, all
right, all right, all right. [Brian mumbling] Okay, there we go. There we go, okay?>>Okay.
>>And then [grunts].>>Is there a way for you to get it?>>I don’t know that there is. This is way harder to do on
yourself than you would think.>>Please be careful. [laughs]>>I know, right? It’s a two-person operation. Oh dear, hold on.>>I’m just going to hold it still.>>Okay, you hold it still. Okay, yeah, yeah, hold it very still. [Brian grunting] [zip tie clicking]
Okay. [Brian grunts] It was more nerve-racking than I expected.>>It was very nerve racking.>>Wow! None of these are easy.>>Yeah. Even if you have the devices on you, you still got to be able to use ’em. Let’s say your legs and
your wrists are bound.>>Oh, you wouldn’t be
able to get your legs.>>Easily.
>>And then run away.>>Exactly, yeah. Getting your wrists out
of there, not real good.>>Okay, this one, there’s
no way a single person can get this. [rock music] This is the nickel escape saw.>>Ah!
>>It is a saw filament that is wrapped around and
disguised as two nickels.>>Oh!
>>So it’s really, really fun but I don’t know how practical
it will be for escape. Your goal is to pull off the gasket, loop around the filament,
twist it on there, get the filament on the other
one twisted around there, and now you have two here.
>>So you’ve got two hands.>>But the problem is
you’re going to be bound. Although, I will say for the legs, you’ll be able to saw right through it and the good news is at that point, you could saw through
the bars of the prison or the chain link fence that you’re in. I feel like there’s no way
you’re going to be able to do it. I’m going to bind your feet.
>>Okay. Okay, because we’ve established that I can’t really do anything with these with my hands bound.>>Okay, so here.
>>So we can go ahead and skip past that.>>All right, here. Feet together. [Brian grunting]
[tape clattering] There we go. So let’s say you’re able
to get your hands free, you’re able to access your pockets, you got these two nickels, and let’s see if you can figure out how to put it all together.>>Well, I’m going to say
right now, probably no.>>Just peel off that gasket, the gasket is what locks everything in. It really does feel like
some James Bond stuff, dude. There it is, there it is.
>>I see.>>There it is, there it is! Now, [grunts].
>>Ooh!>>There’s your filament.
>>Oh!>>Now, undo the thing. Undo the thing. Pull it all the way out, all
the way out, all the way out.>>Jason: Oh, oh, oh!>>Brian: And there’s a hook at the end.>>Jason: Yeah!>>Okay, hold on, don’t tie a knot.>>Let’s make sure that that’s–>>There you go. This is hopefully of in a scenario of a person helping you with all this. You’ll loop this and twist it. So here, I’m going to make a little loop.>>Jason: Oh, I see.>>Right? And then once it’s in there, just twist it around, twist it around, and pinch it in the
middle so that it gets, there you go, nice and
tight, tight, tight, tight. Yeah!>>I see.
>>Okay? That’s some straight up
James Bond stuff, right?>>Yeah, yeah. That’s good. Turn around.>>Nope, nope! [laughs] Feet out, feet out. Put it down in between. I was thinking from the
back but that’s even better. Okay, okay, wait, wait. Slow and steady will cut. There you go, that’s great! Keep going, keep going. [smooth jazz music] Do you hear it sawing through?>>Jason: Yeah!>>Don’t overdo it, don’t
overdo it, ’cause it’ll snap. It’s real brittle. If you’re behind a chain link fence, it’s just going to take a really long time and you’re going to take it easy.>>Yeah. You could eventually just
chew right through it.>>This pivoting your
doing is going to break it.>>Oh!
>>So keep it like that.>>Okay.>>Brian: There you go. [smooth jazz music]>>Jason: Welcome to our ASMR channel.>>Brian: [laughs]
You’re back to pivoting.>>Both: Oh!>>There you go, but it worked! It worked!>>And it tore right through my jeans!>>Oh, goddammit!
[Jason laughs] It sure did! That’s two pairs down.>>No, this is the same pair!>>The same jeans because they have the
holes from the explosion! [Jason laughs] These are legendary jeans! [flash bang explodes]>>Oh!
>>Jesus Christ!>>Man: They’re vintage now. You can sew ’em.
>>That’s right!>>Man: Let’s keep ’em for another year.>>Jason: Distressed. [man laughs]
It’ll be a Patreon pair.>>All right, last tool we got to try. [rock music] This is one of my all-time favorites. This is The Rogue’s Ring. Now, theoretically, there
are two ways to use it when it come to zip ties. One is to use it as a shim to poke through that little tooth part and then slide it open.>>Oh, okay.
>>And then the other is it has a serrated
edge to just cut through but the best part is the entire thing is hidden in this titanium ring. So you can see on the outside, there are a bunch of symbols
for Scam’s cool tricks, so if you’re trying to think of what a good Scam’s cool
trick is, that’s there. But the idea is nobody’s going
to pull a ring off of you as they put you in zip ties
so I guess zip tie me up.>>All right. [zip tie clattering]>>Yeah, there you go, that’s–>>Good?
>>Sure. Let’s say you’re a generous
and kind kidnapper.>>That’s what they say about me.>>The nice thing is unlike the
belt which is hard to get to or unlike your pocket
which is hard to get to, your fingers are already here so you’re able to pull off the ring and then you’re able to
pull out the escape tool. This is the exact width to shim both police-issued
handcuffs and also zip ties. But in this case, we’re just
going to use that serrated edge.>>Just to cut through.>>Yeah.>>If you can get to it.>>Ooh yeah, you’re not kidding. That is tough. [smooth jazz music]>>Yeah, I think it’s too flimsy for you to really hold against the band. [smooth jazz music]
[zip tie clattering]>>I think it’s slow progress
but it’s definitely happening. Unlike the straight blade, straight blade just screams
like I’m about to cut myself. whereas the saw blade, I
feel very comfortable–>>Way safer.
>>The worst thing I’m going to do is abrade myself a bit. [smooth jazz music]
[zip tie clattering] All right, so it’s halfway down, I feel like I can brute
force it the rest of the way. But pretty clearly if I kept on going, we were going to make it.
>>You were going to make it through, yeah. It’s just time-consuming.>>Oh!>>Got it! Yeah! [laughs]>>All of the bladed solutions
made me very nervous. Whether it was on the
zip ties or on the tape, everything from the belt,
to to the nickel saw, that seemed like just
waiting to slice open a vein.>>Yes, but again, if
you’re in a situation where you’re legitimately
held captive by someone, you’re not really going to worry about a lot of little cuts to your hands.>>You’re going to take
what you could get. But meanwhile, man, that saw, both of the saws, whether
it’s on the leg restraints or being able to escape
through the bars of the door, this seemed really safe and effective. And same on this. The only thing is it’s
a real pain in the butt to make it work when your hands are bound.>>If you can get one of these to work, what you have to consider is that you also have a
weapon once you’re free.>>Oh yeah. No, that could slice a throat, for sure.>>Yeah. You’re not going to do much with this.>>Yeah, kind of like a rock.>>[laughs] Kind of. I’m going to go with this one
because it’s novel, it’s cool, and with a little bit of
precision and patience, you can get this to work.>>Yeah, I think I’m too big of a fan of the social and visibility. There’s something sacred
about a wedding ring, and it doesn’t seem like
somebody would take it off. Plus, it keeps the weapon or the tool exactly where you need it. Plus also, this is the only one we were able to make work on our wrists.>>That’s a good point.>>Dude, I can’t decide. I can’t decide my favorite
part about privacy.com.>>Okay.>>Well, ’cause I start to
think it’s about the fact that they protect all my information and they don’t sell it to other people unlike every other card out there. And then I realized there’s that button that’s in my Chrome browser. You press the button and
all of a sudden, boom! One-time burner for
any amount that I want. I’m able to sign up for free trials, and when they try to rerun it, guess what? It doesn’t work anymore.>>You know how terrified I am of everything on the internet.>>Yeah!>>It’s out to get me,
they’re out to eat my flesh and pick the meat from my bones and I don’t want to let ’em do that. Privacy protects me because every time I try to order something for this show, that maybe is from a questionable site, I don’t want to give them
my actual information, so I generate a burner card.>>Love it.
>>Do it that way.>>And you don’t even kids! ‘Cause I need the sparkly
emoji icon to the 12th degree, and this one’s only to the 11th degree. You can with confidence
say, here is your card, you can spend $1.98 on it.>>Oh, I bet that’s really helpful! That’s a good way to
manage your own finances to say, okay, this is my
entertainment budget for the month, I’ve got 50 bucks, once it’s
gone, I got to stay home.>>Yeah, you’re minting
your own debit card.>>That’s right! And if you go to privacy.com/rogue now, you’re going to get $5
to spend on scam stuff!>>Yeah, okay, look. When you run a website
called scamstuff.com, everybody’s going to
be a little suspicious. Guess what? How about you create a burner card that’ll make you feel better and you’ll get $5 cash to
spend on any of the stuff that you saw in this exact episode!>>Privacy.com/rogue. Check it out! Be safe! Get free money!>>And then give it to us.>>And then give it to us. And it tore right through my jeans!>>Oh, goddammit! It sure did!
[Jason laughs] That’s two pairs down.>>No, this is the same pair!>>The same jeans because they have the holes from the explosion! These are legendary jeans! [gasps] You have to sell
these jeans for so much money.>>These were my favorite jeans.>>They’re now my favorite jeans! [Jason laughs]

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  4. One nickel in your teeth, one between your knees. Move your arms to saw.
    Edit: This is for the third technique they showed.

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  6. Get one of your crew to zip tie both of you, duct tape your legs and your mouth then place you in a room and see how you can work together to escape using the tools.

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    Also replacing your shoe laces with 550 paracord is a good idea. It works as a friction saw. Unlace your shoe, tie a loop around the toe of your foot, throw the cord over the zip tie or duct tape on your hands, and then loop the other end to your other foot. Then you basically make peddling motions to drag the paracord across the restraints. It will eat right through them.

  12. For both duct tape and zip ties on your wrists, there's something you can do that doesn't require a tool. If your arms are otherwise free, extend them, and bring your wrists toward your chest hard. With enough force, you can break the bond.

    And yes, I understand this is not within the scope of the video. This is not a comment to tell you you're wrong. Just something to keep in mind if you're considering another video of ways to escape, perhaps when you've been totally stripped of anything that might be a tool.

  13. I'd have to imagine with that saw if you held one side between your knees and the other in your mouth you could cut through your wrist bindings pretty easily

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    Always steady whatever you cut with your free hand when it is safe to do so to avoid blade slippage, especially when so close to someone's wrists

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  19. I feel like tying one side of the saw coin to a belt loop and holding the other side in your mouth might have worked on wrist binds.

  20. With the coin saw if you wrap the filament around your foot and loop it on your wrist binding you can cut the binding by pushong with your feet like a bicycle

  21. Realistic problem: My buddy thinks it's a good luck charm to wedge a nickel in to the treads of the spare tire on my Wrangler… It gets stolen before it's been in there a week… you think the bad guys are not going to steal a nickel out of your pocket??? Bro regular people steal a nickel off my car every week. Super badass ninjas are absolutely going to take that nickel.

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  24. If you guys want actually GOOD advice on this sort of thing, contact Ed Calderon of Eds Manifesto. He's a former Federale who does seminars on this stuff and he's in Texas fairly often anyway.

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  36. I find that using your teeth works well especially with the duck tape. The zip ties are a pain but it is possible to break smaller ones with a knee or chest. Larger zip ties will need a knife

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  38. It’s very easy to scape from zip ties. Thrust your elbows against your chest/rib cage, and the force will destroy the lock part of a zip tie

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  40. I don't mean to be a pessimist, but in about 90% of scenarios excluding maybe being hostage in like a bank heist where they're focused on bigger things, I garentee 100% of these will be taken from you.

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