Thailand Street Food – HORSESHOE CRAB EGGS

Thailand Street Food – HORSESHOE CRAB EGGS

33 Replies to “Thailand Street Food – HORSESHOE CRAB EGGS”

  1. Nasty mother effers will throw anything in their mouth and I'm talking about the people that eat this crap

  2. horseshoe crab:im hunt to all human

    human:horseshoe crab..??let's eat..

    horseshoe crab:DUDE!..IM JOKING IM JOKING..!

  3. they are rare? and these dumbies are eating the eggs? what makes more? show some restraint please!

  4. …é MUITO nojento 😲😲😲
    só faltam comer uns aos outros,😤TUDO eles dão um jeito de comer😠

  5. ร้านอยู่ไหนคะ อยากลองกิน

  6. Thai food is most easiest way to cook. Especially seafood. They just boil. Or just grill. Or boil+grill.
    This is not Okinawa culture of work with product before and after cooking.
    Thai people are veary easy going with cooking.

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