The 10 Scariest Moments In Sports

The 10 Scariest Moments In Sports

sports are supposed to be about fun and entertainment nothing more of course many of us fans you sports its life we often think of it as the most important thing but sadly some moments in sports have been so horrific that we come to realize how fragile human life is i'm Daquan young and today we present the 10 scariest moments in sports and a big shout-out to rock source for suggesting this video we'd also like to warn that these videos of horrific injuries blood and even death viewer discretion is strongly advised number 10 Alex Cobbs liner to the head Timlin Bay Rays pitcher Alex Cobb was on the mound in the June 2013 game against the Kansas City woods facing batter Eric Hosmer Cobb suffered a concussion and cut on his ear after being hit in the head by a line drive cop had to get stretched it off but was thankfully ok and employ disappear angels number 9 malice at the palace the Detroit Pistons in Indiana Pacers faced off in RB Hills on November 19 2004 Pistons star Ben Wallace got into it with pacer standout Ryan our test but that was only the beginning then Wallace was found and Wallace – all right on our test this has the touch while our subset players try to hold each other Stephen Jackson Archie Wallace trying to be P smack about Jackson yelling while I was still going you need to say threw a drink in our test and a huge braless soup involving both players and sands the scorer's table and is trying to get down to the bag our testers in the span well this is uncle Pat you can captain to the fans what she was going into stairs the security tryna somehow restore my plans was to spend it but none got it worse than our test he was suspended for 86 games and lost nearly 5 million in salary number 8 Yuri Fisher collapses Fischer's Detroit Red Wings hosted the Nashville Predators at Joe Louis Arena on November 21st 2005 we certainly wish it was only a hockey game that took place at the Joe but horrific incident took place at state while on the bench Fisher collects unexpected Sullivan what's going on over at the red weed bench something's happened over there nobody [Applause] they're yelling for a medic immediately we're trying to get doctors stretchers somebody down this is not going into cardiac arrest but he was resuscitated by doctors and was taken to the hospital it was a stick or a parkour that's a scary scene the game was canceled immediately and fisherboy to take any second chances which hopes to retire the team physician theorized that a racing heartbeat or unorganized cardiac rhythm led to fisher collapse thankfully he survived Ezard man closed with the Red Wings organization six number seven Fabrice Muamba collapses Fabrice Muamba was living the dream born in Zaire he dedicated his life to soccer enjoying Arsenal in 2005 mwamba joined the Bolton Wanderers in 2008 he plays for five years during a March 2012 game he unexpectedly went into cardiac arrest is thus our fans lived on in some distress as well Wawa's hearted to stop 78 minutes but we fully recovered and survived the horrendous event they retired shortly efforts number 6 Richard Zednik cut by scape during the 2008 game between Z&X Florida Panthers and the Buffalo Sabres the hockey injury all players fear actually happened you know what though is that it's his neck but they've got a towel on his neck Davis and they'll be the trainer their zednik tripped over sabers for Clark McArthur and was accidentally cut by a teammate skate in the nail said Nick lost five units of blood but his artery wasn't severed which prevented him from suffering a potential fatal injury he missed the remainder of the season but came back from the Oh 809 campaign number five Kevin Ware's broken leg where lad Louisville to the Elite Eight against the Duke Blue Devils during 2013 marks madness but in the first half where landed awkwardly after trying to block the shots with Tyler story there's the shot right there for free he's been a presence from out where his injury became front-page news world wise because of the horribly graphic photos that showed the leg completely snap they are just visibly as a team completely shakedown you saw it on the backside their quote Louisville playing with heavy hearts defeated Duke and routes winning the national championship so at least there was a happy ending from this horrific event number four so thysen spoken it Joe Theismann was on the path to greatness in the NFL he led the Washington Redskins to a Super Bowl championship and won the 1983 NFL MVP but during the game on November 18 1985 Theismann suffered a broken leg being sad sadly the broken leg injury Banda ending his career number three Clint Malarchuk drastic injury Malhar chuck was in net for the Buffalo Sabres and gets the same nose Blues on a March 22nd 1989 game Blues player Steve Tuttle and Sabres defenseman GUI crew went towards the net and crashed into Millar toe [Applause] according to reports two fans had heart attacks from a gruesome sight 11 spectators fainted and multiple players vomited from the horrific scene and we're just thankful he survived number 2 Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash Dale Earnhardt was one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history he was the winner of the 1998 Daytona 500 and 176 Winston Cup races tragically the legend of Dale Earnhardt ended on February 18 2001 at the Daytona 500 Earnhardt the ken Schrader crashed into the wall and former was killed from the horrific collision his cause of death was ruled to be blunt-force trauma to the head but Mr Earnhardt's legacy will live on forever number one the Hillsborough disaster on April 15 1989 Liverpool in 1910 Forrest faced off at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield England sadly the game was barely remembered itself to this day was remembered as one of the most tragic moments of human disease 96 people were killed 766 he was initially police thought it was a pitch invasion but soon people were collapsing on both sides of the fence ambulance volunteer climbed over the fence onto the terrace by then either had already died and were dying at the back in front of the pen supporters were trampled in the desperation others try to get out however they could then at 16 minutes without a doubt when the scariest moments in human history what's sad is how would you ever expect that to happen some aside what do you think is the scariest sports moment up join us in the comments below if you liked this video and learned a thing or two clicking the like button helps us out a ton and we truly appreciate if this is your first time coming around the total cross course though subscribing it's a great idea cuz we put out videos like this every single day but as always thanks for watching and we'll see you guys next time you

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  2. The scariest moments are when the patriots lose the super bowl to the underdogs… its scary because the Eagles did it…

  3. Geoffrey bodine's 2000 NASCAR truck series crash at Daytona. I thought he died instantly just by the horrific nature of the crash

  4. Had tickets to the Richard Zednik gave gave them to a friend it happened and that the tickets were in the 300 section right looking down on the side neck Cut Throat and if you don't have Clint malarchuk 6 Cutthroat incident on this it's a disgrace

  5. Last year someone on our schools softball team was hit directly in the face by the ball and there was blood all over the place cause his two front teeth were Hit back I still remember him walking with blood coming out of his mouth it looked really scary…

  6. I bey Clint is on this list before I watch….*shudder*

    edit: yeet i was right

  7. The Kevin ware injury was the worst one my dad went to and lived in Louisville we were watching it and the disaster struck with terrible leg injury!

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