The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Is a Gorgeous Sport Sedan

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Is a Gorgeous Sport Sedan

this is a 2019 mercedes-benz CLS and it's gorgeous it's also a more thrilling more exciting less predictable alternative to the mercedes-benz e-class sedan and it's just been fully redesigned for the 2019 model year today I'm gonna check it out I've borrowed this CLS from Fletcher Jones mercedes-benz here in Newport Beach California Fletcher Jones is the largest mercedes-benz dealership in North America and they always get the best the coolest and the first of everything the CLS has just gone on sale and of course Fletcher Jones already has this one before I get into the specifics of this car a little background mercedes-benz calls the new CLS the third generation of the original and that's very true the CLS first went on sale back in 2006 and it basically started the trend of sedans that were a little more exciting a little more thrilling a little more special and bolder styled than your traditional normal sedans that had been around for a while like the e-class a trend continues today with cars like the BMW 4 and 6 Series Gran Coupe the Porsche Panamera the Audi a5 Sportback and the a7 and Mercedes own CLA which is sort of like an entry-level version of this car this particular CLS is a CLS 450 which technically makes this car the base model although it still starts at around $70,000 which makes it about $17,000 more expensive than a base model eClass sedan part of the reason for that is that a base level II class uses a 241 horsepower turbo four-cylinder but the CLS 450 uses a turbo v6 with 362 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque the sticker price on this CLS 450 Edition one is around $85,000 because this car is pretty well equipped so today I'm going to take you on a tour of this car and I'm going to show you all of the interesting quirks cool features of Mercedes latest sedan although mercedes-benz insists that this car is a four-door coupe whatever anyway then I'm gonna get it out on the road and drive it and then I'm going to give it a dug score and for more of my thoughts on the new CLS click the link below to visit slash oversteer where i've also rounded up a list of the best-preserved 1990s Mercedes models currently listed for sale on auto trader now I'm going to start under the hood where there are a couple of interesting quirks with the CLS including one of my favorite things I've ever seen on an engine cover there's this giant script on there that says 6-cylinder as if it's bragging now that may be bragging for some cars but from a company that makes several twelve cylinder vehicles printing six cylinder on there like a big advertisement for this engine is kind of hilarious to see it would probably be better if they hadn't put anything on there at all one other interesting item under the hood you can see there's a little spot where you can access the positive battery terminal but rather than some flimsy plastic piece you have to pull off or rather than an expose terminal it's this little plastic slighty thing you slide it and then you have access never seen that before but kind of interesting our next interesting item is up front it has to do with the badging in the front of the car a couple of interesting things about that badging one is the fact that if you look closely at the mercedes-benz badge you'll notice that it doesn't have sort of the ridges that a traditional mercedes-benz badge has that's because Mercedes integrates the radar system for the cruise control into the badge now the downside is you don't get the traditional badge but the upside is you don't have some ugly radar cruise module right here instead it's just hidden in the emblem and most people probably won't even notice that it's different one weird item though because they have to have the radar module here they have to have a mercedes-benz logo here but they also have one here and so the result is there are two mercedes-benz logos on the front of this car directly next to each other which is kind of odd several new mercedes-benz models have this and no one else does imagine if this suburban had a Chevy bowtie right above its other Chevy bowtie and that would be strange but Mercedes does it next we move on to the headlights which is one area where the CLS has always dramatically differentiated itself from the more traditional looking eClass you can see that still true of the new generation the headlights in the new CLS are very cool and the turn signals look very cool when they're on it's a much more aggressive bolder look than a normal mid-size luxury sedan next I'm moving around to the back of the CLS I want to continue with the theme of the lights for a second specifically the fact that if you look into the rear light housings you will see this substance that looks like glitter I'm not sure why it's there or what function it serves but it's really cool and if you ever have the chance to look into the taillights of a new CLS and a few other modern Mercedes models you'll see it it is kind of cool-looking a couple of other interesting things around the rear of the CLS one is the fact that if you take a look at the back you'll notice that there is no visible back up camera now in the GL II coupe the backup camera comes out of the mercedes-benz emblem it flips up and it reveals the camera so you're probably thinking well that's what happens here – no in fact it isn't the backup camera is actually underneath this little line above the license plate instead the mercedes-benz emblem has a different purpose you push it and the trunk opens up that allows mercedes-benz to keep the rear free of an ugly trunk popper thing and instead they just integrated into the rear mercedes-benz logo and it makes the back of the car look cleaner and next up since we're in the trunk there are a couple of interesting items worth noting in here one is the fact that this car has a grocery bag holder a lot of cars have them plastic grocery bag holders in the trunk the strange thing about this car is it has a fabrica loop in order to pull down the plastic grocery bag holder why not just have the plastic grocery bag holder do you really need to spend the money on that fabric loop one other interesting item back here in the trunk there are these little plastic latches at the top of the trunk one of those do well they unlatch the rear seats that way if you're loading something big back here and you don't want to have to go all the way around to the back seats to fold them down you can unlatch them from the trunk which saves you time that's actually a pretty good feature that I wish more sedans had won in kind of disappointing item back here is this rear license plate area now if you take a look at a picture of a CLS from Europe you'll notice that this whole assembly is removed and instead the license plate is just inserted in here but on the US cars this whole extra assembly goes in and this becomes the furthest rear point in the car I suspect because the US government requires slightly more bumper impact regulations than in Europe and so they stick this on as sort of a bumper supplement but the result is it kind of diminishes the look in the back of this car this added license plate assembly piece next up we move on to the front fender of the CLS where you will notice a badge that says on it edition one so what exactly does this mean well on some mercedes-benz models when they first come out mercedes-benz releases an edition one to commemorate that it's like the first of that particular model and so this is an edition one version of the new CLS you will also see that same badge printed on the floor mat and in my personal favorite spot on the lid for the center console so you can tell your passengers yeah I got an edition one and I'll be like what is that now the Edition one package for this car is a $6,000 option and most of the stuff is cosmetic it does make the car look nicer but I will say it includes a gorgeous seating package that includes this brown trim on these perforated black leather seats absolutely beautiful but really it's just a way to make a fully optioned version of a new model since people who buy the new model right when it comes out are generally more likely to spend a little bit more in order to have the first one next up we move on to the interior of the new CLS but there are quite a few interesting quirks and features I'm gonna start in the center console I love how the center console in this car opens you push one button and then both flaps of the center console open together at the same time like the secret service opening a double door for the president mr. president your center console is ready the other center storage area is further forward the one that says addition one on it one interesting thing in there is the fact that the ashtray is just a little plastic thing that they have in the cupholder it has the mercedes-benz logo on it open it up and you can put your ashes for your cigarettes in there cigarettes have become such a non thing in cars these days that that's their solution they don't even bother integrating an ashtray anymore it's just a little plastic component they give you in a cup holder also in that little forward storage area hidden in there there is a little key slot so if you get in the car and you don't have anywhere to put the key you can just tuck it safely in there now next up we move on to the steering wheel now I have a 2012 Mercedes Benz and one of the things that I have always complained about with my steering wheel is the fact that there is no next track button for this stereo they have basically everything else in the steering wheel but you have to reach into the center console to change the stereo track now this car uses the next generation of mercedes-benz steering wheel so I figured they will finally integrate a next track button but guess what and they haven't this steering wheel has 14 buttons to track pads and a dial and it still doesn't give you the option to quickly change the stereo track from the steering wheel and it is just ridiculous in my opinion now you may be wondering what exactly is a track pad on a steering wheel well it's actually kind of interesting the one over on the left you just move it with your thumb and then you can see it Scrolls through various different items in your centre and gauge cluster screen display you can check out your car's mileage your speed your eco nests basically a few different vehicle displays and that's that track pad is for one interesting item with that track pad you can also move it over to the right and then it highlights the dial on the right in blue and then you can scroll through various different displays there you can see for example the navigation map you can see again your eco NIST's you can also see your g-forces and of course this standard Tekamah tur as well so the gauge cluster is very configurable and frankly that's the main benefit of having the gauge cluster be a screen and a lot of people are like why like traditional engages yeah but in this car you can program it to whatever your preference is if you want to see traditional gauges you can do that but if you want the navigation map there instead you can do that too or if you want to see your g-forces that's possible also the screen gives you more options now the touch pad for your thumb over on the right side of the steering wheel it controls the center infotainment screen now I've been through the latest mercedes-benz infotainment system in the new e-class and also in the new G Wagon so I'm going to be brief here and show you only a couple interesting highlights but basic gist is that there is a giant screen here and you can use it to look at a giant navigation map if you'd like to do that or you can program it to look at a bunch of different other things for example the radio obviously one interest and with the radio you can set an alert so that I'll let you know when your favorite song is on a lot of cars do that but in this one you can also set an alert so it'll let you know when your favorite sports team is playing on some channel somewhere now you go into that and you have quite a few options which are all strange now I see NFL NBA and they'll be a get what those are NHL what is cfb college football I guess what is cbk college basketball why not just write out college basketball you have a giant screen why do you have to abbreviate that term and at the bottom you have W cbk is that women's college basketball now when you click the women's college basketball link you are directed to an unbelievable list of teams that you can set an alert for so that you are alerted when their women's college basketball team is on the radio I also like the fact that I'm on the women's college basketball screen and the system takes note of that with the team names UMass for instance is typically the Minutemen but here they're listed as the minute women which is how they nickname their women's to use that is really funny also if you scroll down Oklahoma State is traditionally in a cowboy's but the women's teams are called the cowgirls and the system takes a note of that which is excellent attention to detail now the other interesting thing that this system can do is change your interior ambient lighting colors and you have an unbelievable number of options you have fire red and jungle green and all sorts of other different things and you can make your own colors and blah blah blah no car offers more ambient lighting configurations than this one it also has features called color flash and color mix where I guess it decides what color to give you or it mixes them up or something but basically you can choose just about any ambient lighting color in the interior of this car that suits your preferences that that exact moment now two other interesting items with the giant screen setup one is that you can choose between three different designs your first design is classic and it looks pretty much like most mercedes-benz models if you choose sport it takes a minute to get there but it gives you a rather different and rather sporty-looking screen setup it's kind of a cool thing it's a comprehensive change you can also choose progressive and then you get like a futuristic look in the entire screen setup including the gauge cluster next up one last interesting item in the infotainment system if you go to navigation voice and guidance volume right now it is at 39 but as I adjust it upwards I can only get as high as 48 before it says the volume can only be adjusted in a comfortable range in other words you're only allowed to turn up the navigation voice guidance volume before it becomes too loud and mercedes-benz determines you might go deaf and apparently that level is forty eight one other thing I like about the screen in the CLS is that the screen in its resting position shows another mercedes-benz screen with the mileage at two hundred and twenty thousand three hundred and fifty two where do you think they came up with that number what a random group of numbers to put together on your screen showing a screen next up we move on to the rear of the CLS where there are a couple of interesting items worth noting one is the fact that the CLS now seats five people there are three seats in the back they made this change a few years ago when the CLS first came out back in 2006 there was an uproar you pay more than an eClass but you get a better looking car but it's less practical it doesn't make sense well now you pay more than an eClass you get a better looking car and it has the same practicality at least in terms of seating capacity now with that said I wouldn't necessarily want to be the person in the middle seat it is clearly the afterthought seat it doesn't have the beautiful perforated leather in the brown trim in your feet we'll have to sort of straddle I'd here this middle Center tunnel it is an exactly the most comfortable spot but it's there if you need to carry around three rear seat passengers in a pinch two other interesting items in the back of the CLS one is the fact that there are three different types of outlets back here one of each you have a cigarette liner outlet a USB outlet and then a standard household style power outlet for all of your rear seat power means I also like at the back of the center console here you have these climate vents that you can move around and their range of motion is incredible you can point them directly at the ceiling I don't know why verse ADEs decided to allow that range of motion but if you want to keep the ceiling cool or warm you can do that in the CLS as for rear-seat room it's not so bad despite this cars coupe roofline I fit okay back here both in terms of legroom and Headroom and I would be happy back here for a long drive not something I can say with two-door coupe model and so that's a tour of the new CLS now it's time to get it out on the road and see how it drives alright driving the new CLS now I really like the look of this car and frankly I have since the beginning the early CLS models look very outdated now but I swear at the time it was the coolest thing on the road but I will say there is the new AMG GT sedan coming out in the next six months or so and it makes you wonder what's the point of the CLS anymore with the AMG GT sedan coming out I guess I'll answer that question when I Drive the AMG GTS sedan all right accelerating here acceleration is good for the base model it's especially good and what do you look at this car and you think $85,000 for the base model that's big money even if it's an edition one you know you better have some performance to back that up well I'm happy to report that it does acceleration is not only good but it also Kicks down very quickly and one thing I really like is it it's very responsive which isn't always true of these sixes in the age of turbo charging a lot of these v6 is on paper have the same numbers as v8s from the past but what do you actually drive and they just don't feel as responsive this is one of the few that I feel like it actually does feel that quite as responsive as a v8 with a lot of low torque but not as far off as you might think automakers are getting to that point where they can replicate the experience of a v8 and still get excellent fuel economy the right of this car is very very smooth it is not as athletic as my East III but the driving experience the ride is so much nicer now this car is very quiet very composed despite its appearance they haven't shedded so much luxury that the car becomes untenable um it looks like a really cool angry thrilling car but actually it still drives like a fairly you know nice comfortable car like any class I will say you know I do think this segment is kind of dying SUVs are the new thing this was a really hot segment twelve years ago when this car came out but now there's even coupe SUVs and and the traditional sedan and the coupe sedan they're just not what they once were but a lot of people still want their cars and this is a great one and I've driven the new e-class I've drove an e63 wagon but I've driven regular ones and they're similar but this car looks better it's sporty or it's more exciting and so if you can swing the extra cost this is sort of a pool alternative and so that's the new mercedes-benz CLS this car started the coupe sedan trend more than ten years ago but it's a trend that slowly fading away as SUVs begin to take over the universe so much so that mercedes-benz now sells two different coupe SUVs but if you want a sedan and you want it to be a little more exciting a little more of a standout than your typical c-class or II class or s-class the CLS is a great choice and now it's time to give it a dug score starting with the weekend categories and styling the CLS is nice-looking though no longer wildly better-looking than the e-class now that the latest II class is more attractive than earlier models the CLS gets a 7 out of 10 acceleration does 0 to 60 and 4.8 seconds which gives it a 6 out of 10 handling is nice and secure exactly as expected for a car like this and it gets a 6 out of 10 fun factor is okay this thing the base model it's not as fun as higher level versions but it still gets a six out of ten finally cool factor the new CLS is somewhat cool but not excessively so and it gets a 5 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 30 out of 50 next up for the daily categories and features the CLS is very well equipped he gets an 8 out of 10 Comfort is surprisingly strong and he gets a 7 out of 10 quality is good the interior is beautiful but Mercedes reliability is always a bit concerning for the long-term and it gets a 7 out of 10 practicality is OK it seats 5 but it's a bit tight in the middle and back and the trunk isn't very big it gets a 5 out of 10 finally value the CLS is well-equipped and very handsome but the one I drove was pretty pricy given the addition one trim and all the cosmetic upgrades that go along with it it gets a 6 out of 10 for a total daily score of 33 out of 50 and it up in the dugs score is 63 out of 100 and here's how it compares to rivals usually I only review the high performance versions of these cars which is why the e63 the m5 and the Panamera Turbo are on this list but it's interesting how the CLS stacks up against the kia stinger GT the kia basically stole the CLS is formula but does it even better on paper at least with similar horsepower and performance more cargo space in a really long warranty but you have to drive a Kia something that will probably turn away almost all potential CLS buyers

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  1. CLS still needs a V8. I hear theres a GLE 580 coming with a mild hybrid V8. They'll more than likely drop that same engine in the E/CLS at some point.

  2. Jesus the American CLS bumper is so ugly and clunky in comparison to the European one. Why do the US regulations require that?

  3. Dough's the types of guy to wax the CLS with his elbow. Sorry Dough, but I'm just here for the Dough Jokes. LOL

  4. there is no next track button on the steering wheel as there is a significantly large dial mere cm away from where your arm would rest while driving the vehicle which can be rotated to skip tracks individually or in any increment of your choosing

  5. Mercedes has always had the two badges on all the cars that have the grill emblem. The big silver star then the traditional blue wreath laurel on top. On the old w126 chassis the blue Laurel was placed forward on the grille while the hood ornament stood on top. Then on the w140 sedan they actually made the base of the hood ornament the blue laurel as opposed to just a chrome base. Starting on the w221 they went back to the 80’s and started doing the traditional hood ornament on top with the blue wreath laurel forward on the grille. But as far as most of their two doors go, they have always had the big star front center in the grille and the wreath up on the hood. That goes all the way back to the 60’s. The first generation CLK (aka e class coupe knock off) originally had the good ornament and not a grille star. This was the first exception to the two doors not having a grille star. Then the C and E class sedans started having the option for either a hood ornament or grille start depending on if you selected the optional sport package setups.

  6. $70,000??? I don’t think my coochie has enough mileage left on it to get one of these. Probably will have to settle for a Kia.

  7. 4:00 i always look out for the badge that has the radar thing in it, particularly in models where radar cruise control is not standard

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