44 Replies to “The 7 Ways People Get Ready For The Gun Range”

  1. Mr. Noir, I’m with you man, but you CANNOT wear NY Yankees cap one day and a Red Sox cap the next….its almost like wearing a MAGA red hat and some liberal leftist democratic cap on another day….. NO WAY!!!!

  2. How about Mr "I prep my next range day after i get home from the last one so all i have to do is grab my range bag and go" guy?

  3. I just have gun envy. Have you ever seen what ridiculous “assault” rifles they allow us to have in CA?

  4. the never enough ammo guy, why that's 100% of gun owners who get ready to the range. by the way, there is no such thing as "having enough ammo".

  5. So simple its scary, I'm ready for my next trip to the range before I leave for home (except for the occasional stop for ammo)

    Clean your guns at the range 🙂

  6. i go the earliest hour when nobody else but yourself on the range, then leave when other people starts coming in..i only take 2 rifles or 1 rifle 1 pistol..depending if i need to zero or test a new weapon purchase.. staying more than 2 hours just waste ammo.. so hard when on a budget U_U

  7. So that makes me the "simple scary Mr clean cut never enough ammo zombie guy"… Cool I'm like NEO but with zombies😂😂😂😎

  8. "Walk up to the range like 'what up, I got a big cock.' Nah, I'm just pumped, got some shit from the gun shop."

  9. Love the staging of the bipod rifle in the window ……um yeah…..nobody is that stupid🤣😂😆

  10. No ritual here. Just get up, decide if I'm gonna shoot today, and go if so. If not, I go back to sleep. Simple. No Tacti-Tool nonsense here.

  11. I'm the "can't decide what to take, not enough ammo, 3 gun tactical wannabe, who wants a zombie apocalypse subconsciously." Type of guy.

  12. I pre lube everything
    Btw you got the zombie apocalypse guy wrong he should have been holding an AK

  13. So he like to Show, when he goes to the range.. got to have the latest Nike's, the flyist shooters glasses..
    I usually decide if 500 rounds is enough, and do i want to shoot some skeet as well..

  14. You brought up zombies so now I will type about it
    L4D AIRBORN style virus that makes Runners/WITHOUT MUTATION or 28 days/28 weeks=True to life and very possible
    ^Could mutate BUT its HIGHLY unlikely that it will be to such an extent as it is in the game minus the fact that in realaity if you brought the green flu here
    there would be way more mutations though out the population of zombies

  15. Oh shit… I'm that Mr. Clean guy.. Last week I went to the range with three rifles and four pistols on Thursday but I spent three hours Wednesday night cleaning them all and my carry gun.. Then spent three hours after the range cleaning them all again..

  16. I don’t get people who clean their guns before going to the range, like let me wash my truck before I take it off-roading

  17. I’m the so simple it’s scary guy. 1-2 guns in a single bag, exactly the right amount of ammo, in the same bag, eye and ear protection. Nothing more nothing less.

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