35 Replies to “The All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell (Full Narrative Version)”

  1. I’m not the only one who thought when that girl was doing those hand gestures that the girls were gonna hook up right?

  2. If you have toxoplasmosis there is nothing that anyone can seriously do except provide a lifetime of treatment and support, toxoplasmosis does not discriminate, you can be white, black, yellow, old or young… the SMRI understood!…
    70 million in a single state (and we have seven) lost!, per year (that is too!), it fails to account for any other state nor sectors in those states or territories, 70 million dollars lost each year just in sheep, does not account for cattle or pigs (and we all know that some states in Australia produces lots of cattle and lots of pigs for market), it takes me 2 hours to see a doctor and our police force still carry glocks…

  3. This song reminds me of a pastor of mine who told me unless I went through conversion therapy I would not be allowed back into their church.

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