The Art of JKD – Fencing in Jeet Kune Do?

The Art of JKD – Fencing in Jeet Kune Do?

fencing is a huge part in the other Jaypee elements like drawing attack on preparation attack into an attack repost a and the elusive footwork add value when closing in on or even in an opponent's attack if you don't have the right balance this kick can be a hindrance to your type of training or at least in a combative scenario one of the major probing strikes in boxing is that front jab in the art of JKD the longest weapon used is the lead kicking leg just as the saber is the primary tool of a fencer when working with a partner begin by borrowing the momentum off the first kicks and maintain balance on a straight line eventually you can adjust the distance without having to start off from an extreme position and hit your targets by visual recognition okay thanks for watching the port some more videos coming soon subscribe to my youtube channel comment down below if you have any questions like and share the video Dobin

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  1. Could you please explain why would you keep your feet in a L shape way as per your video with Dan at 8:40 ?
    Here's the video link

    Or if possible make a video on it ?

    The curiosity is killing me and I have seen Bruce Lee in this stance a lot of time but don't know what's the use of it. πŸ™‚

  2. Wrooooooong that kick should be thrown when your opponent is coming to attack you not when he is walking back from you, you seem to be good at kicking tho

  3. There is a greater. Importance to why you must know how to DiamondBack Boxing enstep your coordinate footwork for sharpened agility upon move'mentality!!

  4. Importance Fencing: great for mastering Lunge & Shuffling footwork, not just for Swordplay LOVE FENCING & ChaaChaa

  5. Sifu Octavio – I would like to understand better the use of this kick in a street fight application. Is this used as a distraction to set up other targets? Thanks

  6. Fantastic video! Do you have a list of legitimate JKD schools world wide? There are too many fake JKD instructors out there.

  7. Pair up with a good kyokushin man or a good Thai boxer. Wear wrestling shoes and give them light shin guards. You'll see the concept effective for controlling the gap and helping close in.

  8. he's got it he's pretty good he's pretty fast but not as fast as Bruce Lee was but he's almost there all he has to do is work even harder just to achieve the level of speed the Bruce had the only speed but more power and more advanced

  9. I want to be your student, Octavio.. I want to learn this martial arts style, that would be a great honor.

  10. Love your style fast footwork side on and attacking knees legs all things Bruce lee done,I train knee stomps all the time very affective,I do sport karate Muay Thai,

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  12. Great video brilliant speed,love knee stomp my favourite move as sidekick best kick for me,keeps distance too works very good against boxers as they have to use knees to get any power in there punch,

  13. Pure JKD is 'Fencing with the hands & feet'…..Stay detatched —- Close in fast….Nail decisive targets

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