The bellicon Mini-Trampoline is for Seniors! | Virginia’s Story

The bellicon Mini-Trampoline is for Seniors! | Virginia’s Story

hello I'm Virginia and I'm going to show you part of my daily workout when I first started working out on AB Ellicott I wanted to be able to jump with everybody else I was encouraged to use the bar so that I could do some of the exercises that I wouldn't dare do I had no balance because it's always been my aim to work without the bar as much as possible because it means I'm challenging everything most of all the fear of falling which in my head I mean you know what everybody says to 82 year old if you fall you're dead so I'm trying to avoid my real aim is to be constantly steady and unafraid to walk anywhere faith gave me a schedule three times a week which consisted of Monday night bellick on Wednesday Pilates and Sunday yoga and then was challenged to do a marathon every day one of the three things for 30 days and I did it I would spend that's right the first of May I was 79 results and it worked and it got me started I felt better at the end of the 30 days and I have felt in year the exercise that makes us stronger and also makes us live longer and make that brain work better that can lead you easily to Bela Khan it has given me a pleasure in my body and stamina I never dreamed of having it really it elicited point in my life there are also the myth that all people will go to sleep and stuff like that it's because they sit I sleep as well as I have ever slept I tend write it by the way not sit still it's very bad for the ad body to still very long but when I sleep I sleep too when I move I move keep moving movement is life and thank you for bouncing with

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  4. God bless.. I live with late stage lyme disease and I really need to move ..i sit consistently . It is time to get moving 🙏

  5. I want a bellicon….but r what type of bounce do I need….go by my weight or the bounce I want….not sure what strength I need

  6. What a sweetie you are! I hope you are still going strong and you look FABULOUS! I am 69 and just started rebounding after I had my 2nd hip replaced and so this is helping me to get back to moving again. Let's show these young ones what we oldies can do. lol Take care!

  7. I am 69. Amazed at how my balance has improved. I didn't realize it until I had to help someone same age up the steps.

  8. Wear a safety belt secured to a doorhinge or something equally or more secure. And always use a guard rail. I am much younger than you, and I always wear a secure safety belt along with the guard rail so I can try new moves to break the monotony between high intensity sprints as part of a 40 minute workout twice a week. (3 times a week, I use an indoor recumbent bike, which saves the spine.) Every morning I do strength exercises to strengthen the bones.

    Don't fall just to prove a point. I won't.

  9. Thanks for this inspiring video! Could you let us know which size of Bellicon is she standing on ? I wonder if it is a 39 or 44 inch…

  10. 82???!!!! You have got to be kidding me! YOU LOOK AMAZING! We just started rebounding and we love it! Thanks for sharing your story! ❤❤❤😎😎😎🖒🖒🖒

  11. Oh I love this testimony! I am 63 and have been using my Bellicon (without the bar) for 14 months now. I LOVE every minute of using my Bellicon. I use 2 pound weights too! Virginia is correct….keep moving!!! Thank you Virginia and Bellicon!!!!

  12. You are so funny and energetic. Thanks for sharing your story, you are inspiring and made me laugh from your magnetic charm.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm 72 and had my Bellicon for a month now. Love it, get on everyday , MANY times. I got one bar. Balance has improved, and strength and energy and sleep.

  14. You're doing great!! What strength bungee cords did you get? I bought the strong but might go and order the next one up.

  15. I've got to get me a Bellicon with the Bars to assist me with my balance – U are Encouraging to me tfs… angela

  16. you go girl…where did you get the bar..i need lossing my vision and balance..but rebounding is helping lose weight..and get my balance back…bless you

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