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  1. Hey everyone, I wanted to try something new with this video. Whether you like it or hate it please let me know so I know what kind of content to make in the future. This video is way longer than I liked but I wanted it to be complete. Hopefully this will prove useful as a buying guide for anyone who's in the market for a brand new 600cc sport bike.

  2. Do you really need ABS and traction control on a 600? If my 2015 R6 would've come with LED lighting all around and a factory auto blipper and quick shifter, it would be, in my opinion, the best 600 ever made. Might be the best anyways

  3. For me
    1 mv Agusta F3 675 (i like europians, especially Italians)
    2 yzf r6 (it could be the best bike for the track)
    3 Kawasaki 636 (it's a very good bike but very road oriented)
    4 cbr600rr (very easy to ride and i like the new look, i know the American taste, its unique but in a bad way. It's very old)
    5 Suzuki GSXR 600rr (i hate anything Suzuki)

    Now i want to mention the best bikes over 600 and less than a 1000.
    1 MV Agusta F3 800 (fun to ride, reasonably fast and small such as a 300cc bike, good for road and track, nothing wrong with it)
    2 Ducati 959 (extremely beautiful by looks and riding with a lot of power in the bottom up to the top but bad track bike)
    3 GSXR 750 (i hate anything Suzuki)

  4. on this 600cc class.
    1. Ninja, to me Kawi mediocre in everything, but that also makes it good.
    2. Suzuki , it's always fun riding Suzuki.
    3. R6 cuz it looks great i like it styling.
    4. Honda. hate me if you will but i never like Honda except for NSX and CB1000R stylish.

  5. You included the 636 but didn't put the 675 in there? Wtf, happened to apples to apples??! : )But my rankings for 2019 are the 636, Best bike for the money, hands down with the quickshifter I personally hate the seat width being a short guy, but you get alot for under 10k, even if they didn't redesign the 675, i'd put it in second, then i'd agree with you on the rest.

  6. I have a 2005 gsxr 750 and I love it! I dont know why more companies dont make 750 super bikes, it's the perfect balance of power and still being able to manage it alot better then a liter bike.

  7. I like d the video. Gsxr look depends on your taste. i would have given 4 points in the look of this bike. It has been perfect looking for me since 2005.

  8. I like what you did with the video, very different and fair comparisons compared to other channels, but Yamaha is my number one. Keep up the good content.

  9. I'd rather put my money on the R6. 2019 ZX6R looks uglier, looks like a Ninja 400. Considering the word 'Supersports' R6 justifies it all over. Sharp steering geometry, taller seat height, top end power, screaming redline, those are the characteristics of a Supersport machine.

  10. Honda for racing. Honda is a legend killer. Been kicking Yamaha and Suzuki ass. Look at MotoGP. Yamaha and Suzuki are for riding on street.

  11. The big question is GSX-R 600 or CBR600RR (2005-2008 era), i have invested a lot on my RMZ450 and i want something affordable, fun and easy to drive

  12. Nice vid. But why does YouTube only bring up picture videos to music or "I've never ridden them" videos when I search….sports bike reviews.
    Where did all the road test comparisons go? I know what they look like and I can read the stats myself. I want actual user reviews and opinions based on experience. Youtube used to be informative.

  13. I'M THINKING OF GETTING A CBR, BUT FOLKS SAY THE UNDERTAIL EXHAUSTS, WHICH I LOVE, cook your ass and make journeys uncomfortable. Is this true?

  14. I recently bought the non abs ninja zk-6r 2019 I like it alot I'm glad that I bought it at first I wondered if I picked the wrong bike but as a beginner bike I am more than satisfied with my pick.
    Great videoπŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. Know it's late to respond but as a 2014 GSXR600 owner, just wanted to say the power mode options mentioned in video are the 1000's, the 600 has a A mode and B mode, so full power and then B is less responsive so let's call this rain or school zones. The comfort is great, and nothing disappointing about it. I was on way to buy a 2016 (the current year of purchase) gsxr750, when at the door they had a brand new 2 year old 600 never owned or ridden just didnt sell sitting there, the 4000.00 price drop was enough to switch my mind, coming off of a zx7r, the weight lose was awesome, user friendly, and power of a 600 is not boring rarely given the room to go over 260kph anyways. Suzuki is pretty nice to work with, so as all these bikes are close it's much like buying a car, if the dealership isnt good where you are, a second choice pick maybe better in long run.

  16. As an owner of an R6 I can tell you some facts:

    (Edit: I'd also like to point out the fact that R6 separates itself from the class because of the engine. I know that sounds funny but thats how the R6 has always been, it's a bike that you wanna drive to the track and rip it out, it's not made for street riding. But street Rossi's like me are suckers for ripping it out anyways, so we go for the R6)

    Bad Facts:
    > As a 5'11 feet tall guy I still cant flat foot both my feet at the same time, I only have about half an inch clearence to the ground to flat foot, but dammn thats high…
    > The seat is drop dead ass, I sat wrong for like 30 minutes and my lower hip hurt like hell for 3 days straight up (I'm 18 btw…. I shouldnt be having that issue, there's something really wrong with that seat.. I will put on a cushiony seat cover soon.)
    > The riding position is definitely aggressive, you have to be tucked in at all the times, you sit normally for 5 minutes straight and ur arm and hips hurt. U also have to sit all the way back on the seat, cant take the tank as a brace. So naturally when you're braking you always slide down.
    > There is no space for a normal handle bar phone mount, so you're basically sacrificing a steering dampener for a stem fork mount.
    > Also has a huge cat system which nullifies the sound a lot, to my taste its good, when I' sitting at traffic doesn't blow my ears, riding through my campus or taking her out from my garage it doesn't make much sound and disturb neighbours. But once you get above 8k rpm, you have that inline 4 singing and get a massive HP and Torque boost that u can almost feel like you've gone to a lower gear and started accelerating. It's bonkers!
    > But will I leave that cat system on? NO!! next thing I'm buying an M4 y-pipe cat eliminator and taking the y-pipe off. Because loud pipes save lives, I experienced it on my 3rd day of riding when a guy almost cut me off to get in my lane and I pulled the clutch in and revved up my engine cause my horn sounds like a baby cry and no one can hear it. He got scared and moved back and said sorry,I said it was fine and were both good. That made me a believer of loud pipes save lives.
    > Even tho it has LED lights as stock, they don't illuminate much of your surroundings so you might want after market bulbs.
    > The mirros are fairly decent, doesn't compensate the visibility for how huge those mirrors are…. Oh my god those mirrors look terrible…
    > The fender eliminator kits cost a lot and as usual the fender looks bad…

    Good Facts:

    > It Revs Up To About A 100k RPM. Like, for real tho, it revs upto 16.5k rpm and it's just insane putting it at one of the worlds highest revving motorcycle engines. You know what else revs that high? An F1 car engine. Yeah even the F1 cars only rev about 15k. This monstrosity revs upto 16.5k LET THAT SINK IN BOIIS. This machine was never made for the street, you sit on it and you know for sure this is a (mini) demon on chains on the road. Also on highways you can short shift the bike and it would compensate for it by revving higher and gives the bike more acceleration to get out of potentially hazard situations.

    > Low and really manageable torque at lower rpms enable you to ride in rain or traffic with no problem even if you are fairly inexperienced rider.
    > Really smooth throttle response.
    > Power slowly builds up to > Wow this is soo lame it must be a 300cc > aah thats good > Thats it, thats the sweet spot > wait whats happening?? > Oh shit > HOLY MOTHER OF R6!!!!. Jokes aside its power is super linear and super handle-able.
    > The brakes… The damn brakes… Did I mention the brakes? Sweet mother of Rossi those brakes are good!!!
    > Suspension is stiff and you have to stand on pegs for every small bump, but it lets you corner sooo precise like its an R1. You look there, you go there. You don't look there? Don't worry you will still be there. That's how precise it is.
    > You put regular fuel in, it behaves like a well trained horse. You put 91 or above, it behaves like a Pegasus with steroids. Truly amazing how the whole feel of the bike changes. You've got horse power everywhere…
    > I mean have u looked at it? JUST UGGGHHH THEM CURVESSS!!! Best lookin 600 imo, I compared it side by side in the dealership with every other 600. Damn its hot. zx-6r just looks like a glorified 400 now, crb600rr – eww those headlights…, gsxr 600 is a really good bike but r6 looks better and is way slim compared to that.
    > It also has a sweet sound that's unique to the Yamaha (Not the crossplane crankshaft, we all know r6 doesn't have it lol), also happen to be one of my fav motogp teams. Don't get me wrong the 2009 cbr600rr is still the best looking bike imo. But for this market, R6 wins.
    > The seat and handle bars, once you get used to the sitting position, I cannot say how comfortable I feel now, it almost feels like I'm sleeping on the bike and it's a good position atleast for me, because I happen to be almost the exact height as their target audience?
    > Removing the fairings and seats are fairly and very easy, to get to most parts you only ever need to remove 2 or less fairings and it makes life pretty comfy.
    > They have some really sick mods for the bike, so it could be a ricer's haven, like I said, ricer's haven not a modder's haven. Because most mods are only cosmetic for this bike unlike the gsxr or the kawi.

    That's some of my experiences, hope they helped you. If you have any questions about the bike specific ones, riding gear, mods or riding experience, I'll be happy to answer them for you πŸ˜€

  17. I just dont like ninjas. Also not looking for a new bike. The Gsxr 750 is what I want. Most comfortable for me, a short guy. More power with 600cc handling

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