The Best Kept Health and Fitness Secret: The Trampoline!

The Best Kept Health and Fitness Secret: The Trampoline!

hey guys dr. lenay Lindner here in today's video I want to share with you my absolute favorite form of exercise and the exercise equipment that I believe absolutely everyone should have so let me tell you a little story when I was a kid my sister and I were obsessed with our mini trampoline and in fact our cousins Debbie and Anna were creators of a VHS tape called jump to it and we were obsessed with this video to the point where we wanted the leg warmers and the leotards and we did this video almost every day little did we know that decades later the mini trampoline or the rebounder would show up as one of those things that we probably shouldn't have taken to the goodwill and probably should have kept around because of its many health benefits so let me get into the research behind the rebounder and why it's so talked about is one of the best pieces of equipment that we should have in our homes to help our overall health so back in 1979 the Journal of applied physiology reported that the biochemical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running and so NASA confirmed it with their biomechanical research division and compared four different types of exercise running jogging walking on a treadmill and jumping on the trampoline so running on a treadmill caused two times the amount of g-force on the back and the forehead as did jumping on a trampoline what this means is that there was no undue stress on the body with trampoline jumping also there was less output and less demand on the heart versus running walking or jogging on a treadmill the oxygen consumption with trampoline jumping was more than two times as efficient as treadmill running let's talk about how it works so when you are rebounding at the top of the bounce your g-force is completely eliminated that you are weightless for a split second now at the bottom of your bounce the g-force is doubled which provides an adequate stress on every single one of your cells in your body to promote change the vertical acceleration and deceleration causes the 75 trillion cells in your body to flex approximately a hundred times per minute that means your eyeballs are getting a workout your toenails are getting a workout your earlobes are getting a workout you try finding an exercise that will do that so what are the benefits let's get into the good stuff so jumping on trampoline increases the cellular excretion of toxins and it also protects against cellular degeneration which means that it is a great preventative measure for degenerative diseases ie an anti-aging tool and who doesn't want that also it improves lymphatic flow the lymphatic system does not have any chambers and doesn't have any pumps like the cardiovascular system so as a result it requires the body to use muscular movement to push things through your lymph system so by jumping on the trampoline you're increasing the rate in which cellular waste is excreted from the body in other words it's a great way to detoxify it also increases muscle tone and coordination there is a study recently published in gerontology and geriatrics where a group of geriatric women were studied and it was found that their balance and their coordination significant we improved this also demonstrated that you can use the rebounder and absolutely any age it decreases the appearance of cellulite how it does that is because it again increases lymphatic flow it helps to stretch and strengthen the myofascial covering your muscles and strengthens your muscles and those three things are what we believe to be the contributing factors to the appearance of cellulite also it is a great osteoporosis therapy and the reason why is because there is a low level of trauma to the muscular skeletal system and there's an increase in mineralization and blood flow to the cells of every bone in your body one of the reasons why this is important is because NASA recognized that astronauts in returning from space were losing about 20 percent of their bone density when they had returned to Earth and it was necessary to find an exercise that would help them to increase their bone density another reason why they were probably so interested in these studies some more fun benefits stress reduction one session can generate up to 90 to 120 minutes of a relaxation response in the body it improves sleep it also helps to improve mood now here's the thing you cannot physically jump on a trampoline and not smile at least once I think it's a reflex similar to women opening up their mouths when they're trying to put on mascara which I've never understood by the way and also yawning when someone else yawns you cannot jump on a trampoline and not smile it's just not possible it's safe for all body types so no matter what your weight no matter your physical condition there are ways to modify jumping on the Tramp to help you achieve all of the health benefits without putting stress on your body so there's several different types of rebounders there's many different kinds that you can find on the market I don't lean towards any one particular brand but I'm going to share with you in the description below some of the major types that have been known to be great quality you can fold them up you can store them easily it really depends on your budget but I recommend that you get the best quality for what you can afford so as far as how often you should do rebound it I recommend every day spend five minutes in the morning as part of your morning routine to wake up to energize your body just by doing a gentle bounce that's enough to increase your blood flow to get your lymph system activated so five minutes a day is fantastic the other thing that I recommend and I mentioned this in my book the forever fat burner is that you can do hit training from home or high-intensity interval training and for people who are concerned about their joint health you can do this on the rebounder by going as fast as you can for 30 to 60 seconds and then resting until you fully recover and then doing that again and again for 15 to 20 minutes is a great way to stimulate fat burning for 24 to 48 hours afterward so if you'd like to know more about how to do high-intensity interval training I will also mention some links below for you in summary I can honestly tell you that rebounding is probably yoga for the cells in your body you are going to be amazed at how you can strengthen your body you stretch your body you detox to your body and you get an amazing cardiovascular benefit so really consider getting one for your own gym at home and recognize that it really doesn't take too much to keep you healthy if you liked this video please give me a thumbs up and feel free to subscribe to my channel because I'll be coming up with many more videos that will only benefit your health your wellness and your lifestyle thank you so much for watching

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  1. Hello Linne, can I just say how super duper awesome and beautiful you are, even more so for putting together this great video and sharing such helpful healthy info. Can't thank you enough. I join the rebounder-lover community here in confirming the wonders of rebounding and recommending it to everyone in my circle and anyone I can. We just got our rebounder a week ago and I have been bouncing daily trying different videos and moves, so much fun! Sleeping better, moving about better, don't feel as inflamed and sluggish. I tried to work out months before and always dread starting and would usually feel too sore after HIIT sessions, but I have not dreaded waking up to rebounding! Thank you again, bless you beautiful and also thanks n blessings to everyone else for sharing their testimonies! Let's keep rebounding! xoxo

  2. Great info session. Just got my urban rebounder back out. I'm 61 and need to get moving. Thank you.

  3. Hi Linne i want to start bouncing on the trampoline to build my leg an core strength but have heard its not good to this exercise when you have scoliosis what is your opinion

  4. @Linne Linder, just found your channel. Thank you for all the information.
    I did my first rebound workout to another video before I found your channel, I'm overweight and out of shape, using a Walmart rebounder, my rib cages feel sore, is this normal?
    Thank you.

  5. I wonder if this will help my thyroid. I have used meds since 1981ish at age 13. Looking forward to my next bloodwork, but that's not going to be until Fall. 🙁 😉

  6. Agree about benefits of rebounding. I own the Cellerciser and love it. I began a routine in early Feb of this year. Lost five pounds of retained water overnight and another five pounds through the following week. My whole body is already gaining muscle. Even my biceps and triceps are being defined. I notice when I bowled last year, I used a 9 or 10 lb ball. This weekend I used a 12 lb. Never could do that before. I have been rebounding for 50 min, five days a week, about 10 on Sat. and resting on Sunday, for about four weeks. Plan to follow this schedule all year and record results. I am very overweight. Looking forward to seeing progress. Thanks for the video!

  7. I started rebounding 8 months ago. I am almost 47 years old, female and have lost 35 pounds! I’m down to the weight that I was before I had my son 9 years ago. My muscle development is incredible! My legs look like I lift weights as do my arms and shoulders (holding your arms in different positions can strengthen the arms as much as the legs). I don’t think I have been this fit in my entire life!
    I started out doing 10-15 minute work outs that were very basic and mostly consisted of the health bounce. I now do 35-40 minute work outs with a lot of strong jumping. I have very few colds this winter as well.
    I honestly look like I have the body of a 30 year old woman after 8 months of 5-6x a week. It’s so much fun, I get up early just to fit it into my day! How many workouts are like that? ❤️

  8. I've been rebounding 15 minutes every day for ten months now. I feel like a kid when I'm on my rebounder and I'm 69 years old.
    When I do a 50 minute exercise class at the gym my Fitbit calls it "moderately intense". Fifteen minutes on my rebounder yields me "high intensity" on my Fitbit. That really impressed me.
    The funny thing is I feel like I put more work into the gym class with less results.
    Thanks so much for the information in your video.

  9. I was not clear on the bone density ?
    Does it increase or what?
    That part was not clear to me?
    does it stress the bones or not which is needed like step aerobics for instance and even walking!

  10. You can really feel the difference. I love my Swem Rebounder.[0]=68.ARCg71tUSxCrwZtvHkE3rK1BoGSWoASfM8ZGYNfJwTd2sbr__6f0I-e9XnzqC14Y_uSHIxXq-rHye6RjvJho5xi5DFl0-0IkW6i7w5w0IYhERJ41iv8_1SdYxHa7Ex_hNJsw1wlOX4SRgsxOBkcJ8E2ixhVc-67kKGXCvZWacLbu862A2Hkac3oE3fYWcBQAz7VlZcRUwcn63x-ReAMILVBTsumSwgj-QpRsEy5mYCRA-dUIiKTKdPCfYRC6g9oEkMw5p9wvlcUPh9YoF_Qvx_DXu7oAi5efRhUjcWNogVL7B0fQnrNZIt8XmfAnMuZ2Lg9VvTdzX8yo14Wtiew

    While I am not partial to one particular brand, I definitely have found that the cheaper rebounders to be hard on the joints (especially in the knees and hips. You have to watch out for overpronating of the feet which can cause the unnecessary impact on joints. The goal of a rebounder is not to see which brand allows the higher bounce; but rather, it is which brand will properly support your body mechanics with the least amount of risk of injury. It is the compression of your body's G-Force when jumping into the trampoline that is creating the most physiologic change; therefore, the more time spent in the air, the less therapeutic effect. This does not mean that there is no benefit to the cellular expansion at the top of your bounce, it simply means that you want to pay attention to the support provided when your feet contact the mat. Also, I recommend that you consider wear and tear of bungees (although quieter, most high-quality spring coils can be oiled and will bounce quieter as a result). If you choose bungees, look for a company that has a warranty available or a guarantee. In essence, it is much better to get the best quality you can afford. Of course, it is better to bounce than not to bounce; but, be cautious of the less expensive brands and pay attention to your body's signs that your joints are not fully supported (pain in your ankles, knees, and hips). If this occurs, you should upgrade your rebounder. I hope that helps…

  12. Trampoline jumping may win over the treadmill jogging, but jogging outside, especially in nature is in a different league considering its impact on emotional wellbeing/stress.

  13. No question about it a rebounder is not a cellerciser. The difference is amazing and you are worth the difference in price. DO NOT compromise your body with anything less.

  14. Thank you for this video. I have bad knees and do my hiit workouts on my rebounder. I also do 10 to 20 mins of bouncing everyday. I feel so good and at almost 50 I know this is something I can do forever. Love it.

  15. What do you think about the Urban Rebounder? It's a little less quality than the Cellerciser (bc of the screw on legs); but it's budget friendlier.

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