The Best Pupusas in New York Are Right Next to a Brooklyn Soccer Field — Dining on a Dime

The Best Pupusas in New York Are Right Next to a Brooklyn Soccer Field — Dining on a Dime

Hello there people. Lucas Peterson, host of
internet's Dining on a Dime. We're standing on the soccer field we're at the Red Hook recreational center. This is a series of
parks here on Bay Street. And we are about to
indulge in a street food vendor scene that's been
here for over 40 years. There's a series of trucks. The vendors had a hard time for a minute but they're here now,
and what better after a rousing game of football,
as they call it in the EU, and everywhere else in the world, than to head over to some
street vendors selling all kinds of delicious
foods from Latin America, Central America. I can't wait to try it. Let's go. (light rhythmic music) In Red Hook, food vendors
go back to probably, 1960 or so. There is one vendor here
that has been here about, 40 years. We used to bring the
grills, set up tables, and start cooking. And then, I guess New York City started tracking them as, they didn't probably
think that it was hygienic to be with picnic tables. So we had to switch from our traditional mercado-style to food trucks. And that's where we end up after 2008 and all the vendors had to switch, we lost a lot of the
vendors because they were, not able to afford, Yeah that costs. The expenses on this
unit are very expensive. I mean, not everyone can spend, 50,000 thousand dollars and more. On a truck.
On a truck. Yeah.
Exactly. And the idea that people say well, its not sanitary, or it's not safe, do you think that that's true? It's not true in fact, most people, I would probably guess
like 80% of the people really wanted us to be
in the mercado-style, because there was that friendship. When we came in here, we lost it. We used to have that, communication with them. Inside it's very difficult. The generator makes a lot of noise. That's a big disadvantage for us. So who's making the pupusas there you said Well my sister is the
one who makes the pupus. That's Janet. She's been
here for a long long time. Let's show you how we make pupusa. Hi. – [Janet] Hi. Are you Janet? You the one that lived in El Salvador? I did live in El Salvador. You did?
Yeah. And I've been to La Union.
Is that where you… Yeah that's where we're from. I visited a friend there. It was so hot. It's, it's disgusting. (laughs) Yeah, it really is. That looks like a really big pupusa. That's a super pupusa. Well should we get the super pupusa? I'll get one. – [Janet] The super comes filled
with different vegetables. It tastes really good actually
Great I've never had a giant pupusa before. We've done pupusas on the show but never, the pizza pupusa. Yeah, it's sort of like a pizza, (laughs) I love pupusas. Yeah I love them too. I really love them.
I never get tired of them. Oh my God look at this big ol' pupusa. This one came out extra large. – [Lucas] Great. (Janet laughs) – [Lucas] That's what I like. (hip-hop-style salsa music) (in Spanish) A pizza box. (dramatic music builds) Serial binge watchers know, that we've done pupusas several times. But we've never done the super pupusa. This thing is a foot
in diameter, at least. Filled with all kinds of delicious things. Like queso, cheese, loroco, which is that, delicious, edible flower. It's gonna have some
pork, some chicharrón. It's gonna have some zucchini. it's gonna have some spinach. It's gonna have all the
delicious colors of the rainbow. You can see that nice, leopard spotting, on the outside of the masa
that nixtamalized corn, which prepared into a
tortilla and it's filled. So calling it a quesadilla's not correct. It is like a corn, masa disk, that is filled with all
kinds of delicious things and then it kinda gets all ooey gooey and kinda spills out
when it's cooking there on the griddle. It's delicious. It goes with this cortido, which is the fermented pickled cabbage. And this is particularly red tinged. We also have over here another thing I've never had before. This is the plantain pupusa. Where instead of the corn masa, it's like mushed up plantain. And then the cheese is on the inside. This looks fuckin' bomb. So you get that sweet,
sweet caramelization on the outside. That's gonna taste really really lovely with that salty cheese. It just goes to show you can do pupusas, but you never know what you're gonna get. You haven't tried pupusa,
have a plantain pupusa. I'm not sure how to attack it. Viewers? Whatever you want me to do. However you want me to eat this, yell it in to your computer
now as loud as you can. And I'll do the first thing that I hear. Okay. I'm gonna work from the edge. I'm gonna tear off a piece here. Mmm look at that. Deliciousness. You can see the beans,
you can see the cheese, you can see the vegetables, and then again you can see this wonderful leopard spotting that has occurred from the cooking on the griddle. This could feed an entire family. Massive and enormous. I'm gonna plop some of
this cortido on to it. Doink. And I'm going to put
some of this salsa on it. Sploosh. Like that sound effect? Sweet, little bit spicy salsa. And you get a little bit
of everything into a bite. Like this. And then you just eat it. (sings) And that is my favorite food. I love pupusas. Mmmm. Cheesy meaty on the inside, and then you have cold cabbage, and that sharp, pickled
flavor on the outside. The combination is perfect. And there's very little else you need. But what I didn't even know you could do, was make a pupusa out of bananas. So instead of that corn
outside, it's a banana. And, it's filled with cheese. Doesn't that just look good? That very sweet, fruity banana flavor, that goes along with that
stretchy, salty cheese? It's like a dessert
pupusa. It's very induging. Like grease and caramelization and fat. And delicious. Bananas in particular lend
themselves to frying so nicely, because the sugars
crystallize you get that sweet sweet caramelization on the outside. Yeah that's great. Whose phone is that? Is that me? I'm busy eating corn, I can't talk. It's a perfect day. Watch some soccer. Hang out on the street. Lot of people around.
Great community feel. Lots of families, lots of kids. Here do you wanna try it? Trucks all up and down here. People enjoying themselves,
enjoying the weather. And enjoying, of course, the great food. I really hope you enjoyed this episode of Dining on a Dime, from the Red Hook ball fields, in Red Hook Brooklyn. If you'd like to watch
more, please click here.

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