The BEST volleyball training 2018

The BEST volleyball training 2018

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  1. Thank a lot for sharing such a beautiful video. It will help our school students to learn unique techniques…..

  2. As a former college and high school coach and active player I was going to give this thumbs up, then i saw a bunch of very useless drills, then cute tricks and then just exercises that do NOT yield great results for the time you invest in them. They were some really good ball control exercises but they were others that the set up of the drill itself would take so long to set in the middle of a practice. Also some of the best setters drills required very expensive equipment but that is only available in colleges or schools with money.
    As a coach is even hard to sometimes just get 10 new volleyballs as they cost $60 each. A vertical tester cost $300, so some of these drills are not even afford to just everybody. I think that besides having a bag of volleyballs, cones, ladders and things like that the rest is a lil bit too much for just any program or club coach.
    I wont give it a thumbs down because it shows some great stuff too.
    Lastly, I am a lil bit against drills where you focus on diving for the ball. In the vast majority of cases diving for the ball means that you were flat on your feet. Aside from beach volleyball, you should always get to the ball without diving. Only balls outside the basketball court should be the ones you diving for. I rather work on agility and speed drills to get my players to move faster and react faster too.

  3. 1:50 на заднем плане ребята делают прием снизу теннисными мячами?

  4. Hey guys thank you for doing this video i really need it for my volleyball tryouts that's coming up in August thanks again

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