The Blind Archers' Curse – Ashi learns of Jack's Noble Tales – Samurai Jack S5E6

The Blind Archers' Curse – Ashi learns of Jack's Noble Tales – Samurai Jack S5E6

Archer: If you are one of Aku's minions, we suggest you run. If you are another, then reveal yourself Ashi: I seek the Samurai. No, I seek to help him, He might be in danger. Archer:A friend of Samurai Jack is a friend of ours. Come. Welcome to our home. None of this would exist, if it wasn't for him We were cursed, Bound to guard a magical portal. The samurai was able to defeat us. But instead of using it to fullfill his quest, He freed us. An act of unmeasurable sacrifice. Later we learned the curse was of Aku's doing. AshiHave you seen him? Has he passed thorugh here? Archer: No. Since that day we have not seen him. But we now stand against Aku. If he is ever in need, We will be there. Ashi: Thank you. I have to go.

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  1. I remember watching so many cartoons as a kid and never seeing the ending. As I got older I decided to watch as many as I could, except this never had an ending. It just stopped. Then these clips started popping up and I realized they finally finished it 15 years later and man… It was worth it

  2. So Jack spends his entire series sacrificing his every chance to return to the past and undo the Aku timeline. You'd think that the lesson to be learned from all of this is that going back is not the answer, only going forward, right? But at the end of the series he goes back anyways, undoing it all. Who knows if anyone from the future will even be born now, because of his actions. Perhaps fittingly, he suffers loneliness, because his actions mean that everything he did in the future meant nothing, all who came to honor him are no more, and the person he'd grown to love no longer exists.

    So, nice going, Jack. You killed the future. Maybe the one that replaces it will be nice. Not that anyone cares what happened to the other one, right?

  3. I always thought that Jack destroying the portal instead of using it was contrived. If he had used it, travelled back in time and stopped Aku, then all that suffering wouldn't have happened. But instead, he chose to save three (!!!) cursed archers and allowed Aku's tyranny to continue for several more decades.
    If Jack had been a bit more pragmatic, then he would've been done much sooner. But then we wouldn't have gotten one of the best animated shows of the early 21st century.

  4. I thought the final season was decent but there was something I never
    understood. 50 years went by and all this time Aku never learned that
    Jack lost his sword. I get that when he sent his minions out, they never
    returned to report it. That would be fine, except Aku constantly spies
    on Jack. Aku learned that he grew a beard but didn't know he lost his
    sword. He either learned it from his soldiers reporting it or by spying
    on him. Either way, he should have realized that Jack lost his sword.
    Did they ever explain that? If not, that's a huge plot hole. Also when
    Jack killed Aku it never occurred to Jack that Ashi would disappear? And
    it never occurred to Ashi that she too would disappear until the
    wedding day? And why did it take so long for her to disappear? I mean
    that would have created more drama if Jack knew that by killing Aku it
    would kill Ashi. He should have known that before she disappeared and
    she should have as well.

  5. If I was allowed only one form of entertainment I would have only the Samurai Jack series. There is much o be learned from it. Hail Jack!!!!

  6. I would’ve been logical to use the portal instead bcuz he would’ve been able to kill aku. I mean, aku made this world this way so if he hadn’t been there for it these archers would not have been enslaved.

  7. To this day samurai jack left one the greatest impressions with this one episode. It gave me hope that there really are ppl who care about their work no matter how many years pass by.

  8. All the people that see this are teens and young adults coming back to visit their childhood, I'm glad we had a good cartoons back then.

  9. I can’t look at Ashi the same since watching all this…my mind wanders too much knowing the truth of her “outfit.”

  10. Maybe if he actually went back he could’ve stopped the whole thing plus the the curse when killing aku

  11. That’s dumb. If he used the thingy to go back in time and defeat Aku, those guys wouldn’t have been cursed to begin with and wouldn’t need freeing. Jack really fucked up that call, man.

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