Top of the morning to you ladies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to ‘Until Dawn’ A PS4 game that is kind of like, it’s supposed to be based like a horror movie. Where you get in and you control all the characters and you can there’s lots of emotions going on and there’s lots of story Lots of character driven sequences and then, like, killers come out of nowhere to try and get you, and you have to run away or decide if you’re gonna defend yourself or attack the killers And then people die, people live, and then, you progress through the story that way. It looks really really cool. Probably a bit cheesy and a bit corny. Some of the dialogue will probably be horrible and the player choices will probably make no sense, but it looks like a ton of fun. Every time they’ve shown it off to the public the crowd was always like, ‘No go that way, go that way.’ and then something happened and everyone was, like, ‘Nooo!’ So it looks like a fun game that we can all just get in and enjoy. I’m gonna play, like, an hour of it, if I can, um I’m gonna, like, do it unedited, and we’re all gonna get in and enjoy this altogether. I do not know if I’m gonna do a full series of the game yet. If people really like it I probably will. But it looks like a cool game. I’m really looking forward to it anyway. And I’m sick of waiting for stuff like ‘Life is Strange’ to come out again, so. We’re gonna sit down and play this altogether, so, new story. The Butterfly Effect A tiny butterfly flapping its wings today may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now Tiny butterfly, devastating hurricane. Those are the key words to take away from that scenario. Of course it’s a cabin in the woods. A cabin in the woods full of teenagers as well. It’s so horror. It’s awesome. It’s gonna be very cliché. But that’s the best thing about it. Uh oh. There’s Jason? What’s going on? Hey, Hannah. I don’t know what’s going on. Oh, God. Oh I’m in control! Oh okay, cool! So, first thing you’ll notice is that not only are the visuals very good but the motion capture is pretty damn good as well, like the lip syncing and everything. It’s a bit too forced. Like a lot of the emotions are like, *screws up face* ‘Hannah!’ Like they have to move their mouth a lot to get it to work. But, I like this. Aw damn, look at them pants! Really? *laughs* Sexy yoga pants, yo. Are you guys drunk? Okay. Hello? I can’t move the camera. Oh and the camera turns her head. *laughs* I feel like I’m controlling a puppet. Okay. Cool. I like the atmosphere of this already. This is cool. Woah. Where am I going, by the way? What the hell are you? X. We can’t get out. I’m wearing a very nice jumper. And a very nice beanie. And very nice pants. *chuckles* Nice fire, mm. No. What are we supposed to be doing? Can I run faster? Okay no, pressing R1 does not do a good thing, heh. Let’s never press R1 again. Oh there’s another shiny over here. Dudes are you guys fucked? Tutorial: Use the right stick to look around. Objects that glint can be inspected. Okie, smokes. Inspect this. Press and hold R2 to pick up the bottle. Sweet. I’m holding the stick. Ah, there we go. Do it. There we go…Jeremiah Cragg! Fuckin’ sweet. *slurs* Mm, don’t fuckin’ touch me. I’m fuckin’…*gibberish* *chuckles* There’s another glinty over here. What are you? Is you a letter? I have to pick up the letter. Really? *chuckles* Hannah, you look so damn hot in that shirt, but I bet you’re even hotter out of it. Come to the guest room at 2:00 a.m. – Mike. That’s not Mike. Mike didn’t write that. Oh no. Don’t do it. Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it. Aww! Does he have a selfie stick? You are the douche-ist. Hannah. Right stick to choose. Choose what? Oh. Wake Josh, find others. Find others! Josh is passed out, he’s not gettin’ up. Yeah, it’s your sister. Pfft! Smart move. Na ah, girl. Press the correct action button. Okay. QTEs? Square it up yo! Get out over that log, Beth! Run in those yoga pants! *laughs* Hannah! Fast way. Fast for days! Triangle. Yes! Damn, Spider-Man! We’re gonna die out here, aren’t we? Footprints! Yes, follow them! Unless they’re the footprints of a mountain lion. Follow noise, follow footprints. Footprints! What if they’re the bad guy footprints? Uh oh. *laughs* Hannah? Deers! (It’s “deer”, Jack) Wasn’t your footprints, they were way too big to be yours. The fuck out of the way, deers! Hannah? She hardly got all the way out here already? Use the touch pad as shown. Oh! I have to slide to unlock my phone. That’s cool! Oh, it is my flashlight! That’s sweet! Okay. Hello birds. Use my right stick then moves it around. This is a very nice looking game. I am into this! This is cool. I really like this game. I imagine a shit ton of other YouTubers are gonna be playing this, aren’t they? Probably. Hannah! Gah, fuck. Is that me screamin’? Walk faster. ‘Kay, finally. Thank God! Hello? Hello? Oh, shoes! Oh no, it’s not a shoe. What are you talking about? It’s a totem thingy. It’s a Lego! Looks like a Lego. What the fuck? Death Totem. The fuck is a Death Totem? The events of the past. Black death. The possible death of the person who finds it. Indigenous tribes believed that butterflies brought dreams and premonitions. Each totem piece foretells a possible future event. How you play will determine whether or not these prophecies come true. As you unlock totems the events of the past will become clear. Inspect. That’s me! Found on the mountain by Beth. Okay, so I have to avoid falling off the mountain? I-is that what- aw crap. It”s L1, not R1 to walk fast. Sorry! Hannah? Is that fire? Why would you run towards fire in the middle of a blizzard? I mean, I know you’re trying to find your sister and all.. Yeah, good idea. Hannah! You got all the way out here? Uh oh, it’s predator! *chuckles* What the fuck? Yeah, run. Run quite fast. Quite fast now, girls. Quite fast. Oh God, me face is broke. C’mon, yoga pants won’t save you now. Uh oh, no more flashlight for me. The hell is chasing us? It looked like guys before. What the hell is that? Oh, thank God, you’re holding on. Okay, pull ’em up! Pull ’em up, pull ’em up, pull ’em up, pull ’em up! Or not! Really game? Nice ass angle, there. Jesus Christ! Um.. Let go, let go. Balls, just let go. I don’t wanna go with him! Oh ho ho! Would I have survived if I dropped her? Ugh! Dr. A.J. Hill. Hey it’s you! Oh, okay. ‘Kay… Right, okay. Little close! Yeah. See what I mean about the voice acting and the motion capture? It has to be very… Squats? Use the force. Okay… What do I do? Oh, okay. *chuckles* Pick it up. Who am I playing as? That’s the question. There’s a scarecrow, and a barn, and a’corn. What? It makes me happy, it makes me uneasy. Doesn’t make me happy! If the only other choice is uneasy, then uneasy. Um… I’m not sure. It’s not the scarecrow. It’s just the whole thing. It’s kinda like…out in the middle of nowhere. Kinda desolate, and- I’m not sure. *mimics* Uneasy… How am I supposed to know? No, it’s not there. It’s in the house. It’s not there…? *whispers* I don’t know what I’m doin”. In the woods! In the snowy woods. No, it’s not there. Yeah, I guess it would be in the field ’cause it’s like sculkin- what am I doing right now? Um… (Stop picking your nose, Jack) It’s human. Well the one that was chasing me was human, that time. And I can’t see this bein’ too supernatural so…human? *mimics* Intriguing…*chuckles* How convenient. Thanks, Doctor. Dr. Condescending. What the fuck? The motion capture on the faces is so weird. It’s good, and then it’s like, *mocks* “How intriguing…” ‘Cause they have to like, exaggerate all their emotions to get the emotion out in the character, for the motion capture to pick it up so it’s kinda just like… *mimics* “Well…is there anything else in that picture that makes you feel uneasy?” It’s like, yeah, your fuckin’ face. Cool. I like it though. I’m into it. I’m so into this. It’s a cool game. I like it. I like the atmosphere that it’s buildin’ up. And while it is just like walkin’ around, pickin’ choices and that kinda stuff, I-I do like these kind of things. It’s very much like a “Life is Strange”, “Walking Dead”, “Wolf Among Us” kind of thing. I like the- I like these types of games. It’s very, it’s a very involving experience for the people watching as well. ‘Cause it’s like, “Oh, what do I choose?”, everyone gets tense, and like you don’t know what’s going on then there’s big revelations at the end of it. So, this could be fun. This could be good. Oh yeah, Hayden Panettiere is in it. Is that how you pronounce her name? I’ve never known how to pronounce her second name. Peter Stormare, that was that guy, wasn’t it? The actor? I know his face, and I’ve- I’ve seen him in movies before but I can’t- I don’t know what his actual name is. Brett Dalton, that sounds familiar. Galadriel. There is somebody actually called Galadriel in real life. What a name. Nicole Bloom and Jordan Fisher. There’s a moth, and a light, and a very nice house. Yeah, so this- this could be cool, and I’m glad that I got to play before pax came up. Because Pax is comin’ up right around the corner and I didn’t think I’d actually get time to play this and record it before then. By the time I got back it might have been a bit too late, but we’re gonna have fun. They were twins! Who? Hello, Hayden. *whispers* The fuck…? *mimics* Ahhh… So that was the brother who was passed out? Wait, party like you’re fucking porn stars, or party like you are porn stars? Uh, clarify that there, please! Hayden doesn’t look too sure. Back in the credits, really? *chuckles* So, they went there before. Josh was their brother who was passed out and wouldn’t help them. Um, then they went went out into the thing. They fell off, they weren’t found apparently, it said that they were missing. There’s a lovely creepy spider. It said that they were missing. So maybe the guys, like, found them and brought them off again. Um, and now they’ve all gone back to the same cabin the next year? Not cool! They’re all gonna die out here on Blackwood Pines. *echoes* Pines…pines…pines… The voice acting is pretty good, though. The voice acting, the overall acting, it- it is a bit forced, lookin’ in the motion capture, but it’s very convincing. It’s very immersive. It’s the “uncanny valley”, as they’d say. The visuals are very, very nice. I like it. Memento Mori. Ten hours until dawn. *whimsical gasp of realization* That’s the name of the game! “Until Dawn”! Am I able to move? No? Ah, Hayden! Look around! Sam, Hannah’s best friend. I really wish I could enter a room and, like, the whole world saw me that way. Flash, fla, fla, flash, flash. Jack! Douchebag! *laughs* ‘Kay, diligent Sam. Hannah’s best friend. Considerate, adventurous. ‘Kay, Sam. Septiceye Sam! You’re a creep. Path to cable car station. 9 o’clock. Okie smokes. This is not gonna end well. We are all gonna die out here. You can use the right stick to move the camera- I know, you told me in the other tutorial! It’s a very pretty game. If- if- do people not watch horror movies in these games or movies? Does that just not exist in their world? The gate’s busted, climb over. – Chris. I can’t climb over, I’m wearin’ a skirt! And those are some very big spikes. He said it was locked. You’re not gonna be able to push or pull. You could just climb the wall, though. The, the, the, the wall. Yeah, climb the wall! Why would you climb the fence? Or the gate? Atta girl. Up and over. Uh, safe. ‘Cause those look loose up there. And you’re Diligent Sam. You’re gonna be good at this. QTEs, yo. Uh, climb. Climb. I’m not jumpin’! Those rocks are gonna move! I’m gonna break a leg- shit. I pressed it! Fine. We’ll go safe again, and I’ll pay attention, and I’ll keep my hand on the controller, then. It’s the same buttons, anyway. Now we climb, and then it’s a triangle-ee. Got it. Got it. Climbin’ up, climbin’ over. Get on up there, Sam! What a beast! Oh God, it looks so cold. Now jump, and pretend you can fly! This guy seems like such a perv. Bad guy, Peeping Tom! Can I see him? Sam, he’s over there to the left somewhere, can you see him? Get out your phone there and we’ll flash a light at ‘im. Maybe if you just run at him and scream with your arms flailing in the air and he’ll be- he’ll run away, like the way you’re supposed to tackle a bear or a lion. Hello, squirrel! Keep the controller as still as possible. I’m doin’ it! Oh God…that’s cool! *scoffs* I fed a mo’fuckin’ squirrel. *chuckles* If you’re unsure about what to do…okay. Why do I have, like, traits? Can they be upgraded? The twins. Mystery Man- good God! Okay, can I- can I still watch this totem? Sam, if you watched that you’d know what happened. ‘Kay, there’s lots of cool stuff in that. That’ll come into play more once I collect stuff. But I just wanna keep moving. I did say I love snowy forests. You don’t scare me, birds. I might actually turn it up a small bit. Not in the game. Don’t worry. You guys watching, the volume won’t change. It’s just for me. Everyone keeps thinkin’ when I say that- that I turn up the volume, they turn down their volume at home. It- it shouldn’t change for you guys. It won’t change for you guys. It’s just for me. ‘Cause I want the scares to get me. Cool! Mo’fuckin’ Indian! Death. Black butterflies prophesied the dreamer death, red butterflies warned of dangerous events. Brown butterflies foretold of tragedy affecting friends. Ok so I’m guessing these are gonna play in. If I see different colored butterflies. I want a white butterfly please. Oh death totem. Pick it up. Pick it up I see the tutorial. I see it. Let me pick up the item. Ok, not R1, R2, pick it up. Here we go finally, Jesus. Nobody reads that slow. Oh that’s a guidance totem. Cool. So I go find a bird? A Josh? Oh. That looks awesome! I get it tutorials, go away. Look how fucking badass that is. Nice. Hang on my voice is kind of going as well because it’s late. It’s actually, it’s 1:30am now Which is a perfect time to play this. This is weird too, because I downloaded 10Gbs and I was like, cool, games downloaded and as soon as it downloaded the 10Gbs it was like, 10Gbs out of 37 downloaded. It’s like, what? But I think it let’s me play it and then it downloading the rest in the back ground. The past is beyond our control. Well yeah. People are up here aren’t they? Also I hear bald eagles. That looks fucking sweet. It’s very ‘Alan Wake’. It’s also a very good game. At least I like it. Knock, knock. Chrissy poo. Where are you? Sam I don’t know what to tell you. He’s dead. Let’s go home. Ha ha ha hoo. I’m nervous. His phones ringing. Snoop. Snoop. Snoop. Snoop. Snoop dog. Ok butterfly came up. A butterfly effect appears when your actions have changed the narrative of the game. Oh oh oh. Ha ha ha ha. Oh they should not call him methodical Chris. They should call him luscious lips Chris. Look at that handsome bastard. You could be on the cover of Abercrombie and Fitch. Has a crush on Ashley, protective. Humorous. Like your bones. I didn’t read the fucking message. Asshole. Ah weed. (nods) weed. Oh I can move. Oh it’s so pretty. Gee I love snowy forests in anything. I love that, especially games. So cool. Love the crunch of snow. Milgram, Victor Milgram. Sex: male, 6’2″, Blackwood Plains, last seen 1998 Wanted in connection to the first degree arson offence. No body comes up here. We’re here! Ok I gotta, gotta thing. Oh I can inspect that better. It’s says that here, better. Sweet. Wanted in connection with a first degree arson offence. As well as various death threats. Anyone with information on this dangerous criminal should contact the BPMC Blackwood Pines Military Contractors. As soon as possible. Blackwood Provincial Mounted Constabulary. It said it right there. I don’t know what jittook are I was just getting your head in the game. See if your focused. Police mant… ok whatever. Good. I got a clue. For me and you. What is it? Oh! Hell yeah. Oh now I am controlling Chris. I’m gonna shoot some mother fuckers. Can I actually aim. Please let me aim. Oh please, oh please, oh golly gosh. Yes, I can aim. Shoot it, shoot it, shoot. Boom. Ha ha. See that shit? Sam, are you impressed? Sam? Sam stand back. Yo ho. Don’t fucking worry about it Sam. Anybody comes up, Uncle Chris has got you covered. He’s a fucking beast with a shotgun. Some call him, shotgun Chris. (laughs) This is cool. I like this. Ok, ah. Spadoosh. Mo fucking battle. I shoot you. No, not senior squirrel. I’m not shooting him. I’m not shooting him. I’m shooting the fucking bag I’m not shooting the squirrel. I fed that squirrel. He’s my buddy. Is the squirrel gonna save my life later? Um, the game froze. There we go. What the fuck was that? Oh, Emily, Mike’s ex. He’s with Jessica now. Ok. Mike’s ex, resourceful, persuasive, intelligent, Emily. As pretty as you Matt? Emily’s new boyfriend. Ok so Emily was with Mike at the start. The guy that pulled the prank on Hannah. And now she’s not and Mike’s with Jessica the girl who wanted to pull it with him. Yeah there might be a gap in this, because my Playstation kind of crashed. So I came back and it was at a different part. Sorry. Ok we’re heading up to the lodge. Look at Matt carrying those bags, you sexy strong man. Are they multiplying? Are you loosing control? I thought I saw something on the left. This is weird, I’m uneasy. Woah…. Mike. (laughs) Intelligent, driven, persuasive. Mike, Emily’s ex. Ah, ok. Sure. Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure. Sure, sure. Back off Mike. Mike. Back off K. She’s my girl now. Best get to stepping son. Be all mature and shit? Puff out your chest a little. (sighs) Ok. She’s going to talk to Mike isn’t she? Do I get to control her now. Its cool I get to control all the characters. I like bouncing from one to the other. It’s not just Sam all the time. Gee, again, sorry that there’s a gap in this. Stupid PlayStation may quit on me. I had to play the whole start of the game over again. And then I didn’t realize my camera wasn’t recording, so that’s why there’s a gap, and there’s like a little tiny piece missing. But anyway. Academic Ashley. Has a crush on Chris, inquisitive, forthright. Ok, so she likes Chris and Chris like her. Fair enough. Kinda creepy though. Oo, what are we gonna see. (gasps) No. No. No. No. No. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t kiss. Matt seems like a nice guy, he was looking out for you. (screams) Matt. You piece of anus. Don’t look through those binoculars. No. No. No. (indecisive noises) Encourage. Go take a look for yourself. Find out for yourself. He needed to see. It’s not fair to lead him on. He had to see. She said she was going to find Sam, but she went off to hug Mike. Fucking knew it. That hussy. Had to say it. The tart. Jessica, upper cable car station. So she’s with Mike now. Um, that’s the part that was cut out. Sorry. But that’s all that happened. We got in the cable car we went up and she’s with Mike now. Read book, check phone? Check phone. That’s what I do in real life. Makes me miserable that I wouldn’t read a book I’d check my phone. What the shit? Can I go grab that snowball. Grab snowball. Grab snowball. Grab the snowball and throw it right in his kisser. Kill him. Oh fuckin slow motion ‘Matrix’ shit. Right in the face. I have a great aim. That sexy music. What’s up, kitty cat? I’m fucking amazing at this. Whoosh Oh. Oh this is the premonition thing. With the guidance totem. Aw you ain’t going nowhere sunny boy. (laughs) Tearing down this man’s self esteem with snowballs. Sometimes doing nothing is the right thing to do. I’m not hitting the bird. I’m not hitting the bird. Leave the bird alone. The bird is fine. I’m not gonna start hitting the animals. It wanted me to kill a squirrel before, what’s wrong with this game? Oh fast, fast. Yes. Get off your ass boy. (fake laughter) Ta hoo ho. I like it. Ha ha. Ah.. kiss him. Kiss him. Just go for it. Seemed like the right thing to do. We have to get the whole movie experience. Well it’s cold. It’s cold out here. Somethings are kinda hard to.. (trails off) do when the.. nevermind. (laughs) I thought somebody, is somebody gonna die, like, soon again. Or is it gonna take forever again? Cause I thought when they were on their backs like that a knife was gonna come through nike, Mike’s back and I though, how are they gonna kill them off that quick? Oh, you again. Lovely Hi. Um, we’re feeling like we wanna get back to the game. Thank you Peter. Thank you Why? I’m fine. Don’t I look fine? I look great. Uh, ok. Um, women worry me, men worry me. I don’t know which makes me more anxious, neither. Um.. Women, I don’t know. Who am as right now? Oo.. I got to turn a page the page with the touch pad. Um. Planes would scare me more than crowds. Planes don’t scare me, neither do crowds but planes would scare me more than crowds in real life. Fucking technology bro. Oh heights. Heights for sure. Hell no. I can not do heights, and that goes for the planes as well Um.. I think rats would scare me more than snakes. Right now rats scare me more than snakes. Cause I’ve never seen a snake in real life. But I think if I saw a snake in real life I’d be more scared of that than a rat. Snakes on a plane That’s what’s going to happen. Guns. No. Knives are actually scary. Guns are scary, and guns can kill you a lot quicker and everything, but Knives, like, aw, the thought of getting stabbed No really, no, no, I don’t like knives. No thank you. Somebody’s gonna get stabbed now? Snakes scare me, are we narrowing down the search? These are the same things. What are you writing? Ah, clowns scare me. Oh I hate them. Especially the creepy clowns like the joker and shit. Um.. Gore is way scarier than crows. (screams) You A hole! Oh! I won’t be nervous now. Oh let me just change my pants because there’s shit all in them. Don’t do that again. (bangs table) Are you scared? Are ya? What a fucking D bag. Ah spider, spider, spider, spiders. Normal spiders would not be more scary than snakes. But those big tarantula mother fuckers.. No thank you. Ah.. Oh. This is a good one. I hate getting needles, but.. I guess gore. Don’t do it again. You better not fucking do it again. Um.. Clown because zombies are more of an impossibility. Waiting for him to scare me. But no I don’t fear dogs, I was gonna say wolves. We’re going with gore again. Storms don’t scare me, storms fascinate me. I love storms. Gore, there’s only gore. Is this gonna be, is this determining how we’re, like, playing the game later? No problem. It’s Tuesday. (laughs) Outta time? (mimics) Once again we’re outta time. I hope your not getting paid a lot. Our sessions are, like, two minutes. So is that, is the game like, is somebody gonna get killed with a knife later? And there’s gonna be lots of gore Or, is there gonna be a snake somewhere? And then spiders somewhere else? Previously on ‘Until Dawn’, What? Hannah? Didn’t see you, saw another guy. Unless your the same one but I don’t think you are. Ow, ow. Ow, ow. (slurred) Yeah bro.. Yeah Yeah. Butterfly affect. My. That’s the part that was cut out, Sorry. (slurs) It feels the same to me. Josh, Hannah and Beth’s brother, thoughtful, loving and complex. Complex Josh. Ok, we keep playing for a little bit longer. He’s just getting so close all the time, and none of you notice him. You’ve the ears of badgers. Actually do badgers have good hearing? I don’t know. Yeah man, your doing alright. Matt and Emily. I’m.. I kinda wanna ask him if he’s alright but I don’t want to bring up the past again. Um…( undecided) And he did say wassup with him. Let’s gossip. Piss on it. It’s your cabin. The acting is very convincing, it’s cool. It’s weird to be back. Nice being back. It’s weird to be back. They’re a sure thing they like each other She’s got those big deer eyes Like deer’s in the head light’s eyes. Yeah. Super giant eyeballs. (groans) Super cool. She alright. Cut it out man. Thought Mike was with Jess? Keep your voice down. I think this guy is a bit hard on for the possibility of me being with Ashley.But I agree. Geez man, lead the way. We gotta get into this cavern first. Josh weirds me out. Frozen buns. Nobody likes cold buns. There’s an axe there. Can I axe it a question? Oh, the axe is gone! Clue found, axe holder. A wall mounted axe holder that should contain an axe. But the axe is missing. Scary shit bro. What? I don’t know, oh we’re climbing this. oh ok. I was like, are you moving this out of the way or something, or… Push Everybody else getting weird vibes off Josh? Or is that just the way the motion capture is making him look? Ha ha fall man. Up ya bye-a. Graceful. (laughs) Got it. climbing class? Yeah. Your amazing falling skills. I have done that. It’s not safe. Josh is weirding me out. But yeah.. I remember getting matches when I was younger with the deodorant can And just going (burning noise) It’s very scary and very dangerous. And I do not recommend it. See where Josh has magically gone now? Just like in the movies and you come back later and you be like, ‘he’s the killer!’ I don’t think he’s the killer but I just think they’re making it seem like he might be. What kind of totem are you? Loss totem! That was Emily. Ah wait, which one, is this the last of them? Brown. Loss D, yeah. Those were the butterflies as well. I didn’t realize that before. The butterflies are on them. Yellow. Black. Brown. Remember I saw the sign and it was telling me what the butterflies did. Indigenous tribes believe that butterflies brought dreams and premonitions. Each totem piece foretells a possible future. Ok. So that was Emily getting set on fire, so.. I think it was Emily. Hello? Ratty Von Rat Are you in here? What the hell am I doing? Oh. What are you? Ex janitor convicted for arson. And, oh that was the arson guy. The wanted poster. The light switch work. No. Kay. Moving on. We’re getting clues. Blues clues. I don’t like this. I am gonna get spooked? A bubbly. But yeah, I was recording it and then, remember it kept freezing? Then the game crashed. And it didn’t save. All that time I played at the start and it didn’t save, so I had to go back and play it all again. And then I knew this wasn’t on. So that’s why there’s, like, a gap in the video so I apologise. There, there wasn’t that big a gap, I noticed it pretty quickly. But it’ll be alright. You’re getting most of the story. You’re getting all of the story actually. None of the stuff that you saw. None of the stuff that you missed was anything Big or important. Yeah, if I could fucking see it. The lighter is blocking it. The Washington family. Cool. Did something make a noise down here? Hello? Heard a door close. Chris be careful. I like you. Open the fucking door. Open the door quick. Aw shit. Put the lighter on it. Melt shit. Yeah. Shouldn’t you be like, not, getting ready to get killed? Don’t kill Chris. I like him. Can we kill Mike? Lot’s of whispering as well is this an episode of ‘Lost’? T.V. T.V. doesn’t work. Glorious. Lovely. Marvelous. Hope there’s like a big twist in this game. Hello? This is a thing. That’s a window. Can y’all start lighting some candles? Make it a little bit easier to go round in here. Twinkle, twinkle on the table. This is a phone. Eww.. Ok. So the guy they caught for, possibly, the murder. Got away. Stuff is a ristle-rustling. And I f.. don’t fucking like it. Nice picture. Ha, ha. Is there anything in the back? Ready for the senior prom. Sam, Mike, Emily, and Hannah. 2013 Cool. Is this shit getting louder? Am I supposed to be heading downstairs? Upstairs? Stairs? Chris could you figure something out? Or it’s good to look around anyway. And see what all the shit is. Yeah we’re going downstairs. This is a bad idea Chris. Ok If I was hearing that I would be questioning a lot of shit. Oh.. balls to the walls. Another lovely picture of the family. Notice how Hannah had a butterfly tattoo on her arm? That’s a very square jaw you got there. Jesus. August 13, Cape Cod. Josh with his lovely sisters Hannah and Beth. Looking great guys. Looking a lot better than you did half hour ago. Ah your fucking locked. I forgot I could walk faster. Here we go. Speeding it all up. Getting all the shit done. There’s nothing in here, turn around Chris. Again if the lock is iced, couldn’t you just like, make the handle really fucking warm with the lighter? Can’t go that way. It’s kind of hard to figure out where the hell I’m going as well. It’s a lot it making noise. So. What? Is there an upstairs? There. Ok, there is an upstairs. We’ll head up there then. Maybe that will have some answers. Oh yeah cause this is where Sam went at the start to look for Hannah. That’s making noise. Ok. Can I lock it? No I’m just gonna keep letting it make noise. God damn it. It’s scaring me. Fuck where am I supposed to be going? Yay. It opens. I kinda wish it didn’t open. Aw there we go. Grab it. Ahhh ha ha ha. (terrified) Was that a raccoon or was that a nightmare? Jesus Christ. Oh, now your doing the thing I told you to do. I was wondering why the hell you wanted the spray. And the game froze again. I think it’s sweet. I lived in a log cabin it didn’t look like this. Must kill Mike. Ahh. I’ll warn him. Um. Just forget it. Just, we let it play out. I don’t wanna attack him straight away. I don’t think Emily is so innocent either. I think you should go question her first and then go see what’s going on. Wassup girlfriend. speak of the devil. Ugh.. Eh ha ha. Ah.. let’s diffuse the situation and then move on. Stop! Ha ha ha. Augh. I don’t.. I don’t want to tell somebody off. Yes Matt Yeah. Shut the fuck up. On it. Jeez. Found yourself a winner there Matt. Aww… I don’t like Emily. (excretes air) Will we now! Aw Matt you poor little innocent man. Well then. Ha ha. Fair enough. You go do that. Oh.. ho. Sure. ha. Ha.. ha ha ha ha. Got it. Thanks. Ok. Well I’m gonna leave this episode here. I have no idea how long that all was now. Because of all the mix ups and the game keeps freezing. And stuttering and pausing and the lights go out. Maybe the play station is too hot. Because it’s been downloading this all day. So it’s been on all day. But I really like this. This is a real cool game. It’s cool. It’s very atmospheric. It’s very immersive. I want to know what’s going on. I actually want to play more of it and see, like, how the story unfolds, and how it plays out, and all that stuff. So hopefully you guys like watching it anyway. It’s a really cool game and I think it would be a really good series to do. I wonder how long it is? Hopefully it’s not too long. But I keep the episodes extended. So people don’t have to wait too long to see what’s going on next. It’s just.. it’s weird to know to cut it off cause the game just kinda keeps going forward on it’s own. But anyway.. Thank you guys so much for watching this episode. If you liked it punch the like button in the face.. Like a boss!! And high fives all round -wapoosh- wapoosh- Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes… In the next video! Oh aren’t you just so fucking smart. I immediately hate you. And everything you stand.. Look at the characters on the menu. Woah. Woah. Woah. Woah…(swings head around emulating on screen character) Ha ha…

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  1. i know this was a long time ago but somehow i just noticed, im not sure which part it was but jack mentioned at some time that chris wasnt at the cabin in the beginning but he was, he was passed out on the other side of the bar from josh. ik not important but i just felt like pointing it out.

  2. Hannah! Stupid bish! Who runs out in the middle of a blizzard, not properly dressed, and keeps going as far as you can in the middle of the woods?! Stupid! 😤

  3. Who would build a huge expensive gate right next to a rock wall that’s easy to climb over… nothing at the top of the rock wall to keep people out or anything… 🙄🙄🙄

  4. Just realised;
    Spoilers ahead, but this game is kinda 4 years old—-

    Anyways, you generally do play all the characters- at first, I was confused as to why you never play Josh but you do, of course in the therapy area- so technically, you play as all of the characters just don’t know until the end.

  5. Did anyone else feel like there was a Life is Strange easter egg at 1:10 because you know, the butterfly and hurricane?

  6. Jacksepticeye : talks about life is strange in video.

    Me: (thinks nothing of it)

    Also jack: (
    talks about butterfly effect leading to devastating hurricane)

    Me:HoLd UP

  7. So. I’m watching this after hearing about it through man of madan but I do have to ask. Do you think Rami Malek in 2015 doing MoCap for Until Dawn think he was going to be in a Need for Speed movie and playing Freddie Mercury?

  8. I love watching playthroughs of this game but I get wayyyyy too anxious to do it all in one shot. I’m two episodes in and my heart’s already going too fast 😅😅

  9. Its weird to think that currently the most popular actor that appeared in this game rami malek jack just brushes over in the start credits

  10. I'm re-watching this after the 3rd Man of Medan episode, and I can't with the nostalgia. Jack looks like a baby in this video and I love it.

  11. I’ll be honest, I’m a very new fan of Sean’s and I’m only here because so many people were commenting about this series on the Man of Medan videos.

  12. LOL I don't know if anyone is from 2019 I know that gets annoying but the funny thing is I just finished his man of medan playthrough and Jack's biggest problem of these games is he's no good at pressing triangle

  13. I remember a few years ago my brother played this and all I could remember was that one character reminded me of Rami Malek, then Man of Medan came out to finally remind me to come back and watch this.

  14. "i hope you not getting paid too much, our sections only last like 2 minutes" exactly what i said when i first saw this game XD i was like "wtf dude, what kind of shitty section is that? the guy just scares the shit out of me and say that the section is over? i feel like he should be the one paying me not the other way around…

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