The Chinese Expat Running an Underground Gun School

The Chinese Expat Running an Underground Gun School

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  1. Lao Zheng is a firearms fanatic—but since guns are outlawed in China, he set up a "shooting camp" in the Philippines to train Chinese tourists to handle a weapon in any situation.

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  2. "Safety first" my ass. Maybe they should use a range with a proper backstop, you know, one without any rocks and crap that can cause fatal ricochets.

  3. That's why! Chinese kidnappers, Chinese Drug lords and Chinese syndicates running around in the Philippines. Philippines need to ban the tourist to hold any firearms and that is why if they ram an innocent Filipino they get away because of bribery.

  4. So as a gun owner myself, I can say that these guys were very good at instructing very basic safety rules.

  5. Do what it takes to seperate responsible gun owners and irresponsible ones..Better for Gun Owners and the public.

  6. This is proof that all humans crave a weapon because we have an internal drive to preserve our life and those of our loved ones. China needs the 2nd Amendment more than most countries.

  7. He pointed the gun to the camera man with his finger on the trigger! This chinese is not ready for a gun. Give him a bow and arrow.

  8. Because of your super totalitarian autocratic government, and that's it. You saying: "This isn't necessarily a bad thing"… You know it's bad we know it's bad but you're afraid of being identified so you can have evidence to defend yourself proving that you're not against government's decisions. We Iranians are oppressed by an autocratic government and there's no gun ownership here too. Hearing that Us government is trying to ban guns made me upset for Americans because I know well that where this decision comes from and where it will take the Nation. It is a sign. Gun ban. It is the start of over growing of a government. It is can also be the sign of government's weakness and its unpopularity.

  9. if safety is most important,why in the hell do they think its a good idea to have someone hold a balloon have somebody shoot it. i would never take class that instructors do stupid and dangerous stuff like that.

  10. These people pay a lot of money to do something that is a right for every US citizen. Man, I can't stand some of our citizens.

  11. "Simulation guns"… they're airsoft ffs, i.e. toy guns, did you really have to film it in a poorly lit car to make it look like it's a Narcos arm deal?

  12. Man. I'd be out of there in about two seconds. People sweeping each other all over the place. Even him sweeping people. People in front of other people with guns. Someone shooting a balloon held by someone else, throwing stuff in the face of someone holding a gun… They said someone involved in this was ex-military. Is that really the case? I find it hard to believe that the Chinese military would have allowed such carelessness…

  13. Pour mes camarades chinois qui veut les armes vraiment:
    For my Chinese comrades who wants real guns:

  14. The owner was a member of the French Foreign Legion, all that legion training paid off! Vive la légion étrangère!

  15. Why are instructeur covering there face? And they keep on claiming the serve the French foreign legion. Is there any proof of that. Also what they do id not even illegal in Chinese law. So why cover there face? I call it bullshit claiming serving place they never been. Can some one speak French to them.

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