The Completely Real American $100,000 Bill

The Completely Real American $100,000 Bill

This video was made possible by Hover. Buy your domain for 10% off at So, you know that thing in the US nowadays
where every few months interest rates go like this then the stock market goes like this,
mass panic ensues, but it’s actually a good thing because it signals the economy is strong
and it gives a way to fight economic slowdowns in the future but interest rates haven’t
been raised enough and there are no mechanisms to fight an upcoming recession and we’re
all going to die and panic should start now and you should stock up on gold bars and bullets
and all the money is going bye bye? Yeah, well setting that interest rate is the
responsibility of the US Federal Reserve. The Fed is important not only because it manages
interest rates but also because it manages this—the US dollar. The US dollar is important not only because
it’s whats used in the world’s largest America, but also because a number of other
countries use it with varying levels of officiality. Some countries like Ecuador and El Salvador
and East Timor use it as their actual, official currency while others like Barbados, the Bahamas,
and Belize have currencies tied in value to the US dollar and accept both currencies widely
while almost the whole world uses the dollar for business purposes thanks to its stability. So don’t worry the other 95.7% of the world—you’re
getting mentioned this episode… exactly that one time. As a country that has existed for a medium
amount of time, there have been many iterations of US banknotes and you’ll notice that even
the old ones say something along the lines of, “this note is a legal tender at its
face value for all debts public or private.” There’s no expiration date on this note
which means that, despite it being printed in 1880, it is still a fully legal $5 bill
that you could use anywhere you wanted. Of course its collector value is much greater
than its face value but still, you could rock up to 7/11 and buy some mountain dew with
it. Now, this occasionally leads to issues because
your average 7/11 clerk probably doesn’t know what all the hundreds of different iterations
of US banknotes look like. This is all unlike countries like the UK—oh
wait, yeah I’m sorry I’m going to have to mention the rest of the world again. This is unlike in the UK where this paper
ten pound banknote, printed as recently as 2016, is no longer accepted in stores. You can go to the Bank of England, Scotland,
Ireland, or another of the banks that issue notes to exchange your paper ten pounds for
the new polymer ten pounds but unfortunately you can’t pay for your cheeky nandos with
the lads using them. So that brings us to the big boys of American
banknotes. As any street-based “entrepreneur” knows,
the only banknotes currently being printed in the US are the $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50,
and $100 bills. If you get a $100 trillion note you might
have performed a little too much product testing, walked too far, and ended up in Zimbabwe. Of course, in the days before Venmo, PayPal,
and credit cards banknotes were more important as they were the primary means of paying for
things. Even when buying something pricy like real
estate banknotes were often still used and the US didn’t want every large transaction
playing out like a Mr Beast video with people rocking up with wheelbarrows of $100 bills. Therefore, the US issued, at different times,
$500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 banknotes. Those were and still are fully legal and real
banknotes with which you could pay for anything you wanted… except for happiness. It’s worth noting that, due to inflation,
the earliest $10,000 note, issued in 1863, was at the time worth the equivalent of $200,000
today. In your pocket you could carry enough value
to buy a house, a few cars, or a few dozen textbooks. The other major purpose for these large denomination
banknotes was for transfers between banks. Wire transfers have existed since the 1870’s
over telegraph but they weren’t yet secure and reliable. Therefore, banks still often settled up debts
between each other by sending over cash and these large bills made it quite a bit easier. Of course, there are twelve huge banks across
the US which essentially act as the government’s bank—the Federal Reserve Banks. These biggest of the big boys needed some
big boy bills to transfer money between them and so they printed this—the $100,000 bill. These bills were officially gold certificates—they
represented $100,000 in gold that the fed banks held—and when these were printed in
1934, they had the equivalent value to $1.9 million today. About 42,000 $100,000 notes were printed and
they were used for their money-transfer purpose up until 60’s when they were withdrawn. Unlike normal notes, where the withdrawal
process works by destroying any notes received by banks and therefore notes can stay in circulation
for decades or centuries, these $100,000 notes were able to be repossessed by the government
rather easily since they were exclusively in the possession of the government. While most were destroyed, a few specimens
remain in museums and at fed banks and, since the government has all the surviving notes,
it’s illegal for a person to possess this note since the only way to get it would be
through theft. Of course, we at Half as Interesting are 99.9%
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  2. I enjoyed your documentary on the Federal banking mafia. Btw, the fed holds no gold. Our currency is fiat and we create money from nothing with fractional lending. Read, "The Creature from Jeckle Island", by Edward G. Griffin to learn more. The banks run the world, not governments.

  3. Do you have any idea how to redeem the 100, 000 dollars gold certificate. You mentioned that it is now valued at 1.9M US dollars! How true?

  4. We Had Also ₱100,000 Which Is Equivalent Of $3,700, Which Is Printed In 1998 For Our 100th Anniversary Of Philippine Independence, But Sad To Say That It Should Be Back In This Year & Will Be Useless, Maybe In 2098, Maybe We Have ₱200,000, I Guess

  5. Did anybody else notice that El Salvador was in the wrong place there? It’s shown inside Costa Rica at 0:49

  6. Feds keep the country’s off balance sheet debts under the table….so without the Feds, Trump will be crying 😢!

  7. Bill's do actually get considered obsolete eventually and will not be considered legal look up and research a little better

  8. Ggkj bbTthroom. Can’t comment well
    Is the glass half full or half empty?
    Me, an intellectual:half as interestung

  9. Why can't America make a legal 1 trillion dollar bill and use it to pay off the national debt? Just sayin.

  10. 2:25 "Back notes are the primary means for paying for things."
    Me: That guy clearly had a credit card…

  11. Most people are unaware of the $2 bill, and its really annoying having to tell them that it is legitimate currency.

  12. why would a 10,000 dollar bill be illegal. if a man can have a 100 dollar bill why not keep giant bills in the market. their only printed rarely so whats the point of making them illegal

  13. Worth noting that, while I doubt anyone's quite that lucky, there is a three year statute of limitations on felony possession of stolen property, and five years on bank robbery. So while I doubt such a contrivance ever played out, it is hypothetically possible for a $100,000 note to (now) legally be in circulation.

    Though if you have one and are worried about it, hit me up and I'll take it off your hands for a modest restocking fee.

  14. A bit dissapointed you didn't mention Panama. Dollar has been legal tender since we became a republic in 1903, way before El Salvador or Ecuador.

  15. Fun fact: Canada also accepts US currency

    Note: only some though. Rural towns don’t accept them at all

  16. your bank has to order the $2 bill from the federal reserve how i know that is my oldest sister is a bank teller

  17. Those $100,000 bills aren’t in the possession of the federal government, the Federal Reserve has them and they aren’t part of the federal government.

  18. The Federal Reserve is fucking BULLSHIT. Those cock suckers literally make up money , and lend it to our government and we pay it back, plus interest.

  19. Omg I’ve been to that house at 2:40. It’s called falling water and it was made my frank Lloyd Wright. It’s in Pennsylvania somewhere

  20. When I was child there was a documentary about the mint that I watched. In it they spoke about these bills. They said a that time that 6 bills were in private hands. 5 of them were in the hands of an oil sheikh. This was in the late 70's or early 80's.

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